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Happy Valentine

A box of chocolates.

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Life is like a box of chocolates, said Forrest Gump. But Forrest never got ripped off on Valentine's Day.

People in the US are getting ripped off. And the rest of the world are only gawking in disbelief.

After first embracing a candidate who really wants to radicalise the US and bring that country into the same century as everyone else we now see the people flocking to a latter day revivalist dressed in Brooks Brothers, Florsheims, and Cerruti silk ties. His promise? None. He's too smart for that. His agenda? He has one actually. And it's not about change. And anyone with their eyes wide open can see that at a glance.

If there's one thing people outside the US never have to talk about it's health care. If there's one thing people inside the US balk at talking about it's health care. But once the people inside the US get started talking about health care there's no stopping them.

The dinner can burn; you can miss your reservation at that restaurant downtown; a New Years can come and go - and they'll still be talking about it.

You can get notice in your mail client that a humungoid message entitled 'My Misery with Health Care' weighing in at a zillion gajillion ziggabytes is waiting - do you want to download it?

Nothing can stop them once they get started.

Not too many years ago W was out on another rock 'n' roll tour bullshitting people again. He was asked about mandatory health service. Quite the actor if he wants to be. He actually forced a laugh and said 'hey they tried mandatory health care in Europe - they failed!' And people swallowed it up.

Fools. Suckers.

SICKO. Michael Moore of Flint Michigan proves it's better to go to Cuba to get health care than stay in the US. What the suckers in the US don't know is that the United Nations World Health Organisation have consistently rated Cuba way ahead of the US in both health care and human rights in general.

When it comes to health care the people in the US are at the bottom of the barrel. If they're still in the barrel at all.

And fools that they are they probably still think they have to worry about loss of income if they're sick. They're so clueless they don't realise this too is a human right and in any developed country outside the US it's literally taken for granted.

They're fools.

Nearly fifty million people in the US without health care or worse social insurance against loss of income. Fifty million: that's about the population of England. Or France. Or Germany. Or Italy. Or Greece. Or Portugal. Or Spain. Or any of the former eastern bloc countries. It's twice the population of Scandinavia. And don't forget Canada. And they're all laughing at the US.

And they're cursing the predators: the pharmaceuticals, the insurance companies. Who all stand to lose a LOT if Hillary Rodham Clinton makes it to 1600 Pennsylvania.

They can't talk to her about this. She hates them and she wants their entrails on a silver platter. And dammit she's going for it this time. She's the enemy. No sense barking up that tree.

But there's another candidate. He's a real career conscious professional politician. Early in life he learned how to pick up his toast without getting butter on his fingers. He's a player. We can talk to him.

The people in the US are getting bought off and they don't even know it. Right before their eyes they're getting seduced into selling away their rights and freedoms. By a half black half muslim man with diplomas up the wazoo, a nice suit and nice shoes, and a fancy Italian silk tie. He'll play with them.

Change? Change as in what? Clinton's got detailed policies. She and her people have researched everything and she retains facts like none other. Obama? He wants change. Vote for him and you will get change.

The ultimate hypocrisy is when you find demagogues - perhaps financed by the predatory pharmaceuticals and insurance companies - practicing DoubleSpeak™ on people; and the ultimate insult is when you see them get suckered in.


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