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Barry's Not Black?

So says US federal law.

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If current reports prove true the US voting public, the US African American voters, the Harvard admissions board, the media, and people everywhere are in for the biggest shocker of a joke in this increasingly ridiculous Democrat campaign.

Barry's not black. Not legally he isn't.

According to US federal law one must have a '1/8 descriptor' to claim to be an ethnical minority. That '1/8' is 12.5%.

Barry Obama's father - had he remained a resident of the US - would just have qualified because a great grandmother of his was authentic African. The rest of his ancestors are in fact arabic and not African. Barack Hussein Obama's father was 87.5% Arabic and 12.5% African.

He just made it.

A common misconception's that if your parents belong to an ethnical minority you do too. This is evidently what the Harvard admissions board presumed, what the mainstream media presumed, what black advocates in the US have presumed, and so forth.

But it doesn't work like that. Especially for Barry Obama. Barry's mother was neither Arabic nor African. She's a - to use a turn of phrase made popular again by Michelle Robinson Obama - a 'whitey'. 100%.

And that dilutes Barry's black ethnicity from his father's 12.5% - the legal threshold in the US - to half that or 6.25%.

Barry Obama isn't legally black.

All along people have been saying this 2008 election is historic in that for the first time the people of the US can elect either a black or a female president.

As far as Hillary goes this still holds. Gender doesn't work as ethnicity does. But that doesn't help Barry.

Barry is:

  • 50% white (caucasian).
  • 43.75% Arabic.
  • 6.25% African.

Those are the numbers.

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