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Someone turn out the lights. Now.

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There was a new shooting in the US today. In Palm Beach Florida. At one of the country's renowned meccas of fine cuisine. God bless america.

And the country goes to the polls again tomorrow. In case you've forgot what it's all about - and you're excused - just wander over to Digg and YouTube and the fourteen year olds will remind you.

A good guess right now is Hillary will carry Ohio by a wide margin - they hate NAFTA there - as well as Rhode Island and Vermont where she's always been predicted to win - and Texas will be tougher.

A good guess is Hillary will be trailing Obama by 30-50 delegates or actually be out in front by 10-20. And that's of course not counting what happens in Michigan and Florida.

And if she carries Ohio she'll probably get Pennsylvania too. And she's still the front runner amongst actual Democrat voters - it's the Republicans who've been encouraged by Obama to vote that have given him the votes he's boasted about.

Things are getting steamy in Chicago where they're selecting a jury for the Rezko trial. Not many people do the research on this one - certainly not the voters in the US. Amazing - but typical - that people outside the US know more about what's going on.

One thing that's puzzled people for a long time is how Obama got the money to buy a $1.7 million house. After all he skipped town and a job on housing projects to go to Harvard and then returned to the housing projects again.

There's no money in housing projects, is there?

Think again, bubba. It turns out that this is BIG money and almost every politician in Chicago has a finger in the pie. The key is where the money comes from.

Taxpayers. Federal, state, and municipal taxes. And it's always easier to get money from governments than from corporations. It's also easier to make money disappear.

Barack's boss at the law firm is now the major partner in Tony Rezko's slum projects. Barack worked for these projects. He also pushed for $14.6 million for at least one of them. That $14.6 million was taxpayer funded every last cent.

Tony Rezko and Obama's boss pocketed $1.7 million for representing the deal. Nice work if you can get it.

Tony Rezko's been a friend and supporter of Barack Hussein Obama for twenty years. He's not only contributed astronomical sums to Obama's campaigns - he's also organised funding for countless sums more.

And wonder of wonders: he's been under FBI investigation and pounced on by the local media for years. Long before the much talked about real estate deal.

And he's also the one who left all his tenants to freeze a long cold winter long without heat.

There's a lot of money in public housing.

And of course Obama's aides told Canadian officials 'off the cuff' you couldn't take Obama's bombastic rhetoric too seriously. After all it's 'campaigning'. And of course it was 'informal' - there was no reason for Obama to approach Canada on NAFTA. Obama is the master of never specifying anything. The remarks were casual, given in camaraderie and confidence. Which of course makes it all the more shocking.

As if it's par for the course to bullshit people with false campaign promises. After all everybody does it, right? Yet some do it better than others.

The great hope of George Soros - the gray eminence who began testing the terrain with this tool several years ago - has peaked. His credibility has at long last been called into question. The maniacs are still there - you can see them at Digg and YouTube - but most of them are way too young to vote and so they don't count.

'Twas but a media phenomenon. Quite the concerted effort but still and all a mere parenthetical statement. The worst of it is Obama's political career is mostly destroyed. Which considering his opportunism and lack of integrity is probably just as well.

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