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111 million.

They fall from power with full security. Sweden's cabinet ministers are guaranteed one year's full pay plus cabinet minister pension until they're 65. The parachute agreements start a couple of weeks after the election. Millions are paid by Swedish taxpayers until they're 65 and as long as their new careers do not net them as much money. They're Sweden's new upper class.
 - Expressen

And now the social democrat cabinet ministers are out of work. But they're not hurting. On the contrary: some have even been waiting for this day.

Thanks to the work of Göran 'Napoleon' Persson who firmly believes 'all Swedes are equal but some Swedes are more equal than others' these crooks will hurl one final insult at their fellow countrymen: their guaranteed parachute agreements will net them SEK 111,000,000.

Minister of Equality [sic] Jens Orback [seen in the front row in the dark gray shirt] refused to comment on the legality of such a scheme. 'I'm taking the money', he told the media.

Ringleader Göran 'Napoleon' Persson himself gets SEK 5,580,200 - all thanks to his own generosity. His wife Anitra Steen gets even more - so much that it's actually illegal.

But as their good friend runs Anitra's company and her husband ran the entire bloody country there was no investigation. Instead they pointed fingers at others with attractive parachute agreements whenever the seat got too hot.

The new government of Frederick Reinfeldt must immediately stop this travesty, cancel these agreements, and bring these crooks to justice.

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