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Don't come home, Margot!

The final count for the elections is not in and already people are talking about the next PM.

Margot Wallström.

Margot was born on 28 September 1954 in Kågedalen Västerbotten. She was graduated from gymnasiet (high school) in 1973 and became an ombudsman for the SSU (social democratic youth league) the following year.

In 1977 she became a bank accountant, and by 1979 she was an MP. In 1986 she returned to her bank and in 1988 with her party returning to power she became a cabinet minister. In 1993 she became both CEO of the local Värmland television network and a member of the executive committee of her party.

In 1994 she became the Swedish cultural minister; in 1996 the minister of social affairs; in 1998 the executive vice president of Worldview Global Media in Sri Lanka; and since 1999 has been a member of the European Commission and first vice president for institutional relations and communication strategy.

In 2004 Margot became the first member of the commission to run a blog. That blog is now a hotspot for discussion of EU policies. It's also where she unleashed a well deserved salvo against Google and Yahoo for sucking up to the Chinese and helping put dissidents in prison.

Margot received honorary doctorates from the Chalmers Technical Institute and Mälardalen University.

And already last evening, with the Swedish election results not fully counted, she was chosen in new polls as the future leader of the nation.

An even though everyone wants her back, she'd be smart not to come.

Look what happened to her nemesis - the celebrated Göran 'Napoleon' Persson. He's hated so much his party turned in their worst election results in almost a century.

And no matter how good you are, returning to the 'duck pond' and letting the hyenas feast on you is a tiring experience.

And at the end of your term (or your life) they'll have worn you out, and they'll petition the red queen to have off with your head.

That's how a constituency show thanks for taking on the impossible job of running a country.

Where you are now, Margot, you haven't an enemy in the world. That world is instead full of admirers. You're able to go about your job unfettered - and do good too.

And Brussels can be a cool place to live.

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