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How to pick up chicks in Scotland.

Susann says don't talk about money - money isn't interesting. Patrik says never ask about money - then he gets suspicious. Lisa says never ask leading questions - questions that lead back to the questioner - for that's egocentric. Lena says avoid the bad jokes, but telling jokes makes it easier to see if two people have the same sense of humour. Fredrik hates people who talk about themselves - he says it indicates they're only interested in themselves.

According to recent research conducted in London a woman makes up her mind about a bloke within seconds of meeting him. The first words can be decisive. If things don't immediately click the girl will be ready to run along.

An experiment with 'speed dating' was conducted at the international science festival in Edinburgh. 100 singles in the age range 22 - 45 each got ten speed dates. They were to decide if they wanted to meet any of them again.

45% of the woman decided to say 'no' to the men within thirty seconds of meeting them. The men needed at least a minute and a half. On the average the men were interested in meeting four of the ten women again, the women only two. There was only one man and one woman who everyone wanted to meet again.

Psychology professor Richard Wiseman who organised this highly scientific experiment told the Times that the most popular man and woman were far from the most physically attractive but that they'd won out by asking cute questions like 'what's your favourite pizza' [sic].

'You can't answer a question like that without smiling', says Wiseman who thereby does justice for his name. The general tips for scoring big and fast:

  • Don't talk about yourself. Get the other one to talk about themselves instead.

  • Don't boast. Don't go on about what you and your mates do. 'My mate's a helicopter pilot' was one of the worst lines used in the experiment.

  • The questions. Unusual somewhat weird cute questions. Avoid questions that only require a 'yes' or 'no' answer. With that type of question the conversation will stagnate. The worst question asked in the experiment was 'do you have a motorcycle'.

  • Subject matter. Talking about travels is good. Try to find subjects where you have the same opinion.

  • Don't talk about movies. Men and women often have different opinions.

  • Clothes. Don't be too particular. Avoid giving the impression that you're working too hard at it. It's better to appear normal than a desperate single loser on the prowl.

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