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Meet Sweden's charming Minister of Culture. But look now before she too disappears.

It's not theatrical farce but it plays even better. On the heels of the incredible scandal and incredible stupidity of Sweden's (as of yesterday) former Minister of Trade Maria Borelius one may now make out the not so comely shape of Cecilia Stegö Chilò also looking for the nearest exit.

Or is she? With her back to the wall worse than even the alternatively talented Borelius, dear Cecilia seems to think she can just hide under her desk and wait for it all to blow over.

What's she done? For starters she refused to pay her television tax for sixteen years as a sort of political protest - or so she says today - all the while she's been put in charge of - guess what - television. But it gets worse, for Cecilia too was using illegal maid help just like glamour Maria.

It looks sort of stupid. Sort of 'Borelius' stupid.

Actually the real idiot in all of this is Sweden's new PM Fredrik Reinfeldt. Wasn't he supposed to check who the F he was putting in the cabinet? A former party member talked to him about it and advised against it but Reinfeldt didn't listen - and he didn't conduct a thorough investigation either - and that's what people are in an uproar about.

In a word, Reinfeldt looks incompetent.

Even Reinfeldt's own party colleagues want the misery known as Cecilia Stegö Chilò gone but Reinfeldt seems to have frozen in fear - he isn't doing anything.

And tomorrow the first attempt to deliver his head on a silver platter: MP Carina Hägg will submit her formal complaint to the powerful Constitutional Committee.

'I'm afraid our new prime minister can't cope with the duties of his office', says Hägg.

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