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USA Fascists

The colour of money.

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Michael Duke is jewish. He lives in Texas. Obviously he's not going to vote for the antisemite Obama. But he's a part of the political process there and he attended a caucus recently. You can read his report at the following URL. It's very well written.


Here's a basic summary.

  • 6000 people turned out already at 05:00 AM for a caucus on 29 March.
  • 3625 of the 6000 were delegates. That means 2375 or 39.5% were not.
  • Normally those who are delegates are given special colour coded badges and shown to seats in special sections as they will later be called on to vote (and the other 39.5% are of course not allowed to vote). But that didn't happen at this caucus controlled by the Obama people.
  • The caucus voted on possibly 'penalising' precincts if they were not adequately represented by stripping them of their votes. All precincts with an Obama majority were allowed to keep their votes; all precincts with a Hillary majority were stripped of their votes. These decisions were arrived at by polling those present, 39.5% of whom had no right to vote in the first place.
  • When objections were raised the Obama friendly organisation decided to forego the 'shout' vote in favour of the 'stand up' vote. But again: 39.5% of those present had no right to vote anyway. Children were seen shouting in votes and later standing on chairs in 'stand up' votes to appear as adults to the organisers seated 500 feet away.
  • Note was made of the fact the organisers had made no attempt to identify those entitled to vote or monitor the credentials of those coming to the caucus.
  • The voting on the above concluded in the early afternoon whereupon various speakers were allowed to come to the podium. Amongst them was congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Since Lee has supported Hillary since early on she was systematically drowned out by hostile boos and jeers as she tried to impress on those present the importance of common sense and unity.
  • A 'point of order' was raised about the evident partisan behaviour of the caucus organisers. A token apology was made - and then things went on as before.
  • By 17:00 PM hundreds of resolutions still needed voting on. The floor took nearly twenty minutes to vote on the first of these. The floor were now reminded the lights in the locale were to be turned off at 18:00 PM and a new vote was taken to 'table' all the remaining hundreds of resolutions.
  • At 17:50 PM the floor began reading the list of at-large delegates. By this time more than half the original 6000 attendees had left. The list was proportionally balanced between Obama and Hillary as reflected in the original representation. The remaining crowd of Obama supporters revolted violently. They demanded their candidate get 80% of the at-large delegates instead.
  • As officials dismissed this suggestion pandemonium broke out in the locale. The arena erupted in a cacophony of jeers and expletives and many flooded the isles in attempts to grab microphones carried by the organisers.
  • At one point a convention worker had to climb over a barrier that separated the floor from the stands to physically wrestle a microphone away from an Obama supporter who refused to give it up.
  • Several further 'points of order' were called to dispute the floor's at-large delegate allotment, to disregard the official convention rules, and to circumvent the authority of the nominations committee, all the while officials attempted to finish reading the list.
  • Convention officials now agree to send the nominations committee back to 'recalculate' the at-large numbers. State representative Garnet Coleman is called on to supervise this 'revision'. Coleman came back with an 80%/20% ratio for Obama and without further clarifying how this 'redistribution' had been 'recalculated' the caucus was adjourned.

There are some basic things to be learnt here.

  • The new colour of money in the US is black.
  • These people are also muslim. And antisemite.
  • Or are about to vote in their first election ever.
  • This isn't American Idol. It's about a country in trouble.
  • This is not how democracy is supposed to work. This is how fascism works.
  • Obviously the schools in the US haven't done their job in teaching world history.
  • It doesn't matter what colour you are - if you hijack democracy you're an enemy of the state.

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