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Don't feel sorry for Danielsson.

Lars Danielsson is gone. For now. When the boom comes down - lowered by Napoleon of course - there's no questioning it. Lars Danielsson has of his own accord resigned from Sweden's first truly corrupt and crooked government because his boss Napoleon told him to. A long time ago. They were only waiting for the right time.

That picture above shows Lars Danielsson leaving Rosenbad. My 'ex' used to live there. Before it was taken over by Lars Danielsson's boss Napoleon. It's one of the best locations in a uniquely beautiful city and it's certainly not good enough for common people - only for the likes of Napoleon and his fellow pigs.

Lars Danielsson is at the centre of the tsunami scandal in Sweden and is still under investigation by the constitutional committee - and now by the department of justice as well. He's not the real culprit - he's only the fall guy, the one who was instructed to lie to protect the others. The media have seen through the lies and consequently so have everyone else.

Lars Danielsson has now gone off into hiding. For some strange reason he doesn't want to talk to the media. That reason is Napoleon told him he couldn't. And told him to disappear as well. And you don't contradict Napoleon.

Don't feel sorry for Danielsson. On the one year anniversary of the tsunami scandal, Napoleon rewarded him for lying in the coverup by giving him a beefy pay rise - and now, just for stepping down and going into hiding, he gets an additional two million. As soon as he finishes fourteen weeks of richly paid holidays that is.

Don't feel sorry for Napoleon either. Lars Danielsson was his closest associate. That things got too hot for Danielsson is good news: it means Napoleon and his piggy wife might soon be out on their squiggly tails too. And that's only good.

A quick recap: when the tsunami hit southeast Asia on 26 December 2004 Napoleon and all his lackeys were taking their well undeserved holiday breaks and refused to be interrupted. So while the other nations of the world sent out emergency services to the area, Sweden's first truly corrupt government ever sat smugly at home nibbling their 'julskinka' and ignoring the entire event.

It was an independent travel bureau who reacted and organised transports and services sent to the area. The Swedish government sent out their foreign minister several days later for a photo shoot - and still no help was offered.

Naturally the people reacted. A massive investigation took place. And at the hub of the enquiries was Lars Danielsson. It was his job to lie to the media until he was blue in the face to protect the others. He did his job - and now he's being rewarded.

Sweden will have national elections soon, but the question is whether a regime change will make things better. For Swedish prime minister Göran 'Napoleon' Persson has in his dozen years in power managed to corrupt people from all major political parties.

Napoleon's wife is now an employee of a former crony from the center party and although she's been given an illegal 'parachute' agreement for retirement nothing will be done. She'll walk away with more money per year than the president of the United States makes while still in office.

And all for handing out pink slips to thousands of employees and then holding million dollar parties for management at the taxpayers' expense. That and little more. All the while her management are under police investigation for widespread corruption. $250,000 per year for twenty years. And her husband saw she got it.

And to make sure she got it, he had to embezzle millions for others so they'd see through their fingers and keep quiet about it.

It's directly completely illegal - and nothing's being done. It's a 'first' in Sweden where up to now everyone has been equal. But Göran 'Napoleon' Persson and his friends are now unofficially a lot more equal than others and have been so for a long time.

Napoleon was able to finance his wife's retirement agreement because he cut retirement benefits drastically for everyone else - for those not as equal as he and his wife and friends are.

And he's even given himself a similar agreement. Together the two crooks will be able to collect a half million US dollars per annum as soon as they decide they've had enough of the public life - which will most likely occur as soon as their new palatial estate, currently being renovated for millions more, is ready for them to move in.

Napoleon times things well - he might be voted out of office soon and then it's definitely time to collect, to live it up. And he can sit on his palatial estate, yuck it up, and look back on a career which has almost destroyed his country.

Thanks to Napoleon, everyone's on the take, the government have turned into an impenetrable colossus, and the lies, lies, and more lies just keep on coming.

Don't feel sorry for any of them. Feel sorry for the people of Sweden who still can't grasp how such a thing ever took place.

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