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Reflections on Elections

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A Country You Can Love 2008-11-08
Just don't be surprised.

The Joke 2008-11-03
Who can you trust?

The Night They Lost Their Cred 2008-05-23
Stay at home. Go the other way.

What's the Point of Being Super if You're Not Super? 2008-05-21
'You're there to prevent just this kind of mistake. You're there to prevent another Jimmy Carter. You're there to prevent another George McGovern. You're in the process of nominating one who encapsulates both of them.'

Barack Gaffes 2008-05-21
By Michelle Malkin of the NRO. Folks this is serious: this guy is colossally stupid.

Hating Hillary 2008-05-22
Gloating unshackled sexism of the ugliest kind has been shamelessly peddled by the US media.

Is Obama Ready for Prime Time? 2008-04-24
Leave it to the Father of the Devil Karl Rove to calmly and chillingly sum up the Democrats' story better than any other. For the Wall Street Journal.

Apathy and Ignorance 2008-05-22
Gazing on - pondering - the mess that is the United States the curious bystander is left with but one comment.

Unelectable 2008-05-21
Hillary US clip.

Pledge to Vote Against Obama in the General Election 2008-05-19
The list is growing. Read the comments.

Operation Turndown 2008-05-19
'Operation Turndown has no headquarters or mailing address. We offer no coffee mugs, bumper stickers, or t-shirts for sale. You cannot contribute cash or deduct your investment in tomorrow from your federal income tax.'

Barry's Not Black? 2008-05-17
So says US federal law.

Hillary's the Nominee - Do The Math 2008-05-10
'Many arguments have been advanced about how to settle the Democratic nomination. Barack Obama argues that winning the majority of pledged delegates should decide the race - but he is wrong. Clinton argues that perhaps the total popular vote should decide the issue - but she is wrong. Earnest people are calling for immediate reinstatement of the primary delegations from Florida and Michigan, saying that is the key - but they are wrong. All that matters is electability.'

Clinton Election Juggernaut Accelerates 2008-05-16
'After Hillary Clinton's historic 41 point victory in the West Virginia primary two questions loom: how long will Barack Obama cling to his shattered dreams of the presidency and how much damage will be done to the Democratic Party by his stubborn and divisive refusal to accept the obvious?'

Does Barack Obama Have Trouble Telling the Truth? 2008-03-25
'By going through this extensive list of misrepresentation of facts by Barack Obama I think you may be SHOCKED by just how much Barack Obama and the truth are so very different from each other.'

Penny Pritzker & Obama 2008-03-25
Heir to the Hyatt fortune and culprit behind the subprime scandal, forced to pay the FDIC $460 million to avoid criminal prosecution - this is Barry's campaign finance manager who Barry claims will help clean up the subprime crisis. Yeah right.

Barry Not Legally Black 2008-02-17
By noted reporter Ken Lamb. US federal law requires a 1/8 descriptor to claim ethnical minority status; Barry has only 1/16. Neither Harvard nor the media realise that if Barry's father is legally black with 1/8 AA blood his own is only half that. The big joke is Barry's running as the first black candidate for the US presidency and legally he's not entitled to describe himself as black. The farce gets more farcical.

The Not-So-Simple Story of Barack Obama's Youth 2008-02-17
The title says all.

Hillary Clinton Supporters Mad As Heck 2008-05-17
This is everything in one place. And what makes this interesting is this is a Republican pro McCain site.

The Truth vs Barack Obama 2008-05-01
By the author of the famous 'Barack Obama Laundry List of Lies'.

Obama's Free Pass 2008-05-17
By British Economist. Good and humorous look at the snake oil salesman from a UK perspective.

God Bless America 2008-05-17
When stupid has sex with dangerous.

Numb3rs 2008-05-15
Does everybody get what they want?

DON' DISRESPEK ME!!1! 2008-05-09
A hilarious look at how Obama people 'think' and work.

Do the Math 2008-05-09
Why do they against all odds keep losing?

Counterpunch: Obama's Money Cartel 2008-05-05
'Seven of the Obama campaign's top 14 donors consisted of officers and employees of the same Wall Street firms charged time and again with looting the public and newly implicated in originating and/or bundling fraudulently made mortgages. These latest frauds have left thousands of children in some of our largest minority communities coming home from school to see eviction notices and foreclosure signs nailed to their front doors. Those scars will last a lifetime. These seven Wall Street firms are (in order of money given) Goldman Sachs, UBS AG, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse. There is also the hedge fund Citadel Investment Group which is a major source of fee income to Wall Street. There are five large corporate law firms that are also registered lobbyists and one is a corporate law firm that is no longer a registered lobbyist but does legal work for Wall Street. The cumulative total of these 14 contributors through 1 February 2008 was $2,872,128. And we're still in the primary season.'

Where's Oprah? ***Crickets*** 2008-05-05
Winfrey's popularity and television show ranking are tanking because her demographic is overwhelmingly those clingy white grandmother persons. Oops.

Chicagoans Against Obama 2008-05-05
It's a popular movement growing everywhere. As one blogger put it: 'the nomination is out of reach; what's interesting is how he's going to keep a senate seat'.

Patrick and Obama: Promises Really Are Just Words 2008-05-03
An in depth comparison of David Axelrod's two most recent products Deval Patrick and Barack Obama whose campaigns he ran on exactly the same monosyllabic slogans and with the same tactics. The people of Massachusetts voted violently against Obama in the primary for a good reason: they've had two full years to see the campaign bullshit of David Axelrod is just that and no more - bullshit.

Stand By Me 2008-05-03
Another brilliant clip by the talented Flineo.

The Illusion that is Barack Obama 2008-05-05
Brilliant takedown by Fred Siegel of the Cooper Union and write for the City Journal - but published only in Australia. 'Obama has in a sense represented a new version of the invisible man - a candidate whose colour obscures his failings.'

The Wright Time for Obama to Consider Dropping Out 2008-04-30
'Wright's self-promoting and racially divisive remarks have served to set back decades of progress on race relations in the United States.' The tables have turned and Barry is halfway out the door. And super delegates will demand his withdrawal if he doesn't win North Carolina by double digits. And at present his lead is miniscule and shrinking by the second.

For Obama a Voice of Doom 2008-04-28
The Washington Post report on Jeremiah Wright's latest foot in mouth tirade. This is bad enough - reading the comments made by David Axelrod's 'hired guns' is almost worse. Internet bullying: David Axelrod's perfecting it as you read.

Broken Promises Broken Homes 2008-04-24
More of the story of how Obama and Rezko swindled hundreds of millions. It works like this: Rezko gets the contracts from corrupt politicians and Obama fields the resistance by representing the exploited districts. Often Obama's job was to simply do nothing - to keep silent and pretend ignorance. Nice job.

The KY/WV Primaries 2008-04-25
Hillary now leads in the popular vote. [She's always led in the popular Democrat vote but now she leads in the total vote Republicans included.] Her lead in Kentucky and West Virginia is staggering. This with recent revelations from the 'board games' trial in Chicago and how deep Obama is compromised by those crooks should seal the deal.

Subplots of Operation Board Games Part One 2008-04-21
The kind of investigative journalism the media should be always doing. Except they're not. Mostly a collection of summaries of ongoing coverage of the 'board games' ('Rezko') trial. You will find this staggering. That much is certain. You will also understand the Dems can't carry their cool black candidate any farther - he's up to his eyeballs in the most crooked political machine in the US. So crooked the FBI have increased staff there by 50% and are now the biggest office in the country.

The Tide is Turning 2008-04-22
The primary for the Democrats in Pennsylvania is over. And Hillary Clinton's won by double digits.

The Ridiculousness & Danger That Is Obama '08 2006-12-02
Prophetic words by Ezra Klein at the LA Times quoted by David Sirota at Common Dreams. 'Obama is that oddest of all creatures: a leader who's never led.'

Clinging to a Stereotype 2008-04-18
Princeton professor Paul Krugman tears Obama apart logically. What restraint he has.

Obama Flips off Hillary 2008-04-15
It wasn't accidental.

Obama Flips Out 2008-04-17
Fox reports on what other sources are reporting. LA Times: 'he'll no doubt deny it later, but that mischievous smile seems to confirm plenty'.

Obama - The Postmodern Coup: Making of a Manchurian Candidate 2008-04-15
'Barack Obama is a troubled personality, the megalomaniac front man for a postmodern coup by intelligence agencies using fake polls, mobs of adolescents, super-rich backers, and orchestrated media hysteria to short-circuit normal politics and seize power. Obama comes from the orbit of the Ford Foundation and has never won an election in a real contest. His guru and controller is Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Trilateral Commission cofounder and mad Russia-hater. Zbig wants a showdown with Russia and China far more dangerous for the US than the Bush-Cheney Iraq quagmire. Obama's economics are pure Skull & Bones/Chicago school austerity and sacrifice for American working families to bail out the bankrupt Wall Street financiers who own him. Obama's lemming legions and Kool-Aid cult candidacy harken back to Italy in 1919-1922 and raise a spectre of postmodern fascism in America. No voter can afford to ignore the lessons contained in this book.' 291 p or 1.7 MB. $14.95 or $5 (cost) to download.

Fascism 2008-04-19
Time to go back to school, dillweeds.

Chelsea and the Woody Bump Tour 2008-04-19
The secret winner of the campaign. Obama's going to unite? Who - black muslim supremacists and witless uni wonks? This is a hilarious and uplifting article.

Obama Flips Off Hillary Clinton? Slow Motion! 2008-04-18
Oh what derring-do. For a ten year old.

RAW 2008-04-18
Two kinds.

Obama Shaken, Rattled, and Rolled 2008-04-17
Dick Polman compares Obama's flop in the Pennsylvania debate to Britney Spears tanking at the MTV awards and plucks the clumsy empty rhetoric apart piece by piece. Yes folks: it's worse than you already feared.

Clinton Cleans Barack's Clock 2008-04-16
ABC News, NBC News, The Atlantic, the Washington Post, the New York Times, TPM, the Philadelphia Inquirer: they're all in agreement. Obama really screwed up and fell flat. It's good night Obama for now.

Leave Barrie Alone!!1! 2008-04-14
Absolutely brilliant gut splitting YouTube clip.

Bitter Tempest 2008-04-15
The LA Times story of what happened to Mayhill Fowler. Fowler was the one who blew the whistle on Obama and his 'cling to guns' remarks. Here's the fallout: Fowler's received several death threats from Obama fanatics and has been accused at the DailyKos of being a SPY intent on destroying their leader by sucking up to everyone so she could get access to the rich people fundraiser where Obama just happened to put his arrogant clumsy foot in it again. Fowler's so scared she can't reveal her location in Pennsylvania where she's covering the primary. Chalk another one up for Black Democracy™.

The Mask Slips 2008-04-14
Obama lost 20 points in the PA polls this morning and arch-conservative William Kristol thinks he knows why. New York Times op-ed.

Pennsylvania Democratic Primary Preference 14 April 2008 2008-04-14
American Research publish new survey results. Hillary's up by 20 points across the board. AR also discovered the $10 million per month media barrage Obama's high command are inflicting on these clingy small town people is sending them in droves into the Hillary camp. '23% of likely Democratic primary voters say that excessive exposure to Obama's advertising is causing them to support Clinton.' Sometimes even offshore money can't help.

The McGovernisation of Obama 2008-04-11
'Obama goes to the Bay Area to an affluent liberal enclave to give a condescending take on the supposed poor fools he is currently trying to court. This is not just hypocritical but abjectly stupid.'

Good Night Amerikkka 2008-04-14
Toasting the final daze.

CBS News: The Bad Company Of Barack Obama 2008-04-11
'Why is Barack Obama so comfortable around people who so despise Amerikkka? Maybe it's because they're so comfortable around him.'

Obama Visits Billionaires Row 2008-04-06
'On 6 April 008 Barack Obama visited the San Francisco region, zipping from event to event all day long from one end of the Bay Area to the other. What? you ask. How did I miss that? There's a reason you didn't know about it. Obama didn't want you to know about it. The events he was attending weren't for people like you.'

Obama and Rezko: The Early Years 2008-04-07
The LA Times on the 'inner circle' of the Chicago political crime rings. Funny how all the same names keep turning up in the ongoing Rezko trial. Conspiracy, extortion, bribery, fraud, cocaine, crystal meth: 30 years of it coming out in the trial and guess what?

USA Fascists 2008-04-05
The colour of money.

Lager a l'Orange 2008-04-02
Hillary unwinds and hams it up with the press corp aboard a flight somewhere after her April Fools prank with the media.

The Secret Side of David Axelrod 2008-03-14
A BusinessWeek research article on Axelrod's super secret ASK Public Strategies operating out of the same address as AKP&D Message and Media. ASK specialise in 'manufacturing public opinion' - hiring school kids to mob Digg threads and pro-Hillary blogs; astroturfing; et al. You may not have had the details before but you knew it in your heart: 'Axelrod' eclipses Karl Rove by a mile; he's evil personified.

The Story How Obama Screwed Michigan and Florida 2008-03-31
By Wayne Barrett with assistance from Kimberly Chin, Shaunna Murphy, Shea O'Rourke, Marguerite Suozzi, Adam Weinstein, John Wilwol, and support from the Nation Institute Investigative Fund.

Obama's Women Reveal His Secret 2008-02-26
A complex, lengthy, resonating article by the anonymous Spengler at the Asian Times.

Democratic Donor Gets Money Back Due To Primary Dilemma 2008-03-28
Paul Cejas demanded (and got) the return of a six figure donation to the Democrats. Reason? Howard Dean. Cejas told him he's the worst chairman in the party's history. Dean responded by sending out a nationwide appeal for donors to make up for the deficit caused by a refund to 'an unnamed Miami donor'.

Winners Don't Yap 2008-03-30
Another great clip by Flineo. This one's really cute!

FUCK KOS 2008-02-14
Larry Johnson sends kolou Moulitsas a valentine.

Barack Obama, Establishment Man 2008-02-13
The article that went up Moulitsas' kolou. You be the judge.

Obama People Trying to Steal Delegates 2008-03-28
Unbelievable. They're calling unwitting people, elderly people, and trying to trick them into accepting a switch from their chosen candidate and citing 'clerical errors'. They're reportedly doing this all over the country. Karl Rove's taking notes.

Eerie in Erie 2008-03-27
Obamabot Sam Glenzer with the PA Obama office caught trying to infiltrate Hillary's HQ.

The Outrage 2008-03-14
Obama and the ridiculous Wright exposed.

HC Discuss Obama/View 2008-03-29
Stick a fork in him folks. He's done.

Obama Yes He's a Racist 2008-03-01
Erik Rush's comments.

Obama Threatens Pennsylvania Governor 2008-03-29
Unbelievable but Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell says it's true. On Larry King he reported on a phone call he got from Mr Antsy Pants. 'I'm going to be the nominee. I just want to make sure nothing happens in Pennsylvania to make it harder for me to win in the fall.' Ah what a nice guy that Obama.

Naftagate: Canada Not Contacted by Clinton Campaign 2008-03-08
Obama tried to put his Naftagate mess on Clinton but the Canadian PM defended her. Did her campaign make similar assurances? No.

Naftagate: Canadian CBC News Summary 2008-03-05
Listen to more Obama bullshit and listen to how the Canadian journalists peel away the layers of his deceit. And Austan Goolsbee shows why he belongs in the Obama campaign.

Naftagate: Canadian TV Laugh at Obama 2008-03-03
This is hilarious - and liberating. And it's refreshing to see the scorn those north of the border feel for the nut jobs south of it.

Naftagate: Canadian Parliament Go Bonkers 2008-03-03
Wow what Obama can screw things up in the world. Note Obamabot suggesting there is no story.

Barack's Lies to Ohio on NAFTA 2008-02-28
From CTV. 'Spread this as much as you can because it is true and factually supported. I think the people of Ohio as well as the rest of America deserve to know this.'

itakeBackMyVote.com 2008-03-29
'Obama's 20 year association with Jeremiah Wright raises serious questions about Obama's credibility and judgement. If you already voted for Obama and now want to take back your vote then please register here.'

Stop Obama 2008-02-11
'A democratic source of accurate information about candidate Obama.' Has grown in little over a month to a huge and very well organised resource.

Smears and Tears: How Obama's National Security Week Turned Into the Mendacity of Hype 2008-03-26
It's when the big guns come out things start to happen. Joe Wilson was one of those unraveling the bullshit of the Cheney gang about Hussein's WMDs. He's a former ambassador and he knows hype when he sees it.

Obama's Book: What's Real What's Not 2008-02-20
'I was dismayed at what I found when I read Dreams from My Father. Composite characters. Changed names. And reams of dialogue between Obama and other people that moves the narrative along but is an approximation of actual conversation. Except for public figures and his family it's impossible to know who is real and who is not. Colorful characters populate the Chicago chapters - Smitty the barber, LaTisha the parttime manicurist, Angela, Ruby, Mrs Turner and one Rafiq al Shabazz. Who they really are or if they're composites you wouldn't know from reading the book. I questioned Obama about his memoir in a phone interview just before the Democratic convention. I don't remember what Smitty's real name was. I think it was Wally, Obama said.'

The Pittsburgh Clips 2008-03-25
Hillary talks extensively with the editors of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Enlightening and above all relaxing after all the Obama vitriol to see someone still focused on issues who still has opinions and actually goes to class. QuickTime.

Did Obama Take Too Much Credit? 2008-02-20
Obama changed names of real people, created composite characters, and recreated conversations in his best selling memoir.

Obama's Terrorist Supporters 2008-03-21
Background on the Weather Underground and the crucial support they've given the Manchurian candidate in his political campaigns. It's OK to be frightened. But keep an even keel. For it's only going to get worse. And thank your lucky stars it was found out in time.

Yahoo Finance: The Secret Political Agenda of Barack Hussein Obama 2008-01-15
This is finally getting legs. 'Obama's muslim heritage is not the signal issue before the electorate. It's his Afrocentric church which preaches black socialism and black nativism and his family ties to an African tribe that's fanning the flames of Marxism and militant islam in a country once considered strongly democratic and a friend of the US.' It's OK to be frightened.

Obama Race Baiting Already Again 2008-03-21
Dude: when reporters on FOX News laugh at you guess what? You're done. Then of course there's the question of how Obama got this picture so fast to sneak it to the New York Times. And then FOX News LAUGH at you on live television. Proving two things simultaneously: #1) the Keystone Kops are still smarter than the Obamabots; and #2) guess who's really been playing the race card all along? Obama is done, folks. Washed up. Finished. His career is over. One more book and early retirement teaching undergraduate classes at the U of C and paying off a mortgage on a house he really couldn't afford.

Obama's Shallow Credentials on National Security Are Dangerous for the Country 2008-03-20
And the sky is blue. Full broadside by diplomatic doyen Joe Wilson.

Obama's Square Pegs 2008-03-20
A few thoughts in retrospect by Flineo on what used to be Obama's election campaign.

Clinton Lead in PA 2008-03-17
It was big before; now it's nigh on astronomical.

Audacity 2008-03-18
Us and them versus unity.

We Are the Ones 2008-03-18
Another brilliant production by the talented Flineo.

Harry & Louise 2008-07-12
This is what the predators used to bullshit the people against national health back in 1993-1994. An especial gem is how they equate a fee hike from $1200 to $3200 as 'more than double'. The actors are purportedly Harry Johnson and Louise Claire Clark and they should be ashamed of themselves. The BHO people at AKP&D remade this ad recently to FUD things again. Choose your leaders wisely.

Coalition for Health Insurance Choices 2008-01-08
These are the people paid big money to bamboozle you. To lie to you and trick you. The same predators behind it back then are the ones backing Obama today.

Big Fat Liar 2008-02-24
Primitive but does point out one important thing: AKP deliberately cloned 'Harry & Louise' to FUD national health as well as deliberately misrepresented the HRC plan. This person is admirably candid and honest but even he still doesn't get it: with national health you don't pay directly and it costs you nothing if you have no income to speak of. And you still get full coverage. The concept seems so alien to people in the US it's incredible.

Attack Timeline 2008-12-07
A well documented up to date account of the slime Axelrod Daley and Plouffe have been shoveling.

HRC on Iraq 2002-10-02
It's long but it's well written and well thought out.

Hard Rain 2008-03-17
Obamabots won't admit the sky is falling but what's that lying on the ground? Rasumussen finds the following: only 8% don't have a negative opinion of Wright; 58% have an unfavourable opinion; 73% say he's racially divisive; 56% say they're now less likely to vote for Obama. This was a war between two candidates; now it's a drama about the possible dissolution of the Democrats in the US.

Time to Step Down 2008-03-17
National chambers of commerce vote unanimously to oppose Obama.

USA TODAY: Gallup Put Hillary on Top 2008-03-17
By 5%.

Obama Heaping Praise on Wright 5 June 2007 2008-03-16
Contrary to his claims Barack Hussein Obama was obviously very close with the racist/black supremacist and now thrown under the bus Jeremiah Wright.

Jeremiah Doll™ by Obamanation 2008-03-17
Only $21.95.

Obama Doll™ by Obamanation 2008-03-15
Only $21.95.

The Miseducation of Michelle Obama 2008-03-15
It's how you twist it. And do they want her in the White House?

The Forgotten People 2008-03-13
It's not what you do - it's what you don't do. The deal breaker.

Flineo: The Forgotten People 2008-03-13
'Action speaks volumes.'

Flineo's Channel 2008-02-20
'I enjoy making videos.'

Axel King Maker LLC 2008-03-08
The name of the game.

There Will Be Bamboozling 2008-02-28
Buying begging borrowing and stealing bullshit.

Hillary She Ain't Never Been Called NIGGAH! 2008-03-12
Spiritual leadership at its finest. Gandhi step aside.

Obama's Spiritual Mentor in Hot Water 2008-03-12
FOX buy the videos and find therein IRS tax law violations galore. Welcome to the feast.

Obama's Pastor Says: God Damn America 2008-03-13
A foreshadowing of how the Black House might work after January 2009.

Wall Street Journal Editorial: Obama and the Race Card 2008-03-13
'Is it just us or does Barack Obama seem a mite too quick to play the race card when facing criticism from political opponents?' No it's not just you.

Blood on Barack's Hands 2008-01-26
A very scary look at the people Obama betrayed for eight years as a state senator. The weak excuse 'I didn't know' about these things happening in his own district doesn't hold. Music by James Blunt.

The Rezko Obama Saga 2008-03-06
Local news media continually attempt to get straight answers from Obama's Chicago political machine and they're now changing their driving routes to evade reporters. All the while trendy airheads continue to chant 'hope' and 'change'. This is 'hope' and 'change' the Chicago way - get used to it. You thought the past eight W years were bad? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Irrefutable Proof Obama's Own District Was Home to 11 Rezko Foreclosed Properties 2008-03-12
'We had numerous complaints. Drug selling. Prostitution. The whole nine yards. Filthy. Deplorable. Rats. Mice. Roaches. Urine. Feces. Name it.' This clown is still a candidate? And not in gaol?

Believing Obama is a Worst Case Scenario 2008-03-11
Be warned. 'So how is it Obama finds himself so intensely endorsed by racists? How can he accept their endorsement but maintain his good standing with the moral centre? He does it the old fashioned way: he lies.'

Some Speak the Truth, Fallout Be Damned 2008-03-12
'Some of us who care more about electing the most capable person for the incredibly difficult job that awaits the next president in 2009 tell the truth as we see it. Some of us like Geraldine Ferraro who has fought discrimination for 40 years know whereof we speak and are entitled to speak the truth as we see it because it is vital that we do so. Our nation's and the world's future depends on it. We cannot afford the self aggrandising feel good luxury of electing a weak candidate because it might assuage our guilt. Not this time. Not following the destructive weakening of all major federal branches and agencies under the Bush administration. We need a crackerjack smart as a whip president who knows how the federal system works or should work. To wave the race card every time someone criticises Obama is the worst kind of below the belt attack - it's not only tiresome but it weakens the argument for instances where real racism occurs.'

SurveyUSA: Obama Plays 2nd Fiddle to Clinton in Pennsylvania Democratic Primary 2008-03-11
New poll today puts the cool black dude only 19 points behind the next president, 47-42 for men, 62-32 for women, and the greater the gap as people grow up.

Obama's Syrian Connection 2008-03-11
Well documented research into the Rezko brouhaha with facts about the indictment most people haven't previously had access to.

Obama Offers 5th Explanation of NAFTA-Gate 2008-03-11
After days of misleading denials Obama finally acknowledges a meeting took place between his senior economic advisor and Canadian officials regarding NAFTA. This becomes the fifth bullshit story so far and counting. The man's an utter fool.

Timeline: Obama Campaign Denials of CTV/NAFTA Report 2008-03-03
This is so stupid - and the list is incomplete. As Larry Johnson reflected: it's not just or even mostly the deed - it's the downright amateurish way of lying to cover it up. And that speaks volumes.

Downside of Obama Strategy 2008-03-08
BHO 'strategists' try to 'hype' popular support by going for states the Dems and HRC know they're not going to carry anyway. They've also had the benefit of Repug voters participating in the Dem candidate selection process - and BHO asking outright for their participation - which effectively reduces these campaigns to a travesty. But the states the Dems and HRC know they must win always go to HRC. What a coincidence.

One More Thought on Barack Obama and William Ayers 2008-02-22
'I value the importance of friends but I don't make friends with former terrorists who are unrepentant. And I certainly won't continue a friendship with someone who insists he should have planted more bombs in the aftermath of the worst terrorist attacks on the US. Barack seems to have a different standard. I hope that's not one of the changes he wants to bring to Washington.'

Obama Tries to Hide Ayers Tie 2008-02-22
'Obama cannot beat this with happy talk. He will be forced to deal with it. Unfortunately Joe and Jane Average American will be shall we say a tad uncomfortable electing a guy to protect America who had no problem taking money from a terrorist and working with him in giving money to a guy who Israel will be more than happy to identify as someone they believe helped fuel Palestinian terrorism. If you find that an easy position to defend please get your resumé soonest to the Obama campaign. They're going to need you.'

SurveyUSA Poll: Who Do You Want on Top? 2008-03-05
A clear lead for HRC.

Who Is the Real Barack Obama? 2008-03-09
A question many are asking - and many have already found the answer to. It's not pretty. 'I am becoming increasingly worried about the authenticity of Barack Obama. My first source of doubts was a report on NPR by his friend and journalist who followed him closely in Chicago and indicated he was quite an operator and good at collecting monies from wealthy sources.'

It's All About the Company He Keeps 2008-03-09
Damn this one's nasty. Axelrod works for the corrupt Daley; Obama 'promised' Iraq posed no threat to the US; and the name Aiham Alsammarae pops up. 'There's a fascinating trail of philanthropy between Chicago and Baghdad worth sorting out and considerable sorting it's going to take.'

Am I a Hillary Cheerleader? 2008-12-22
Larry Johnson explains why he has such respect for Hillary and none for the cool black dude. 'So if No Quarter appears to be a pro-Hillary site it is simply me trying to balance out the mountain of shit tossed her way. I think back to a time when I accepted the anti-Hillary propaganda and what subsequently happened to my thinking after meeting her. The Hillary I saw behind the closed doors of her office is a genuine, smart, very likeable person.'

The Daley/Obama Deal 2008-03-09
Get this and get it now: Obama's as crooked as they come. This is neither hearsay nor conjecture: it's an old story well documented in the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times that never got legs before. Do your research - read it now.

Thin Skins 2008-03-09
Larry Johnson tears Obambi a new one. 'So whine away Obama supporters. Let those crocodile tears cut ravines in your cheeks. Mean old Hillary Clinton dares challenge Barack's failure to hold hearings on Afghanistan, his failure to visit Europe, his failure to enforce discipline on his foreign policy advisors, and his refusal to take command of the bureaucracies that make up the US government? Well excuse me but I think those are valid criticisms Obambi better be ready to confront. If he can't take a punch from Hillary how in the world can he aspire to stand up to the likes of the Iranians or North Koreans? I just do not understand.'

That 03:00 Phone Call 2008-03-08
The intermittently brilliant SNL are brilliant again.

Episodes in Primary Storyland 2008-03-08
Asks questions more than gives answers but maybe the questions are answers.

The Great Pretender 2008-03-09
Donate $20.08 to Hillary and let the world know by posting a comment to this video.

The Obama Bubble: Why Wall Street Need a Presidential Brand 2008-03-05
The behind the scenes story on the rigging of the US election by high finance. And the reason is so they can skip town when the crunch comes. And they're grooming Obama because he voted with the lobbyists on the Class Action Fairness Act. The giant insurance companies, the airlines, the oil companies, Wall Street, and the military contractors have all closely examined and vetted Barack Obama and found him pleasing - and that's why they've contributed something like $30 million to his campaign: if he wins they don't head to jail. By Pam Martens of Counterpunch.

Canadian Prime Minister's Office: Officials Only Got Briefing from Obama Campaign 2008-03-07
They tried to deflect the heat but it didn't work. The Clinton people didn't bullshit the voters because unlike Obama their campaign isn't based on bullshit.

Follow the Money 2008-03-03
The idea hordes of grass roots contributors are driving the financial engine of the Obama campaign is a myth which has been advertised free of charge by a compliant media. It is a stunningly nurtured falsehood. His campaign utilises a political fundraising machine that relies heavily on the wealthy, the powerful, and the most exploitive of money lenders in the subprime mortgage crises.

Yahoo: Obama Adviser Resigns 2008-03-07
USA Today: Obama Adviser Resigns 2008-03-07
'She's a monster too! THAT'S OFF THE RECORD! She's stooping to ANYTHING!'

Obama Amateur Hour 2008-03-06
'Calls Senator Clinton a monster and then belatedly realises she's commenting on the record. Was she hammering single malts? She wants a do over? How cute. And to think Obama sought her out to be his top foreign policy advisor? Man what other hidden gems are lurking out there waiting to show their true selves! So it's bad enough Obama doesn't visit Europe, doesn't hold a single hearing on Afghanistan, and one of his senior foreign policy advisors admits he's not ready to answer the 3 AM phone call. He's also relying on a name calling airhead to head his foreign policy team. Great? I bet Iran's Ahmadinejad can't wait to sit down and open talks with this group of clowns!'

Hillary Clinton Receives Surprisingly Warm Reception in Mississippi 2008-03-07
Several standing ovations.

Obama and His Advisors Not Ready for Prime Time 2008-03-06
By Larry Johnson, one of the all time gurus on national security and adviser to presidents and congressmen. The only politician save for Joe Biden who's ever been able to attend a briefing without a copy of 'Security for Dummies' and eyes glazing over and been able to ask the right questions is Hillary. He also reveals little known facts about the panic in the White House at the time of the Kuwait invasion. And he points a finger for the atrocities in Rwanda.

Remarks to the UN 4th World Conference on Women Plenary Session 1995-09-05
Hillary's speech ranked as one of the top 100 speeches in US politics of all time.

The Gender Card 2008-02-02
Blacks got the vote in the US way before women. It's still OK to ridicule women - and this despite patriarchy totally screwing up time and again. A look at how deep it all goes. By Robin Morgan.

The Forgotten Front Line in Afghanistan 2008-03-06
Bonehead's too busy. Somebody else has to do it. Afghanistan and the border regions of Pakistan have now merged into one of the most dangerous regions of the world.

The Nuclear Industry's Golden Child 2008-02-22
Obama's ties to the nuclear industry are stronger than any other candidate.

Obama's Money Cartel 2008-02-23
How he's fronted for the most vicious firms on Wall Street.

Obama Bullies at a Dallas Caucus 2008-03-04
Collecting the democratic vote.

Antoin Rezko: Transcript of Ex Parte Proceedings 2007-01-16 2008-03-06
The hearing to discuss Rezko's finances. The judge goes through everything. The connection with Nater and Nadhmi Auchi ('a close friend') comes up. Auchi owns 62 acres for 4600 residential units and 660,000 square feet of retail and Rezko's been working on it for him. And he's been putting through a deal to supply power to Iraq. But no money. Anytime he makes money it goes to creditors. He owns a 'waterfall' of LLC shell companies without assets and his wife makes a meagre $37 K per year and that's what he's living on. No foreign assets, no jewelry, no paintings, no coins, nothing. And he promises to tell the judge if any of the conditions change. But he doesn't. Auchi sends him $3.5 million under the table and they find out about it.

Bonehead Obama 2008-03-04
Briefly: Obama used a pulpit to promote his political campaign. This is in violation of US federal law and threatens to jeopardise the tax exemption status of the UCC who are already under investigation by the IRS. The UCC have already raised $50 K for their defence but fear they will need well over one million. Jeffrey Lord is pissed. 'On another occasion - the revelation of a real estate deal in which you were involved inappropriately by your own admission - you said you made a 'boneheaded' mistake. Your words - not mine. Surely you cannot seriously think what you've done with the UCC so far does not qualify as another 'boneheaded' mistake? May I make a professional suggestion? If these kinds of incidents repeat themselves you have suggested for yourself a nickname your opponents will seize with gusto. It will require considerable amounts of church attendance on your part to pray for forgiveness - both of yourself for giving them the tip and for those who may substitute the word for this dopey business of using your middle name.'

Hillary Takes Texas 2008-03-05
'The night's Hillary's'. In Swedish.

Hillary Takes Ohio Texas - Setback for Obama 2008-03-05
'Congrats Hillary.' In German.

She's Back 2008-03-05
And people are tiring of their messiah. And baseball begins again soon.

True Colours 2008-03-05
Does this come from the top? Can Obama do the Nixon jig? Whatever: police have had to scramble to forcibly open caucus sites locked by Obama black shirts. Hillary carried both Rhode Island and pivot state Ohio by almost 20% but in the close contest in Texas the Obama crew don't mind defying democracy. Legal hotlines have been flooded with calls containing specific accusations of wanton behaviour. They've 'stolen' convention packets, locked caucus doors, intimidated voters, and filled in their sign in sheets before legally allowed. And actually they weren't legitimate sign in sheets either: the Obama camp copied them from the Texas Dem website and took them to the polls to sign up voters before the caucuses legally begin. Should this be the change Obama bespeaks the US is in a lot more trouble than previously feared.

Reform Watchdogs: Trial Will Reveal 'Cesspool' of Obama's Allies 2008-02-29
'We have a sick political culture and that's the environment Barack Obama comes from.'

Obama Not Cashing In? 2008-02-04
Obama's a multimillionaire and ranked 48th most wealthy amongst 100 US senators. That's quite a feat considering he's the second youngest of them and of course never 'cashed in'.

Clinton Takes Lead 2008-03-04
Good news for HRC and in depth analysis of various polls and reports.

Make Them Accountable 2008-03-04
'A neighbour who's a long time Republican received a call from the local Republican office urging her to vote for Obama.'

Jack & Hill 2008-02-29
One of several copies.

Clinton Holds Ohio 2008-03-05
Results from exit polls show Obama falling behind and Clinton eating into groups usually behind him.

Primary Night Continues 2008-03-05
Ohio and Texas exit polls favour Clinton.

Rasmussen Reports Daily 2008-03-04
Yes Hillary in the lead again.

Hillary Gives Reporters Head 2008-03-04
In an obvious bid for the Ron Paul media conspiracy vote Hillary's people dumped the traveling press corps exactly where many voters believe they belong today: in the men's room of the Burger Activity Center.

Gallup Daily: Clinton 45% Obama 45% 2008-03-04
Gallup again find Clinton and Obama tied with 45% each of Democratic voters.

Democratic Party Warn Obama About Campaign Shenanigans 2008-03-04
'We can't confirm a campaign has been doing this but it has been brought to our attention.' Supporters who are neither Texas residents nor registered voters are traveling from out of state to attend tonight's caucuses.

Obama's Dirty Tricks in Texas and Ohio 2008-03-04
'I'm receiving reports that contrary to Texas Democratic party caucus rules that preclude registration forms from being submitted before either 19:15 or the last vote at a precinct has been cast Obama volunteers are handing out the forms at precincts today and asking people to fill them in and then collecting them. For Obama to submit the forms on voters behalf without the voter physically being present at the caucus would violate the rules.'

Ohio Secretary Of State Rebukes Obama Campaign for Fraud 2008-03-04
Obama's campaign trying to staff precincts with poll workers presenting insufficient credentials.

The US as Experiment 2008-03-04
'Obama fills arenas with screaming twenty year old girls.' In Swedish.

Barack Obama Still Dogged by Real Estate Deals 2008-03-03
'Tony Rezko was a defendant in at least a dozen lawsuits, federal investigators in Chicago were poking around, and his name was in newspaper stories about corruption and fraud. None of that stopped Rezko and Barack Obama from completing real estate deals.'

As the Scandal Turns 2008-03-04
Is this is a small world, or what? Mary Ann Akers on Amy St Eve.

From the Road 2008-03-04
Fernando Suarez on the campaign trail in Houston.

The Judge 2008-03-12
'Anyone who wants to put one over on her should be prepared to get up pretty early in the morning.' For batting practice?

Rezko Gavel to Gavel 2008-03-04
Bob Secter and Jeff Coen of the Chicago Tribune report hourly on this politically explosive trial. Fitzgerald had the Conrad Black and Scooter Libby cases; St Eve the Black case. Business as usual: 'St Eve stayed on her theme of asking some jurors for which Chicago baseball team they pull'.

Obama's Eyes on Rezko 2008-03-04
As jury selection began in the corruption trial of Tony Rezko there was an unexpected face in the courtroom audience: an unidentified staffer scoping out the scene for Barack Obama.

Study Sees Shift in Press Coverage 2008-03-04
'He's having a hard time closing the deal because Democrats know he hasn't been vetted.'

Slate Delegate Counter 2008-03-04
DIY what-if analysis.

Healing Postponed 2008-03-01
'Obama may be helping to postpone the arrival of a post-racial America and I think he knows it.'

Loaded Dice 2008-03-04
They're not just any dice.

Reuters: Tales from the Trail 2008 2008-03-04
Political correspondents track who's up and who's down and what's happening with the 2008 campaigns.

Obama Talks a Lot Answers Little 2008-03-04
'At first he made it seem it had all been asked and answered. But I was at the one press conference he referred to - in November 2005. 'You may still have questions which I am happy to answer', Obama said, adding it is not fair to 'suggest somehow' he has been trying to hide something. Soon after he said: 'if there is a specific question you have I'll be happy to respond to it'. He added as the press conference progressed: 'if there are specific requests in terms of information you feel you don't yet have we will be happy to talk about that'. And then there was the fourth 'happy': 'if there is a specific question you have I am happy to respond to it'. But for all the 'happy' talk nothing was forthcoming.' By Lynn Sweet.

MSNBC: Obama Tangles with the Press 2008-03-03
It wasn't a casual conversation strolling around university grounds - the Canadians contacted the Obama camp because they were worried about what Obama had been saying in Ohio. In other words: Goolsbee could not have been 'speaking as a scholar' and the intent and content of the exchange are more damning than ever. The HRC camp challenged Canada to be forthcoming with any similar exchange they'd had and no surprise: there was none.

YouTube: Obama Flees Rezko Questions 2008-03-03
And hides from reporters on connecting flight.

CNN Report on Obama Rezko 2008-02-28
From 24 January 2008. Surprise: it's all about money. Rezko turned off the heat for tenants and donated the savings to Obama's campaign. 'The problem with Chicago politics is it's impossible to stay clean.'

Obama Walks Out of Press Conference 2008-03-04
Refusing to disclose the extent of the fundraising by his long time friend Tony Rezko or the names of the others participating Obama left the press conference amid protests from reporters. 'My campaign is running late', snapped the arrogant junior senator from Illinois.

Dirt 2008-03-03
Someone turn out the lights. Now.

The $1,755,000 Favour: Obama's Letters for Rezko 2008-06-13
State senator Barack Obama wrote letters to city and state officials supporting his political patron Tony Rezko's successful bid to get more than $14 million from taxpayers to build apartments for senior citizens. The deal included $855,000 in development fees for Rezko and Obama's boss Davis as well as a cute $900,000 Davis got through another of his companies for federal tax credits on the deal. Nice pocket change. The letters - and Obama's close associations over the years with Rezko, Davis, and Davis/Obama associate Moorehead currently serving a four year sentence for stealing more than $1 million from housing projects and the US federal government - contradict a statement from Obama that in all the years he's known Rezko 'I've never done any favours for him'. He not only did favours - he worked hand in hand with them all. Slums are evidently big business in Chicago and you make good money as long as you don't turn the heat on. And most of these crooks are on their way to jail or close to it. No wonder Obama hurried back from Harvard. And he might now have to interrupt his messianic journey to testify in Chicago. Oh he's up to his eyeballs in this one all right. Uh-oh. Something smells foul. Did he obamify himself?

Associated Press: The Presidential Campaign Trail 2008-03-03
Clinton leads Obama by wide margins in all four Ohio polls as NAFTAgate and Rezkogate continue to unravel.

Obama Adviser Denies Trade Remarks 2008-03-03
NAFTAgate begins to unravel.

Corruption Trial of Supporter Haunts Obama 2008-03-03
The timing of the trial is bad for Obama, coming on the eve of the Texas and Ohio primaries. By Ewen MacAskill in Texas and Daniel Nasaw in Washington.

Money Chooses Sides 2008-04-16
Or how George Soros helped cultivate Obama for future donors.

AP Obtain Memo of Obama Aide's NAFTA Conversation 2008-03-03
'There was a reason CTV stood by their story (then reconfirmed it) when I asked them about it last week. You know when everyone else including Obama and his team as well as the traditional media (and the Obama blogs) were ignoring it or saying there was nothing there. Cable network, blogs, and the media blasted headlines the CTV story had been debunked when it hadn't at all. The Associated Press now have the evidence. A memo they obtained proves top Obama adviser Austan Goolsbee did indeed reassure the Canadian government about NAFTA. Of course Goolsbee is denying their characterisation to the AP with the Obama team holding his hand while he talks to them and tries to walk the story back. Goolsbee 'was frank in saying the primary campaign has been necessarily domestically focused, particularly in the Midwest, and much of the rhetoric that may be perceived to be protectionist is more reflective of political maneuvering than policy', the memo's introduction said.'

Obama Messiah 2006-12-11
Something sick going on. The US starting to smell bad again.

Obama's Cocky Messianism 2008-01-06
'Obama's speaking style with its preacherly repetitions and rhythms is nothing new. But the content of his speech - if you stop and actually listen to it - is aggressively vapid.'

The Obama Messiah Watch 1 2008-01-29 The Obama Messiah Watch 2 2008-02-05 The Obama Messiah Watch 3 2008-02-07 The Obama Messiah Watch 4 2008-02-09 The Obama Messiah Watch 5 2008-02-13 The Obama Messiah Watch 6 2008-02-14 The Obama Messiah Watch 7 2008-04-04 The Obama Messiah Watch 8 2008-09-12 The Obama Messiah Watch 9 2008-02-13 The Obama Messiah Watch 10 2008-03-02
Stinging satire on the sheeple of the US and the shady dealings of their rich and powerful.

Poll of Likely Democratic Primary Voters - Ohio 2008-03-03
Conducted now in March by Suffolk University. Perhaps why Obama's presumably already given up on Ohio.

Hillary vs Barack Part 1 2008-03-03 Hillary vs Barack Part 2 2008-03-03
'We're too young to vote but we have a voice. In the senate Obama has passed on over 100 votes. That's not 'yes', that's not 'no' - that's 'maybe'. Do we want a president who already shows such dereliction of duty? We the makers of this video are still in high school and can't vote yet. However we feel so strongly about this election because it's the choices you make now that determine our future. We're the ones forced to bear the consequences. Wake up!'

Obama's Hollow 'Judgement' and Empty Record 2008-03-02
By former US ambassador and National Security Council member Joseph C Wilson.

What I Didn't Find in Africa 2003-07-06
By former US ambassador and National Security Council member Joseph C Wilson.

Mother Jones: Who Is This Punk? 2008-12-15
On the complicity of George W Bush in outing Valerie Plame Wilson.

Rezko Trial Begins Tomorrow 2008-03-02
Aw not this shit again!

As Developer Heads to Trial Questions Linger Over a Deal With Obama 2008-03-02
'Tony Rezko was obviously in trouble. He was a defendant in at least a dozen lawsuits, federal investigators in Chicago were poking around, and his name was in newspaper articles about corruption and fraud.' Rezko's and Obama backer and fund raiser going back almost twenty years.

Obama's Faustian Bargain with Antoin 'Tony' Rezko 2008-03-02
But if you're from Chicago and read the continuing exposé by the Sun-Times this will be old news. Obama's name isn't too good in his 'home town'. This will take at least an hour to read so settle back and do yourself the favour now.

An Obama Patron and Friend Until an Indictment 2008-06-14
As Obama built a career that carried him to the Senate in 2004 Rezko was there with him holding fundraisers and rallying support.

Obama's Ex-Boss a Rezko Partner 2008-06-14
This gets tricky. Obama's boss quits the law firm and goes fulltime into slum landlording, then develops real estate including the house and lot Obama and Rezko later buy. And later gets a position with the governor at the behest of Rezko. Who's controlling politics, money, power? Has anything changed? Or is it all words?

US Armed Forces Call for Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008-03-02
Three dozen 'flag officers' endorse Hillary Clinton for 'commander in chief' in a conference call.

Ohio Union Officials Have Questions for Obama 2008-03-02
People are getting irritated by the master of the disingenuous.

The Object of His Rejection 2008-03-02
Adam Freedman explaining the hypocrisy of the wordmeister in detail.

Saturday Night Live: The Democratic Debate 2 2008-03-01
From 1 March. With special guest.
Saturday Night Live: An Editorial Response 2008-03-01
From 1 March. With another special guest.

Late Night, Guns Blazing Edition 2008-03-01
Twenty eight (28) former joint chiefs, generals, lieutenant generals, vice admirals, major generals, rear admirals, and brigadier generals now endorse HRC.

No Apology Needed 2008-02-15
By David Brooks of the New York Times. 'You see a person who as president would be fox to Bush's hedgehog, who would see problems in their complexities rather than in their essentials, who would elevate procedural concerns over philosophical ones, who would postpone decision points for as long as possible, and who would make distinctions few heed.' This isn't about clarifications - it's about how the Karl Roves in the Obama camp try to hijack constructive political dialogue and crucial elections for their own greedy purposes.

Obama's Unbold Plan for Healthcare 2008-02-23
By public health expert Sophia Yen MD MPH. 'The least optimal is what we have now. Barack chose the 3rd best solution. Edwards and Hillary chose the 2nd best.'

The Truth about the Obamas 2008-01-20
Read and see how the Obamas make money today off 'not for profit' health care.

Rezko Watch 2008-01-30
It's not just about a suspicious real estate deal.

Obama Snub Still Rankles Newsom 2008-02-05
'Please don't let anyone take my picture with him.'

Count Me Out 2008-02-27
'Once I started looking at the votes Obama actually cast, I began to hear his rhetoric differently. It is shocking how frequently and consistently Obama is willing to subjugate good decision making for his personal and political benefit.' By Matt Gonzalez.

Obama's fundraising collides with his rhetoric 2008-02-05
Union says senator did little to save jobs.

Mrs O: The truth about Michelle Obama's 'working class' credentials 2008-02-23
'Michelle's image was further tarnished in May 2006 when it was revealed that the centre - despite earning some £50million a year - had refused to treat a man who could not afford to pay his bill. He died.'

Money Money Money 2008-02-22
On how you raise money without raising money.

Against Obama 2008-01-30
Confronting the myth with the reality.

'Universal Health Care' is an Oxymoron under Obama's Plan 2008-02-18
Absolutely essential reading as most people in the US simply don't get it. They have no hope of a clue what's really going on. This article explains it.

Hillary Speaks for ME 2008-02-11
Be sure to see Jack's clip. And Yunaii's too - it's an amateur production but it's hilarious.

Obama Staffer Gave Canada Warning of Coming BHO NAFTA 'Rhetoric' 2008-02-27
Oh this gets cute. The master of disguise had his campaign team ring the Canadian ambassador to the US last month and warn him the cool black dude would start haranguing about NAFTA. The ambassador was assured that the criticisms would only be campaign rhetoric and should not be taken at face value. The BHO campaign are of course trying to bury this story but Canadian national news have corroborated its authenticity, having interviewed their minister of finance in the matter. How anyone can continue to drink the Change-Aid is a mystery.

A System Fair to Both Sides 2008-02-28
Barack Hussein Obama is a work of art. The fool actually has entertainment value. When still an outsider he proclaimed loud and clear he wanted to limit campaign funding; now he's got more money than he needs - more money than anyone else - so he's desperately hunting for a way to rewrite his own promises all the while John McCain reminds him of these promises and of course the Obama black shirts are scrambled to smash McCain shop windows.

Race Man 2008-02-27
News reports are finally being filed about the gap between Senator Barack Hussein Obama's promises of a pure politic and the calculated and deeply dishonest conduct of his campaign.

Obama's Rise and Rise: Camelot or Bust? 2008-02-27
Obama proclaims all the right stuff for all to hear. But doth milady protest too much? It's a fact he was born a Mohammedan to a Mohammedan father and a white Mohammedan mother and he spent some years of his childhood with his Mohammedan stepfather at a Mohammedan school in Indonesia with special Mohammedan tutelage every day. All this makes him forever a Mohammedan in the eyes of Saudi Arabia.

The Dude Vote 2008-02-26
Put on your shoes, walk out the door, and suck it up.

CBS: More Prosecutorial Misconduct in Siegelman Case 2008-02-24
This is only an introduction.

BHO Black Shirts Send Death Threats to SOBU 2008-02-23
SOBU organiser Tavis Smiley has been inundated with angry mail and even death threats from BHO supporters. 'I have family in Indianapolis. They're harassing my momma, harassing my brother. It's getting to be crazy', he told the Washington Post.

Charisma 2008-02-19
The end to a diversion.

Better Luck Next Time? 2008-02-19
A small shiny object. A figure devoid of definition.

Obamboozle 2008-02-19
People get ready.

It's Only Words 2008-02-18
'It's only words and words are all I have to take your heart away.'

The Lip Curl 2008-02-17
'This kinds of gamesmanship'; why menstruation can debilitate a president.

Follow the Money 2008-02-17
'Show me the money.'

A Journey of a Thousand Miles 2008-02-15
Put on a good pair of shoes.

Happy Valentine 2008-02-14
A box of chocolates.

The Result 2008-02-10
Maybe it's better if we're alone in the Universe™.

November 2008 2008-02-09
Whatever happens in November happens because it was meant to happen. You don't have to like the candidates to vote for them. You simply have to have the perspicacity to understand what November 2008 is all about.

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