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20070515,00 — Use Me!

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It's almost as if Mark Shuttleworth's already whispering 'use me!'

Attempts to procure Apple hardware over the past two years have totally failed. Different circumstances of course prevailed in different situations but the goal cannot be reached.

It'd be one thing if one could drop into any computer store and pick up an El Crappo for a few hundred and then run OS X on it; but the Apple fanatics don't like that idea, do they?

It's really too much: some anal retentive Apple fanboy twit feels demolished because someone else he doesn't know is running the same system on different hardware?

So here we have our Apple fanboy twit, getting up in the morning to his meaningless life with no prescribed activities, logging in with his BEAUTIFUL Apple box to MacRumors - and suddenly he finds out someone else is running the same system but on different hardware - AND IT DESTROYS HIS LIFE?

Time to go. Mark's on the horn. There's business to discuss.

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