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He's gone - Sweden loses.

Lars Danielsson is gone - and Sweden loses. In a big way. You might remember having read about Lars Danielsson here. He was asked to lay low because the heat was growing on prime minister Göran 'Napoleon' Persson.

The heat was growing because Napoleon and his cohorts continued boozing and taking holidays in the midst of the tsunami crisis two years back - and when finally the constitutional committee starting looking into the matter, Napoleon used his secretary Danielsson to try to keep the committee off the scent.

In a word, Danielsson lied to keep his boss Napoleon out of trouble. But it didn't work. So Napoleon told Danielsson to lay low - to take a few weeks holiday.

It's been over three months now, and Danielsson by all accounts has had a great holiday. And tonight it was time for Napoleon to make the next move.

Elections are coming up and Napoleon's chances of winning reelection are looking pretty slim, so Danielsson becomes the fall guy as previously planned.

Except Napoleon never lets any of his lackeys fall very far: Danielsson very likely will take an ambassador post he's already been offered; but it gets worse, for Napoleon has seen that Danielsson keeps full pay for his old job as well.

Things like this work only in Napoleon's Sweden.

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