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Life can be good. If you're a king.

Then people from all over the planet come and visit you. And they're mostly kings too.

The cost for the festivities goes to the taxpayers but all in all it's money well spent. Constitutional monarchies are good PR - and at least this one doesn't waste that much.

So he had a party the other day for his birthday and the entire planet turned out. Most of them at any rate. A lot more than depicted here.

Here's Andrea Engsäll with her beau. Nobody cares about the beau.

Here's Bathina Philipson. Nobody cares about her beau either.

Here's former prime minister Carl Bildt. He works for the UN and ICANN today.

Here's Danish Mary. Word has it she is really HOT.

Here's the former Greek royalty.

If you're an ABBA fan you might recognise this one. She's royalty too these days.

Here's a good friend of the king's - who bears a striking resemblance to the Prince of Wales, at least in the ear department - with his recent bride Lee Haeng Wha.

Here's Lill Lindfors.

Here are the two most hated people in Sweden.

And finally here is the official family portrait. Obviously something went wrong. For although it is true mommy and daddy have been chain smokers all their lives, daddy doesn't show the strain as much - but mommy looks like she's wearing a frog mask. Then again, she often looks like she's wearing a frog mask - and this despite repeated hush-hush trips to Argentina's expensive nip 'n' tuck wizards. And Madde on the left - they didn't catch her displaying her true feelings about flying home from New York City and her plush Manhattan flat and boyfriend.

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