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Good Night Amerikkka

Toasting the final daze.

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The Pennsylvania primary's in eight days. Clinton has a comfortable lead but Obama's spending $2.5 million a week on television advertising. But he's not campaigning much in Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania's a poor state with homeless and hayseeds who cling to guns. So he's out on the west coast instead sipping tea with the Gettys and picking up bundles more cash so he can continue to saturate prime time TV with his message of HOPE and CHANGE.

Handsome Bill said Hill needed to win Ohio and Texas and predicted she would. He was right. He also said she'd win Pennsylvania too if she won Ohio and Texas. And he seems to be right again. He also said she'd get the nomination if she won Pennsylvania.

Barack's won a single important November swing state - Illinois. Hillary's won all the rest. Barack picked up a lot of votes in Republican states that will vote for McCain in November. And he picked up those votes because those same Republicans were encouraged by him to vote in the primaries. Talk about a madhouse.

McCain's already firing off broadsides against Obama. American Idol's more fair than the Democratic nomination process, says McCain on American Idol, because all fifty states' votes count. Obama and his lackeys - Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy, and above all Dean - are looking more and more not only like the 'old guard' who know nothing about 'change' much less care about it but also like a pack of luckless jackasses.

But Obama could pull it off. After all: he's got the popular vote. If you count all the Republican votes that is. And he's got about 100 more delegates. If you forget those delegates come from states that will go Republican anyway. Basically Obama's got one state and the only way he can go is up. And he specifically can't go down because the one state he has - Illinois - is so bought and corrupt no one can count the votes there and hope to come up with a nonpartisan result.

The whole world is watching. And the whole world is watching the Obama people hijack a nomination. The forces behind Obama - from Wall Street to JP Morgan to the lobbyist bundlers to the offshore interests feeding the PACs to the nuclear companies to the gun lobbyists to the subprime and health care predators - are demonstrating how utterly stupid voters in the US really are. Flush enough money down the tubes and anything is possible.

They want Obama. At least they want Obama if they can't have McCain. Or better yet: Cheney. After eight years of Bush Rule it's time for the Democrats and all those rich bastards know it. So they're hedging their bets and investing in the one Democrat candidate who is willing to 'play ball'.

And Obama plays ball all right. He plays ball with Exelon. And with Jeremiah Wright. He didn't even have to show up for SOBU. Hey he's too important to go to those BLACK conferences. He's not too important he won't show up at the Gettys for tea but his brothers? He doesn't have time.

And who are Obama's brothers anyway? Certainly not blacks in the US. He's not a slave or the descendant of a slave. He's an arab black. From Afrika. Where a lot of blacks are arab. And he's not underprivileged either. In case you didn't know: Punahou is the finest school in Honolulu, the finest on Hawaii, and one of the finest in the US. From there to Occidental College, then Columbia, then a few lucrative financial deals with Tony Rezko, then Harvard. Where he became the first black president ever of the Harvard Law Review. But edited not a single article in all that time. Something like his work on fixing things in Afghanistan.

Obama is privileged - not the other way around. He's not like those other downtrodden he'd drive ten miles to rant and hoot with as Jeremiah sang the Chicken Roostin' Blues.

Obama is a black supremacist. If he's anything. At least the people he most hangs out with are. They hate whites and anything remotely white like Obama's mother and grandparents, they hate the garlic nose Italians, they hate those slimy JEWS like BARRY GORDY and SMOKEY ROBINSON and QUINCY JONES who've taken over their own black music industry the only good music industry in the world - give them time and they'll make it patently clear they hate everyone.

And how you may ask can these people be allowed to breathe the same mixture of nitrogen oxygen argon and neon like all the rest? Good question.

And although smarter people across the oceans continue to say 'NIMBY' things in Disney's Insanity World™ over there do affect people elsewhere.

Things can go three ways.

  1. Hillary wins the nomination. And in such case she'll win the election. And in such case the people in the US have a chance at a fair shake for things like health care and an honest welfare economy (with a balanced budget) for the first time ever. Not to point out it'll be a matriarchy and what a tremendous difference that will be.

  2. Hillary loses the nomination to Obama but McCain slaughters Obama in the general election as is thought to be the plausible scenario. The McCain people come out with all guns blazing, drowning the media with clips of Jeremiah Wright and continual reminders of Obama's innumerable backpedaling lies and connections to terrorists and racists and Obama picks up about 30% of the November popular vote.

  3. Obama takes the nomination and Axelrod with the backing of Wall Street, Soros, the Gettys, the subprime predators, the health industry predators - and some of that good old election rigging Obama's buddy home state politicians are so known for - pulls off Big Hijack 2 in the same year.

And if it's #3 - a replay of Hitler hijacking Germany with a measly 30% of the popular vote - it's Good Night Amerikkka. At which time it's everybody for themselves. Buy a cave in the hills of Afghanistan and go there and hide.

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