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Life can be hell on earth. Especially if you're a woman in Nigeria.

Life's been hell for Goldlyn for quite some time. Goldlyn lived in Nigeria where she was born. She's been married. It's almost pointless to talk about love in a culture like that: women have to get married. If they're lucky they don't get messed up too much, but don't count on anything. Their husbands whack them and toss them into bed (or on the floor) on their backs or on all fours, stick it in, then whack them again and tell them to make some food and clean the house. And then whack them again. And heaven help the women if they can't get pregnant.

Which is what happened to Goldlyn. If you don't get pregnant in Nigeria, you're a pariah. You're an outcast. The pressure is unbearable.

Goldlyn suffered through this for five years - and then met a man who treated her better. She got pregnant with him.

Her abusive husband went to the sharia court (of course they'd have something like that in Nigeria what with everything else wrong with the place) and got a ruling she should be stoned to death.

Stoned to death? Capital punishment at all? You thought this only happened in the bible? Think again. Welcome to the New Millennium - in some places of the world at any rate.

Goldlyn didn't have a lot of options. She fled. To Sweden.

In Sweden, home of the scandalous 'migration authority' with the even more scandalous Barbro Holmberg running the show for her scandalous prime minister, Goldlyn didn't have much of a chance. Extraditing someone to grievous bodily harm is against the law in Sweden, but Holmberg and her prime minister boss have always had ways around that.

They just claim in the face of all evidence that bad things are not going to happen. The last time they did this - to a little girl - they celebrated in champagne when the little girl was shuffled off to her doom. Now they're getting ready to do it again.

But that's not the end of the story. Contravening all laws and rules of decency, Holmberg's office gave away the secret location of Goldlyn to her maniac husband. This is a crime - but a crime for which Holmberg and the rest will never be accused.

That's the way things work in Sweden today.

If you're as outraged at this as everyone else, then pen a few short letters and send them to all of the following addresses.

You can also write directly to the Swedish justice ombudsman here.


And you can write directly to Barbro Holmberg's office here (but be sure to write to her 'registrar' as well - see below).


And if any of these names sound familiar, that's because they just got reprimanded for doing jack shit for the tsunami catastrophe. The prime minister saw it on his television but did nothing - it was after all the Xmas break; several others in his government who should have done something did nothing; one proceeded calmly to a holiday in the sun and never contacted her office; and of course the previous head of foreign affairs Laila Freivalds, whom the PM replaced just the other week, flew down to the tsunami area for publicity photos - all the while her government did nothing to help the people - many of whom eventually died.

But this petition is not about unseating the only significantly corrupt government in Swedish history - this is about saving the lives of one tremendously terrified (and abused) woman and her fifteen month old child.

Write a short letter, copy it to your clipboard, then visit each of the following URLs and paste the message in. If Goldlyn is spared, it'll be your doing.

Thank you.

Contact Göran Persson (Prime Minister)
Contact Carin Jämtim
Contact Barbro Holmberg
Contact Leif Pagrotsky
Contact Berit Andnor
Contact Mona Sahlin
Contact Jens Orback
Contact Thomas Bodström
Contact Sven-Erik österberg
Contact Pär Nuder
Contact Bosse Ringholm
Contact Katinka Hort
Contact Jens Henriksson
Contact Magdalena Andersson
Contact Sten Olsson
Contact Claes Ånstrand
Contact Kerstin Eliasson
Contact Hans Dahlgren
Contact Annika Söder
Contact Gun Eriksson
Contact Charlotte Svensson
Contact Laila Dixberg Andersen
Contact Gun Eriksson
Contact Jan Larsson
Contact Lars Danielsson
Contact Anna Helsén
Contact Sebastian Navab
Contact Camila Buzaglo
Contact Gunilla Rohlén
Contact Margareta Brandting
Contact Ingegerd Wendel
Contact Anders Grönvall
Contact Bernadette Lazar Faber
Contact Thomas Hartman
Contact Anna Karin Wallberg
Contact Inger Holm
Contact Eva Rosengren
Contact John Zanchi
Contact Anne Nilsson
Contact Kerstin Olsson
Contact Dan Svanell
Contact Olle Eriksson
Contact Annika Häggberg
Contact Thomas Johansson
Contact Karin Oscarsson
Contact Anne Nilsson
Contact Lena Berglund
Contact Eva-Lena Fahlström
Contact Toni Eriksson
Contact Dennis Abrahamsson
Contact Cecilia Eklund
Contact Gulan Kaleli
Contact Stefan Sjöquist
Contact Ann Larsson
Contact Anette Törnqvist
Contact Matilda Asp
Contact Matz Larsson
Contact Ann Larsson
Contact Ingemar Olsson
Contact Catarina Wilhelmsson
Contact Linda Romanus
Contact Margurite Frank

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