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One last slap in the face.

As expected, the humiliating defeat of the social democrats in Sweden has forced Göran 'Napoleon' Persson to resign. He will leave his office as head of the party in March of next year.

After all, he drove the party to the brink of ruin, with their worst election results since 1914.

But he leaves the office of prime minister now - and he takes over twenty cabinet ministers with him. And thanks to his own judicious planning and overwhelming generosity, all of them will benefit from astronomical parachute agreements.

Maybe he wanted to lose?

Persson gets a pension of SEK 5,580,200 paid out until he's 65 and after that gets at least SEK 56,000 pcm for the rest of his life. And note that 'at least': he gets coverage for inflation - the very thing he took out of the pension system for people not as equal as he and his friends are.

Napoleon's 22 cabinet ministers get a total of almost SEK 100 million - just for leaving office. Ulrica Messing (note the fartsy way she spells her name) gets SEK 1.6 million - and she's only 38 years old and has only worked a few years with the party and the government. Commerce minister Thomas Östros is only three years older but he gets a walloping SEK 14 million - JUST FOR LEAVING.

The first official act of the new government should be to rescind these agreements and bring criminal charges against Napoleon and his fellow crooks.

The only one of them that loses is Thomas Bodström, the attorney general who forced the police to bust The Pirate Bay. He misses a golden parachute agreement by two weeks.

All he gets is a no strings full year's salary. Just for leaving.

The good news is the disaster for the social democrats has already 'forced' Napoleon to step down.

As if all those millions wasn't lure enough. And as predicted by this site, Margot Wallström is in line to take over. She has one opponent: Thomas Bodström. Guess who's going to be the popular favourite. And guess what happens to Sweden if Bodström somehow becomes PM. Day and night.

And both Sweden and the social democrats want a female PM bad.


There are other female candidates, but Margot has three things the others will never have.

  1. She's got eight years experience working in the EU.
  2. She's considered one of the sexiest politicians in the country.
  3. She's been good friends with Peter Garrett almost all her life.

Garrett, formerly frontman for legendary Midnight Oil and staunch supporter of Greenpeace, is today an MP with the Australian Labour Party. And he seems to have turned his back on all his old ideals, but at least he came out of musical retirement to help raise funds for the tsunami victims - all the while Napoleon sat in his sommarstuga belching his julskinka.

No politician is 100% honest - Margot is still suspected of embezzling funds in a student union in the beginning of her career - but at least she likes to ROCK.

Otherwise Sweden is back today at where they were 70+ years ago when Per Albin Hansson was about to lead the country into its current era. Hansson wrote the famous lines:

'Sweden is not yet the good home for all Swedes. First it must be conquered by the people. At the head of this movement shall be the social democrats and our motto shall be Sweden for Swedes and Swedes for Sweden.'

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