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Do the Math

Why do they against all odds keep losing?

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The day before the 6 May primaries almost all pollsters gave Indiana to Hillary by 10-15% and put her within 2-3 points of Obama in North Carolina. The following day things suddenly turned out a lot different. Do the math.

On election night the mayor of Chicago suburb home of Michael Jackson Gary Indiana holds up results for over six hours despite use of electronic voting machines. Do the math.

At the same time the MSM claim - with 0% of the votes counted - that Obama has won North Carolina. Do the math. And even with 42% of the votes counted in Indiana and Hillary at a comfortable and predicted lead of 15% they claim it's still 'too close to call'.

Do the math.

More and more murmurs are heard of threats of black race riots if their boy doesn't get the nomination. Do the math. Simultaneously there appears to be no Lysistrata organising women to riot or go on sex strikes if their girl doesn't get it. Do the math.

Blacks in the US are about 1/6 the total population. Women are over 50%. Do the math.

Obama is supported (and has been cultivated) by George Soros who reportedly has another $40 million in his coffers for his boy. Do the math. Can Soros legally contribute all this money to a candidate who once said he was against this type of obscene spending? Do the math.

Obama refuses to debate. He's always been shy of debates even though his pals in the MSM have consistently given him an easy ride. He's afraid of debating because if he debates he can no longer be the shiny object human Rorschach test. He has to go against campaign manager David Axelrod's strategy to avoid commitment at all costs. Do the math. He's also against debates because all he can do is deliver carefully prepared stump speeches to easily duped people. When he's one on one he always falters, stumbles over his English grammar, screws up his sentences, and often skids on incoherent mumbling. Do the bloody math.

Six months ago Hillary had a thirty point spread over Obama amongst blacks. Thirty points. Do the math. Six months ago Jamal and Donna had not yet begun applying the race card against the Clintons. Six months ago the Jesse Jacksons weren't on board. Do the math.

Six months ago David Axelrod realised his candidate was getting nowhere because more than the other candidates he was just a face and a blowhard with a pair of shined shoes and a cheap suit. David Axelrod rightfully assessed Hillary as the candidate to beat and told Obama to start attacking her. Do the math.

When Obama out of the blue mentioned Wal-Mart Hillary was ready and brought up the name Tony Rezko. And since then Obama's been swirling and teetering. One scandal after another has erupted. This is not stuff the Hillary campaign people were not aware of - they'd just decided to not play dirty.

Hillary's health care proposal - and it's no more than a proposal by a prospective head of the executive branch of the US federal government and not part of a legislative process - covers everyone. It's based on her knowledge of how things like this work in other countries that have long since left the US in the dust. And it's based on her work campaigning in Kevlar against the looney tunes in the US who tried to kill her sixteen years ago. She knows what's needed and she's going for it. Simultaneously Obama won't commit.

This is part of the Axelrod strategy. Never commit. Keep things at 'hope' and 'change'. Do the math.

David Axelrod ran Obama's campaign in 2004 as well. What there was of it. It was mostly double crossing Alice Parker so she couldn't keep her seat. Today Alice is out campaigning for Hillary. How many friends does Obama have? Do the math.

Obama's already alienated John McCain who sees right through the piece of trash. Does Obama have any friends - any real friends - in Washington? It's doubtful but go ahead and do the math anyway.

David Axelrod ran Deval Patrick's campaign for governor of Massachusetts in 2006 as well. What there was of it. David Axelrod's studied the Karl Rove playbook. No 'policies' as they call them. Just promise everything to everybody. [Better still if you can claim you're ethnically related to everybody. As Axelrod's had Obama do. Do the math.]

David Axelrod ran Deval Patrick's campaign on two words.

  1. HOPE.
  2. CHANGE.

That's all. Keep it down to that. Promise a new era in government but keep this side of going into detail. Be cryptic. Promise everything - but in diffuse words.

Deval Patrick won a decisive victory. Now guess how much 'hope' and 'change' the people of Massachusetts have seen since the election. Do the math.

Massachusetts went to the polls in their primary highly pressured by John Kerry and Chappaquiddick Kennedy to vote for their boy. That didn't happen. The two old wizened senators who insist superdelegates must vote according to the will of the people (but will still vote for their boy) were literally humiliated. Why? The Massachusetts voters trounced Obama. Gave him back half a sausage. Gee what a surprise. Still not sure why? Do the math.

And Hillary's formidable machine created a comprehensive and detailed plan for reforms including health care; and so the Obama criminals had to do something of the same. And yet the Obama 'plan' for health care deliberately leaves 15 million people without coverage and it doesn't really 'reform' anything. And there's a reason for this: don't alienate the people who don't want the status quo changed too much.

Do the math.

First time male voters and blacks: these are the only voter groups Obama can count on. First time voters were not 18 years old in 2004. By necessity they were at most 17. Meaning today they are at most 21. Geez they know a lot.

And it's no wonder the likes of the cheap suit known as Obama can bamboozle them with his okey-dokey. They don't know any better. They're so easily fooled.

But look closer at the demographics: as soon as the voters get just a little bit older they grow savvy to the Obama okey-dokey game right away. Obama's support tapers off consistently and geometrically through the age groups. By the time you get to the 50 years old and older his support is nearly nonexistent. Gee now why is that?

Do the math.

And women consistently support Hillary by a point spread of at least 30%. Again: do the math.

Some people have been tallying the primaries in a novel way: they've been counting DEMOCRAT votes and comparing them to the total votes. And it should be no surprise Hillary's been way in the lead all along, since before Super Tuesday. Hillary has the overwhelming majority of votes cast by DEMOCRATS.

So what's happened in the primaries? A number of things. Factor one is the party organisation. Or lack of. The Democrats allow anyone to participate in their primaries. This is akin to a heavyweight contender using his opponent's coach for the title fight. The Republicans have turned out in droves for the primaries of the Democrats. To call it silly isn't sufficient. To call it pathetic is more like it.

But Axelrod's also had Obama go out and encourage Republicans to vote in the primaries. Something that again has nonpartisan onlookers rubbing their eyes in disbelief.

To this day Hillary leads decisively in the votes by Democrats. And last anyone saw it was a Democrat candidate the Democrat party is supposed to put together in August.

Do the math.

The Democrats have only had one president reelected since World War II. One. In over sixty years. Do the math.

The Democrats have held the White House a mere 30% of the time since World War II. 30%. Do the math. The Republicans have held it 70%. Over twice as much.

This time the Democrats should have had a slam dunk. They would have had a slam dunk with Hillary. No one disputes her being the most qualified (even if they can't understand half of what she's saying) and Hill's gutsy like few others and Honest John Elephant Man McCain wouldn't have had a chance - not with eight years of W to weigh him and his party down.

But now as more and more threats of race riots by the entitled are heard there are growing noises about more awake and alert Democrats promising to boycott the party and the elections in the autumn.

The Democrats should have had a slam dunk. Once again they blew it. From the jaws of victory they have again snatched defeat as only they can. The Keystone Kops of Politiks™.

There have undoubtedly been similar situations for the Democrats in the past. Given the immoral history of the US and the Republicans it's a near mathematical certainty. But the Democrats keep losing. Consistently. Why?

Do the math.

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