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She says no - leaving absolutely no hope in sight.

Brussels, 21 September 2006.

Press statement by Margot Wallström regarding the Social Democratic Party in Sweden.

The speculation in the media on who will succeed Prime Minister Persson, after his announcement that he will step down as the leader of the Social Democratic Party, has reached fever pitch.

It is now very important to show respect for the democratic process that has started within the Social Democratic Party. It is for the Members of the Party to appoint a successor.

My name is frequently mentioned, and I would like to clarify the following: I am very honoured by the fact that so many Swedish citizens have trust in me, and I am equally humbled by the support that I thus far received.

I don't want to stand as a candidate for the post.

On the other hand, as a Social Democrat and a member of the Social Democratic Party, it is my intention to participate in the process of renewel of the Party that has to follow after the election.

I have every intention to complete my job as Vice President of the European Commission. The European Union is a project we all need in order to tackle the cross border political and economic challenges in the future. The Swedish Social Democratic Party can actively contribute in making the European Union more open, effective, and democratic.

I hereby decline to make any further comments on this issue.

Margot Wallström

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