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Truer words never spoken: she's gone. Two.

Another one bites the dust: in less than two weeks the spotless cabinet of 'new conservative' ('compassionate conservative'?) Fredrik Reinfeldt have had two forced resignations: first it was the redoubtable tax evader Maria Borelius; now it's the irretrievably clumsy Cecilia Stegö Chilò.

Will Cecilia Stegö Chilò be the last? Or will further revelations harvest further casualties?

Or will Fredrik Reinfeldt's entire government collapse on the assumption its leader is too incompetent to properly vett prospective cabinet appointees and organise and manage affairs of state?

MP Carina Hägg is to today submit her formal complaint against the staggering incompetence of Reinfeldt to the powerful Constitutional Committee.

'I'm afraid our new prime minister can't cope with the duties of his office', says Hägg.

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