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People get ready.

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People get ready. Because the Obama victory train is on its way to a shopping mall near you. So now's your chance to make it happen. Now's your chance to come out in support of change.

There are those who claim the poker faced Barack Hussein Obama is nothing but a political machine with no views, no opinions, and no words. And this can't be further from the truth.

Already in the Illinois legislature (not so many years ago) Barack Hussein Obama made it clear who he was and what he wanted to do. He sponsored the law requiring traffic policemen to record the ethnicity of those they stopped on the highways.

The law has had wide sweeping repercussions and changed the entire social fabric of the US midwest. When Barack Hussein Obama says he's for change he means it.

He also sponsored a law requiring homicide investigations to be videotaped. Not much you might say but in that sponsorship pundits see the work of a political genius.

In July 1994 Hillary Rodham Clinton was campaigning for universal health care for her fellow citizens. Her life had been threatened. She could have done two things.

  1. Do it the Obama way. Back down.
  2. Take precautions including wearing a bulletproof vest.

She chose the latter.

All aboard!

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