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Us and them versus unity.

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Obama's special speech for Tuesday 18 March 2008 is already online. If you want to you can find it. But you'll have to do the research yourself - something you should have done from the beginning.

There's only one thing the speech can prove: namely that the hard core team of Obama, Axelrod, Daley, Plouffe, and all the other manipulators at the campaign headquarters are good at words.

It's only words.

If you're a hard core fundamentalist and really believe in 'us and them' and 'kill everybody else' and happen to find yourself in Afghanistan you'd have to travel far and long to find anyone else westward from there who was a sympathetic soul. You'd have to cross the Atlantic ocean.

The right wing fundamentalists in the US are best at sussing out what the middle east fundamentalists are all about. Why? It's easy: they're from the same mold. They don't live in caves and wear shabby clothes; they dress in fabulous evening gowns and expensive tuxedos with gorgeous hairdos and Rolex watches but they're fundamentalists - they're just fundamentalists who've made it.

But the cynicism is still there. Along with the 'we are better' and 'you are shit' beliefs. Along with the religious fanaticism. Which is such a cheap 'n' easy card to play. Which is one reason the US will never be a member of the community of nations. Because as a whole the people look like they're batshit insane. And act it too.

Nobody wants Barack Hussein Obama in the White House. Nobody wants the arrogant Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama as the first lady. Nobody trusts them and few deep down inside really like them. They scare people. They scare them through their arrogance and above all through their audacity.

If this were only a rock group things would be different. When Howlin' Pelle Almqvist gets on stage and tells his audience they must be really happy because they're privileged to see their favourite group it's tongue in cheek - and even if it nets better sales it's only about music. It's not about guns and ammo, bombs and invasions, trashing countries, ruining lives, and killing people.

But when a demagogue like Obama starts doing the same thing; when he tells people the roof is going to open and a light is going to shine through and they will know they have to vote for him - that type of arrogance doesn't come off as tongue in cheek as easily. Statements like that can't be delivered straight faced because - thankfully - nobody is going to swallow bullshit like that anymore. No not even in the US where the odds would otherwise be best this side of Afghanistan.

But it's not all tongue in cheek. For the demographic wizards know that some of the rhetoric still goes down, still plants its seed, and people are going to toy with the fantasy anyway. And then they will almost see the roof opening, a light shining through, and they definitely will vote for Obama.

They'll do a lot of other things for him too. Like all fundamentalists they'll act as if anything is allowed because they're in the right. They'll sabotage the campaign work of their competitors, they'll amass over two thousand complaints against themselves in the Texas caucuses, they'll use all the race baiting and mud slinging they can think of, they'll stifle and silence all opposition and all suggestions of clear unbiased thought, and they'll start spewing vitriol at their challengers.

They'll start calling the opposition a 'fuckin' deranged schizophrenic crack whore' as seen at YouTube; they'll call her every name in the book. Why? It's hatred unleashed. And that's the way indoctrination works. Ask Saatchi & Saatchi or Sigmund Freud.

First you channel people's libidos into a sublimated love for a leader - and people in the US have about the most frustrated libidos this side of Afghanistan too; then you channel their anger and doubts - the negative side of the frustrated libido - into an unleashed hatred for everyone and everything else. It's an old formula that fed a world bent on destruction for nearly 100 years and it works. What's surprising to many who've taken the time to study history and hopefully benefit by it is that the world at large - and the masses of the US in particular - don't seem to have learned anything by it.

The people in the US were mostly removed from fascism anyway. This manipulation technique first practiced by Benito Mussolini and later borrowed and perfected by Adolf Hitler never reached North American shores. It was out there but it was never experienced first hand. The Germans invaded France and threatened England and their allies attacked Pearl Harbor but people in the US never saw the ramp up to it all - they never heard the bullshit and the cheap propaganda; they were spared the hype and the audacity of it all.

And now with the US still possessing so much firepower the tragedy is these people - these uneducated slothful egocentric fundamentalist people - still don't have a clue and still get sold pigs in pokes.

Obama's come out on five separate occasions on the marijuana issue. Each time he's had a different thing to say. One time he's for decriminalisation - of the laws as he ineptly put it - the next time he's against it. Then he's for it again. Then he's against it again. About the only thing he's said and never contradicted is that he might have voted against the war in Iraq if he'd had a vote. But no one will ever know although most people suspect. And he's played that one into the ground so even his most brainwashed supporters got sick of him.

Obama is for guns and against them; he's for national health care but against it; he's the shiny object that can be anything to anyone and this is no accident.

Most politicians decide early on where their greatest support is going to be and stick to it. The more honest of them actually choose their demographic based on their own personal opinions. Obama's the other way around - and no politician has ever attempted such audacity before.

Obama is American Indian, Caucasian, Chinese, Siamese, Russian, Hispanic - listen to him on Oprah. His family has all possible DNA. This two bit politician is so kleptomaniac he doesn't want to lose a single vote. Not tell people you're Armenian and you might lose Armenian votes!

The United States of the Ku Klux Klan of America: it works in a black constituency. It works where race hatred is great. And yes it's fascism all over again. Of course it is. The sublimation into twisted love and vitriolic hatred. The people hearing the horseshit are generations down the line from the African slaves; most of them are doing fine thank you - certainly better than most of the demure Hispanics who don't say a word; but it makes for great speeches where people just want to 'lose it' now and again and get back to their fundamentalist fascist ugly true selves.

So that's a good place to start. Of course then you have to convince everyone YOU DIDN'T REALLY MEAN IT. Because you've been saying the exact opposite for years now.

For years when you were supposed to be working your butt off in Washington. When you were supposed to be holding meetings on the situation in Afghanistan. But screw that.

Obama's had less than two full years practical on the job experience in Washington DC as a politician and legislator. On the other hand he's had life long experience as a charlatan. He's good at one thing only - and it's not experience.

And it's not passing legislation either. His friends in Illinois put his name after the fact on 24 pieces of legislation to make it look like he'd been more active than he was. And that was mere weeks after getting his first state senate seat.

And now Obama's done diddley squat since he came to Washington. He spent more time getting a house he can't really afford than deciding if he's going to decriminalise or criminalise marijanua. Less than two years into his first tenure and he was already away from the job working on his race to 1600. No candidate for that office has ever come into things with so little on a CV. No one. He's a bloody joke - a bad joke.

So what's he good at? For sure it's not showing sound judgement. If one thing characterises Obama at this point it's that he's a blundering fool. And it's all the more amazing considering the ace hard core crooks from AKP he's got working for him. Watch how he backpedaled ducked and dodged through the NAFTA scandal. At least five different versions of that story.

Or the Rezko thing. He took backpedaling to a whole new level. The curators of the Oxford English Dictionary are hard put to redefine the word for the next edition.

And again: it's all the more amazing considering the million dollar a week crap artists he has on the payroll. Think for one second what he would have done if he'd not had them to continually apply the brakes to his 'sound judgement'.

The only thing Obama's good at is what he might be able to demonstrate today: words.

If all a political leader had to do was give speeches and as long as the voting public could afford the likes of AKP Media on the payroll 52 weeks a year (that's probably close to $100 million per year although they might offer a discount) then you're home free. No need to make decisions, answer the telephone at 03:00 AM, try to unite anyone - none of that. Just give speeches. Hey. Cool.

But big clue: in most countries of the western world those speeches still fall flat. Because people aren't brainwashed as they are in the US. They don't have freako fundamentalists polluting the media 24/7; they don't have a bunch of looney tunes polluting their very lives and making everything fucking impossible and crazy around them; they live in societies that WORK and so they can see how people like Obama continue to pour the BULLSHIT. And they're not impressed.

Poor lost people - the people in the US. They have nothing to compare to. Only years ago they were being told national health care doesn't work, that it's been tried in Europe and it didn't work, and they believed it. Years before that the likes of William Kristol mounted an expensive campaign funded by the predators to FUD national health care. And idiots that the people in the US are they bought it hook line and sinker. And got so riled up about it they threatened to assassinate Hillary Rodham Clinton for proposing such a thing.

Hillary responded by donning a kevlar vest. ['Kevlar' means 'bulletproof' for you morons too slothful to look the word up.] She could have hidden away in the White House or done an 'Obama' - given a speech where she explained she was actually against national health care.

But she didn't.

And no special interest groups in the US were pushing the Clintons to introduce the legislation. If anything they lost political premium by backing it. The congress went against the Democrats in 1994 precisely because of the vitriol generated by the predators amongst the so easily duped people of that country.

It's often said the US is a consumer country. This is not actually true. The US is a country where if you have a scheme - a get rich quick scam of a scheme - you'd do better than in any other country. Because the people of the US are exceptionally stupid and can be sold anything. Yes even the classic '1 for $1, 2 for $2.50'. And for those of you who've never been to the US and seen that actually used in stores: it's no joke. They really do that and people really are so stupid they suck it up.

The world is watching. The world is watching the ugliest political race in recent history. A race that's costing half a billion dollars. Money that could have been used to heal the sick and feed the poor. A race that is about anything but issues and has devolved into the most demeaning piece of crap since Germany and Italy in the 1930s.

Fascism's finally come home to roost. It's found a new home.

The United States of Jeremiah Wright Louis Farrakhan Barack Obama KKK America.

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