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Playing your life away.

Sweden is a great country. Or she used to be.

Sweden's been the yardstick by which other countries measured their success. In all areas. But things are changing. And for the worse.

Although the reign of 'Napoleon' is currently at an end, many vestiges of those twelve dark years remain. One is state sanctioned gambling.

Just the other day the evening tabloid Expressen reported how these new state-approved casinos are pulling every dirty trick in the book to beef up their bottom lines. One such tack which will go down in infamy is singling out the real losers, treating them like royalty, giving them hotel suites, and then idly watching the suckers play away their life savings.

One such sucker got an invitation to a hotel suite, took his last $15,000 - and lost it all in one night. The hotel suite is no longer his, he has nowhere to go, he's on the street - and the casino proprietors are laughing behind his back.

And the casino managers don't profit directly from this poor person's pain. To them it's just a cold hard calculated move in the best interests of their employer.

Extra brownie points for ruining the lives of their fellow countrymen.

All the while the same evening tabloid carries hundreds of ads and articles egging people on to gamble and the country's health service has had to open special clinics to help people who've suddenly become addicted gamblers.

Napoleon's legacy is profound.

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