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153 million!

They fall from power with full security. Sweden's cabinet ministers are guaranteed one year's full pay plus cabinet minister pension until they're 65. The parachute agreements start a couple of weeks after the election. Millions are paid by Swedish taxpayers until they're 65 and as long as their new careers do not net them as much money. They're Sweden's new upper class.
 - Expressen

153 million! That's what it costs the Swedish people to get rid of the first bona fide corrupt government they've ever had. As Göran 'Napoleon' Persson consolidated his power, he started spreading the wealth and favours around to protect himself against potential enemies. His government grew to monstrous proportions and he made sure they all had great agreements for the day when the Swedish people finally had enough.

Bottom line? Getting rid of Göran 'Napoleon' Persson and his fellow crooks is going to be financially painful. Extremely so. They get over SEK 153 million. The press call it a 'slap in the face', and they're really holding back. It's actually much worse.

Do you know how much your elected representatives are being paid? Do you know who decides what they're to be paid? Were you represented when those decisions were made? And what about appointees - like those below? You didn't vote for them. Can you control who gets appointed, how many get appointed, and what they're paid? Can you control these obscenely crooked parachute agreements they essentially grant themselves? Are you living in a democracy? Are you really sure?

Cabinet Ministers

These are the elite - the top drawer. Get in here and don't defy Napoleon and don't get chosen as his fall guy when he screws up and you'll be set for life. Of course Napoleon made sure he took home more than anyone else, but >$10 K pcm for doing nothing in a country where $10 K goes a lot farther than in other places is serious cash. And you don't have to really work ever again. An elitist cradle to grave security for those more equal than others, courtesy Göran 'Napoleon' Persson.

Cabinet MinisterDept  SEK pcm   Cabinet MinisterDept  SEK pcm   Cabinet MinisterDept  SEK pcm
Andnor, BeritS97.000Johansson, MorganS97.000Orback, JensJu97.000
Baylan, IbrahimU97.000Johansson, YlvaS97.000Pagrotsky, LeifU97.000
Björklund, Leni97.000Jämtin, CarinUD97.000Persson, Göran 'Napoleon'  SB121.000
Bodström, Thomas  Ju97.000Karlsson, HansN97.000Ringholm, BosseSB97.000
Eliasson, JanUD97.000Messing, UlricaN97.000Sahlin, Mona 'Toblerone'M97.000
Hallengren, LenaU97.000Nuder, PärFi97.000Sommestad, LenaM97.000
Holmberg, BarbroUD97.000Nykvist, Ann-Christin  Jo97.000Österberg, Sven-ErikFi97.000


Napoleon's government may have been ineffective - and arrogant - but they built up one of the most formidable walls of impregnability a Swedish government have ever had. It's a maze, and anyone seeking justice is expected to get lost in it. And come time for Napoleon to step down it becomes yet another slap in the face.

UndersecretaryDept  SEK pcm   UndersecretaryDept  SEK pcm   UndersecretaryDept  SEK pcm
Andersson, Magdalena  Fi73.500Henriksson, JensFi73.500Olsson, StenFi73.500
Bengtsson, StaffanS73.500Hjelm, Jonas73.500Petersson, IngridJo73.500
Bergh, LiseJu73.500Hort, KatinkaFi73.500Stern, StefanM73.500
Bjelfvenstam, JonasN73.500Karlsson, AgnetaU73.500Svensson, Charlotte  UD73.500
Bjurner Söder, AnnikaUD73.500Larsson, JanSB81.500Söder, Sven-ErikN73.500
Dahlgren, Hans*UD73.500Lilja, MårtenM73.500Teljebäck, AndersN73.500
Danielsson, LarsSB73.500Lindgren, Lars-Olof  SB73.500Waltersson, KentS73.500
Eliasson, KerstinU73.500Nilsson, JohnnyU73.500Ånstrand, ClaesU73.500
Eliasson, DanJu73.500Nilsson, AnnikaS73.500*Cabinet undersecretary
Eriksson, GunSB73.500Nilsson, KristerM73.500

Press Secretaries

Does a lilliputian country like Sweden need twenty eight (28) press secretaries? Don't ask - just pay!

Press SecretaryDept  SEK pcm   Press SecretaryDept  SEK pcm   Press SecretaryDept  SEK pcm
Berglund, LenaM34.900Hartman, ThomasUD35.400Persdotter, MariaU41.200
Birgersson, Anna36.400Hasslow, JohanN46.100Romanus, LindaJu41.500
Buzaglo, CamilaSB43.500Helsén, AnnaSB53.500Rosengren, EvaSB49.000
Carlsson, HåkanN48.800Johansson, SofiaU36.500Sjöquist, StefanS39.800
Eklund, CeciliaM34.600Johansson, Thomas  U44.200Törnqvist, AnetteFi51.400
Eriksson, OlleJu46.700Larsson, AnnaM41.600Ullberg, ErikaU35.800
Eriksson, Toni52.200Larsson, MatzFi41.300Wallberg, Anna Karin  S45.000
Franchell Hallgren, Eva  S51.100Navab, SebastianSB42.000Zanchi, JohnUD36.300
Grönvall, AndersJo45.000Olsson, KerstinUD53.000
Gunnarsson, ÅsaN45.000Olsson, IngemarS42.000

Political Experts

Aren't cabinet ministers supposed to be experts? No matter - pay them too! All one hundred nineteen of them!

Political ExpertDept  SEK pcm   Political ExpertDept  SEK pcm   Political ExpertDept  SEK pcm   
Agrell, MagdalenaFi32.000Hulth, MatildaUD38.000Olofsson, GustavFA39.400
Akinder, PeterSB40.850Hållén, JohannaSB40.700Olsen, LennartFA50.924
Aktander, JennyS37.200Hållö, TorbjörnN34.200Palme, MariaU48.000
Almqvist, ElinJu34.200Jansson, LottUD39.600Pelling, ErikJo28.800
Alsing, RolfFi63.100Jidenius, SonjaJu30.700Pettersson, ChristerSB41.600
Andersson, MatsSB38.900Johansson, NiklasSB44.600Pettersson, OlaSB41.300
Andersson, PeterM36.600Johansson, SofiaFA36.300Pettersson, DanielN31.200
Berg, KiraFA40.600Jönsson, AnnS39.000Planmo, Markus36.000
Berkow, CharlesFA38.450Jönsson, LarsN40.200Quick Oljelund, MalinSB38.700
Birksten, WilleU37.900Kaleli, GulanM23.500Rohlén, GunillaSB28.650
Björklund, JeanetteSB26.500Karlsson, PerSB23.200Rolfner S, SusanneFA38.300
Blomberg, NinaUD36.300Karlsson, AlfFA39.024Röjdemark, CarinaUD30.300
Bohman, Mathias35.800Kellner, JoakimFi38.800Salaj, JennySB31.600
Bolund, Per DanielFA36.824Kjellman, TorkelN36.400Sammeli, CarinaFi33.100
Borg, UlrikaJu36.500Kressner, KarinFA40.074Sandgren, MartinUD36.700
Boström, AgnethaFA37.524Lager, PärU42.000Sener, RefikS47.000
Cederfeldt Östberg, MalinN34.200Larsson, UlfSB40.000Silva, PauloFA38.124
Cervin, PeterN29.300Leinerdal, BoFA42.250Solli, RithaM27.900
Danielsson, MariaSB36.500Lif, Susanna35.800Stark, PiaSB40.850
De Toro, SebastianFi36.700Lindau, EvaM40.000Stenskog, RobinJo29.300
Edin, PiaU35.600Lindblad, SofiaFA33.250Strömberg, KarolinaSB23.200
Edin, Magnus39.000Lindemark, BirgittaSB27.400Sundesten, MikaelSB38.600
Edlund, KarinFa48.250Ljungdéll, AnnaS36.250Svanström A, ThereseN38.600
Falk, Leif-ÅkeM46.100Ljunggren Roswall, Annelie  Fi56.000Thulin, LenaFi38.600
Fjaerstad, MajaM33.700Lundström, JennyFA42.234Ullström, AnnaJo32.000
Folkesson, KristinaS37.000Lönn, MariaU30.400Wahlström, ConnyFA40.074
Gennebäck, GunnelU38.700Lövström, MonikaM39.200Wallentin, AlexanderJu35.000
Granditsky S, GabriellaN29.500Magnusson, MikaelSB43.300Weiderud, PeterUD55.000
Gustafsson, ChristelFA41.274Magnusson, PiaS41.800Welander, HansFA40.300
Gustafsson, JanFA36.250Malmqvist, JoelSB23.200Westin, OlaSB33.700
Gustavsson, CharlottaFA36.700Martinsson, MarieN38.900Wikholm, NannaSB23.300
Guteland, JytteFi33.100Mjörning, Anna-LenaSB33.500Vikmång, NilsU35.000
Hagman, ÅsaSB38.000Moretti, IsabelFA36.900Yazgan, KeremU35.700
Harby S, MadeleineSB40.800Mäler, KickiS39.000Zachrison, LindaU35.600
Hedberg, MonicaSB27.600Nakunzi, MarielleFA40.250Åberg, EmmaN38.600
Hedberg, MagnusFi38.300Nordgren C, AnnikaFA43.024Åkervall, JennySB38.350
Hedin, LisaSB35.500Nordström, AndersSB41.000Ängqvist, PerFA40.774
Hjelm, JaanaSB29.200Norgren, GunM27.900Öberg, MalinJo33.100
Hjälmeskog, KarinFA45.250Ohlsson, JennyUD37.000Ölmebäck, EmmaS28.000
Hultgren S, SandraJu37.000Olma, FilipN31.200

Planning Managers

'Planning managers'? Planning what? Don't ask - just pay!

Planning ManagerDept  SEK pcm   Planning ManagerDept  SEK pcm   Planning ManagerDept  SEK pcm
Andersson, BjörnSB51.500Lennartsson, EmmaFi46.800Regnér, ÅsaJu46.300
Engström, StefanM46.300Lindstrand F, Helene  N46.300Samuelsson, David  U46.800
Espmark, Catharina  Ju46.700Persson, ChristerS51.100Toresson, AnneliSB52.500
Fällman, FredrikSB46.500Persson, AnnieN50.900


Everybody needs an assistant, don't they? Or do you have a friend or relative in need of a job with a lucrative parachute agreement? They won't have to actually do any work, but they might like the salary and benefits! Or maybe you know a comely lass who would 'respond gratefully' to such an the offer? [Note all the assistants are female - don't female cabinet ministers like boy toys?] And you taxpayers: shut up and pay!

AssistantDept  SEK pcm   AssistantDept  SEK pcm   AssistantDept  SEK pcm
Brandting, Margareta  SB27.200Malmborg F, Elisabeth  S27.650Wetterlöf-Brander, Gunilla  Fi29.500
Brolén F, MadeleineSB29.100Pettersson, GunnelS30.600Österbro, YvonneS27.650
Häggberg, AnnikaJu25.350Sundberg, EmelieSB27.000
Johansson, EvaU30.150Wendel, IngegerdSB27.700

FA: förvaltningsavdelningen (administration dept)
Fi: finansdepartementet (dept of finance)
FÖ: försvarsdepartementet (dept of defence)
Jo: jordbruksdepartementet (agriculture dept)
Ju: justitiedepartementet (dept of justice)
M: miljö- och samhällsbyggnadsdep (environment dept)
N: näringsdepartementet (dept of commerce)
S: socialdepartementet (social dept)
SB: Cabinet Ministerssberedningen (cabinet minister committee)
U: utbildningsdepartementet (dept of education)
UD: utrikesdepartementet (dept of foreign affairs)

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