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Grease is the word.

Some are not only more equaler than others in Sweden - they're also more fasterest than others.

Sweden are ostensibly still not through with deposed dictator usurper Göran 'Napoleon' Persson who helped ruin the Swedish economy much like the Idiot Prince in DC did for his country: Napoleon has now been found out grafting his way into the national housing authority to get himself a promising flat in Stockholm's inner city.

This is easy to do for Napoleon as he saw to grease pockets on all sides of the political fences before he was ousted from power.

As a luxury way to spend weekends when not on his palatial plantation in the hinterland that is. And by 'promising' is meant that thanks to insider information he knows the flat will soon turn 'condo' and he'll be able to sell off for a few tidy million in profits - without investing a sou.

Ordinary people can wait literally forever to get such an attractive offer - and that's even if they have no place to live at all.

Napoleon's new flat is at Urvädersgränd 11 on Södermalm. Be sure to camp outside and throw rotten tomatoes when either he or his pig wife appear.

The real reason Napoleon got this flat was that his friends on the inside at the housing authority and the company who own the building told him the building will soon become a condominium. With no investment whatsoever Napoleon can put further millions under his belt.

Napoleon's new neighbours include Marianne Nivert who is on the board of directors of Systembolaget, the Swedish state spirits monopoly Napoleon's pig wife is running into the ground. She also just happens to be on the board of directors of the real estate company (Wallenstam) who own the building. Hehe. But a reporter tried to get her to talk anyway.

Reporter: Can you comment on your friends moving into your building?
Nivert: I have no knowledge in the matter.
Reporter: You mean you don't know about this at all?
Nivert: No, I really do not.
Reporter: But you're on the board of directors at Wallenstam!
Nivert: Yes, but we don't review individual tenancies.
Reporter: So you're saying you haven't had any contact with them in this matter?
Nivert: I have not, don't know, them... I've said 'hi' to them on occasion but we don't socialise much.
Reporter: Can you understand how much this offends Sweden?
Nivert: Oh yes of course! But they too have a right to consult the national housing authority.
Reporter: And what are your plans to turn the building into a condominium?
Nivert: I won't discuss this. I'm a member of the board. Both my husband and I voted against the proposal.

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