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There are not three but four kinds of lies.

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Microsoft have a new report out. You just knew they were going to find their latest and worst OS ever the best in all regards. Some things change over time but this never changes. What the designers can't accomplish the spin doctors will try.

This is something like faith healing: after you get the shit kicked out of you with Redmond's excuse for software you're given a report to read that says 'no you're not hurting, no you didn't just get the shit kicked out of you again, no you didn't just get your passwords stolen, you were going to call your bank anyway just to say hello', etc. What fun. It's really amazing people are so easily duped.

The story has of course reached Slashdot where an unusually erudite constellation of 'free thinkers' have offered their take on the bullshit. An 'anonymous coward' sums it all up right from the start.

'I've been using Vista x64 for about two months now on a Dell m1330 with 4GB of RAM. There's more NON-security bugs than I could shake a stick at. Bluetooth has multiple 'Hi, I've stopped working and you're screwed till a reboot' bugs, and they seem largely related to a bigger bug Vista has in failing to handle shutting drivers down when suspending in such a way that they wake up when you wake up the laptop. So it occasionally affects LAN, Wifi, etc...'

'The interface has more glitches than I can count, Aero is TREMENDOUSLY slow compared to the usual 2D accelerated display (a disappointment since compiz is FASTER than 2D acceleration), and these are just the issues I can remember. I know I've hit more, but I can't recall them right now. I've not gone looking for security bugs, but I'd bet the only 'security' part that's near bug free is the one that handles the DRM and anti-piracy functions. I've no doubt from the rest of the experience that the part that secures me and my data is full of holes.'

'I'm actually kinda worried what will pop up once they start getting more users on it after SP1 comes out. Good thing I never use IE, refuse to use Outlook, and never directly connect to the internet with Windows. ;-)'

Mark Twain said there were three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. To that list one must add a fourth kind of lie.

The Microsoft security report.

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