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Today's the longest day of the year. Where we are. Must be the shortest for our friends down under in OZ, NZ, and Bora Bora.

Yesterday Sweden had another victory in the football World Cup, defeating England 2-2. Actually England have not beat Sweden in 38 years now. The crowd went wild.

I missed the final goal. Things were good at 1-1, we were sitting out under a clear sky, about twenty Brits assembled around, everyone congenial and having a good time - then I had to go 'hit a seven'. When I got back Nikos told me England were out in front 3-1. Then everyone else told me it was 2-2 and I didn't know who to believe.

Nikos wanted to bet me 100 on Germany against Sweden. Sure, if I get Germany, I told him.

And the Swedish press ripped team Sweden to bits for weeks. 'Your fans are sleeping outside the stadiums in sleeping bags and you're lying around pool side at your $400 night hotel with your bitches', they wrote.

But now everything is OK again. At least until midsummer. Which occurs officially on Friday but technically today. And now it's a total about face in the media. The team are no longer the object of derision - now Sweden shall win the World Cup.

But there are more things to do on midsummer than watch football. Traditionally it's the day young maidens - you know the score. They're supposed to make flower wreaths and put flowers under their pillows - and in practice there is always a lot of hanky-panky going on, and it's supposed to: for this is the biggest holiday of the year.

When you have as little sunlight as Sweden you have to take advantage of what you get.

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