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Reinfeldt takes lessons from Apple.

In one of the most bizarre developments in the ongoing sanitation of Sweden's new amateurishly corrupt government, irretrievably inept prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is blaming the scandals not on the crooks he hired - and especially not on his own utter incompetence in hiring such people and stubbornly ignoring the warnings of his colleagues - but on the media.

It was wrong of the media to harass his poor former cabinet ministers, says Reinfeldt. Poor Reinfeldt. Poor former cabinet ministers perennial crooks.

The media had little to do with the development. It was done by a BLOGGER. The media are too lackadaisical to pick up and follow a story like that. Only when the blogger had completed his research and published did the mainstream media pick it up - naturally without giving the blogger any credit.

Blaming a blogger is risky business. The Internet is about sharing information. If you postulate that sharing this information is bad, you're on thin ice. Very thin.

It's been said before and it will be said again: Sweden's new prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is a boob. He even looks like a boob. His head is so weird looking you half expect to see a nipple atop his fontanel.

When the Swedish people vote the social democrats out of power they're making a statement. They're not saying they prefer the government of boobs like Fredrik Reinfeldt - they're telling their friends in the social democratic party they fucked up. They're exercising their right to oust anyone they want from public office. They're making the social democrats pay for the way they abused the system.

They're not saying they actually want a boob like Fredrik Reinfeldt. In this matter the media across the planet show their staggering ineptitude. What usually happens is these clowns take over for a while, screw up royally, and then the social democrats come back - sounder and chastised after their election loss. And things go on again.

And that's what's going to happen this time as well. There's no one seriously thinks a boob like Fredrick Reinfeldt can run a country.

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