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The United States of Nightmare

Did things have to be this way?

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It's all upside down. Many people think they're now witnessing the end of civilisation as they know it.

Recently yobs in Derby jeered a suicide off a car park roof and then rushed forward to take pictures of the corpse with their cellphones. An executive of Barclays came to the defence of a couple in a taxi queue in Norwich who were being accosted by a gang of 9-10 yobs only to be beaten to death by them instead. And the queue was long and not a one of the others in the queue came to his defence. And a seven year old lad broke into a zoo in Australia and as the CCTV witnessed fed a crocodile with live animals, smiling in glee as the victims were killed by the dinosaur. Something's happened.

It would have been OK if John McCain had run for the GOP in 2000 instead of W. But Karl Rove deliberately sabotaged Johnny Mac's campaign. Afterwards he gave Mac an apology, explaining in Corleone fashion it wasn't personal, and promising him the nomination in 2008 if he still wanted it.

It's hard to imagine John McCain sitting in a school reading 'My Pet Goat' when 911 hits. It's hard to imagine him being told by the powers behind the curtains that he should just stay out of the way, he's a figurehead rather than a leader, and they will of course keep him informed. It's hard to imagine even John McCain performing so poorly as W has consistently done.

It's hard to imagine such a cock-up in Iraq as the W administration caused with Johnny Mac in the Oval Office. It's hard to imagine him going to war on a pretense and a lie. It's hard to imagine him sending heavies to out Valerie Plame or asking her husband to make up African stories.

And with his track record it's hard to imagine the US federal government not getting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and above all ACORN out of the way and putting an end to that nonsense.

That's eight years that have gone by. If the US and the world really wanted a regime change after eight years of Democrat rule they could have had it with John McCain - and things wouldn't have at all been as they are today. The US had a budget surplus in 2001 (something like $250 million) and were on their way to making it even bigger. Today W has so destroyed the US economy that each person, any age, already has a tax deficit of over $30 K - with no solution in sight.

But today in 2008 W is still the US president, has totally screwed up not only his own country but the entire world, has driven US popularity worldwide in the ground, has the lowest approval rating of any US president ever - including Richard Nixon on the day he was forced to resign from office - and the task of overcoming that image for McCain is difficult. He has Palin of course - a backwoods hockey mom who people are calling a political sensation - but her politics combined with Mac's own are not necessarily what that people are yearning for after all these years of dumbed down culture and politics.

The Dems could have had an excellent candidate in Hillary Clinton. She's been the obvious choice for the past eight years. Some would say the past sixteen years. She's an ambitious - and very honest - workaholic and she really knows her stuff. She might not be the most colourful candidate ever but she is the ultimate administrator, capable of going after the predators and the graft that are hallmark of politics in the US.

And she won the popular vote. Not by a great margin - 300,000 - but still the same. She won the majority of primaries (21 to Obama's 18) but she came up short in the caucuses where Obama won 13 out of 14. And as one mathematician has pointed out, the voting in the caucuses accounts for 3% of the total vote - yet has a sway in the results twenty times as much.

The Dems seem to have wanted Obama ever since 2004 when Kerry decided he'd give the speech at the convention. Obama's been groomed for the role. Why sidestep Clinton? Because neither she nor her husband play by the rules. They don't like quid pro quo and you can't count on complicity with them. It's cool to have a woman president - and about time - but most of them still think women belong barefoot in the kitchen and more importantly the traditional grassroots support of the party has been the black vote. Having put up the first ever black candidate - and getting him elected to the White House - is a distinction the GOP will never be able to take away from them. The black vote becomes guaranteed. Never mind the Hispanic minority's bigger today: the blacks stomp all over the Hispanics and the Dems do too - and in the very worst of all scenarios this is something the party can do later to ensure their vote for all time as well.

But there's something indelibly flawed with Obama: he comes from the feared and infamous Chicago political machine. No one who's not seen how this system works from the inside can ever appreciate how deep down ugly and dirty it is. How people living in the area - anywhere in the state - accept as a fact of daily life that all is corrupted, everyone can be spied upon, anybody can disappear at any time. And yes, this is the direct counterpart to the darkest days of the Soviet Union. If you happen to be on the inside (and a benefactor of the system) it's really no better: you might get lots of perks but it's still a nightmare.

More than anything the Daley dynasty want to stay in power and get those 2016 Olympics. The way they do business they know that bag of potentially $100 billion will be something they can pluck at with frivolity. The possibility for personal gain is enormous. Think 'Atlanta Olympics' but one hundred times worse. Think police state and suppression of media coverage. They don't care; they really don't give a damn; give them the Olympics and the event will have one of its darkest moments ever.

Obama's part of this school, of this mindset, of this crooked way of doing business. Obama studied the teachings of primordial rabble rousing revolutionary Saul Alinsky and quickly learned how things are done in the Windy City. You go for the black vote - you keep them on your side. You use this support to basically steal almost any election.

The Daleys and the Chicago Democrats are supposed to have always been for the blacks of Chicago. It's been this way since the first of that dynasty rose with his gang out of the city's counterpart to Hell's Kitchen and established himself as the Al Capone of city hall. And that's a long time ago. But if the Daley catering to black interests was to have worked - why then half a century later are these people amongst the worst off in the country?

Why do they still live in deplorable, dilapidated, dangerous slum areas - which coincidentally exist under Obama's watch? Simple: give the black people what they really need and you lose the vote. If Alinsky taught them anything at all it's that rabble rousing isn't for the people you appear to be fighting for - it's for YOU. It's to increase YOUR base of power. The Daleys - and Obama - have done well.

ACORN is today at the centre of this, founded in the wake of one of the wackiest pieces of legislation in any country anywhere. The 1977 'CRA' bill signed by Jimmy Carter says essentially you cannot deny mortgages to people simply because they're a credit risk - especially if they're black (or today Hispanic). You have to give them the money anyway.

You have to throw out all the prior sound business practices. You can no longer require a down payment. In many cases you can't even demand people have a job and an income - you have to grant the loan anyway.

But it gets worse, for this bill with all its amendments through the subsequent years of Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush also requires banks involved in mergers and acquisitions to pass the 'CRA test' to be approved. A banking institution accused of not complying with the CRA cannot proceed with business as usual.

And how do ACORN work? For starters they have long practiced the Obama idea of 'in your face politics' - they storm into bank lobbies and shout and chant and intimidate people; they harass; in short: they read the Saul Alinsky handbook.

Everybody needs a place to live; but people don't need a house to own - several orders of magnitude above their income level - just because they happen to be black. And they're not entitled to it either.

Saddled with this insane business model the banks in the US needed help. Thus the birth of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac whose role was to buy up all this bad paper and try to get rid of it. The banks themselves for the most part would be off the hook but now F&F were on the hot seat. They broke these worthless securities down into indistinguishable pieces and then packaged them again - and mostly sold them overseas. To banking institutions whose names are now household words because they've been in the news so much. Because they've all gone tits up.

It was a ponzi scheme. No more, no less. A ponzi scheme. A fucking stupid insane idea. People who knew better - who would never have considered such an idea in a million years - were literally intimidated by the black thugs, ACORN people and others. They had to give these stupid loans. They literally had no choice.

And it worked for a while. As long as the housing market boomed. Should someone suddenly find their food stamps not enough to pay their monthly charges they needed only put their house back on the market, realise a tidy profit - and for all the law provided could go back and get a mortgage on a new house again! For one of the provisions of the CRA was banks could no longer discriminate against people just for having no or a bad credit rating!

People in the US anno 2008 are paying for the sins of their forefathers several hundred years ago who engaged in the utterly despicable practice of slavery, having abducted people out of Africa (with the help of Africans from other tribes). They're paying for it to this day, they're constantly reminded of it by the blacks, the blacks will never let it go. It's as if the blacks are the only oppressed race or minority in the history of the world.

And in this charged and toxic atmosphere the banks are forced to play a ponzi scheme that is going to go bust as soon as the housing market peaks.

Which it's now gone and done. Cleveland went bust a year ago. Rows of houses all through Ohio, uninhabited, because people can't sell them and nobody wants to buy them. Banks which go bust as a result - and not just in the US. Oh no! Northern Rock went bad a long time ago; recently Scotland's biggest mortgage holder bought the same fate.

And it's all related to Fannie and Freddie and it's all related to the CRA and ACORN. And thereby Barack Obama.

Obama's trained these ACORN urban guerillas; he's worked with them; when he says he has a background in community organising it's precisely this he's talking about. And there's more: for between Saul Alinsky, the Daley dynasty, and ACORN stand another eminence, an eminence some believe to be even more powerful than the Daley dynasty themselves: the Ayers family.

Ayers patriarch Tom Ayers and Obama have been good friends. Tom Ayers was considered the money behind the Daleys. the Daleys were the sergeants to Tom Ayers' general. Tom Ayers called the shots - and if he didn't micromanage then at least the Daleys never did anything major without checking with Tom Ayers first.

Tom Ayers ran the energy companies in the area. He ran a company that owned and controlled Exelon, the nuclear power supplier. When people in the area became aware Exelon had outages they weren't telling them about they went ballistic. They went to Barack Obama.

Obama made a big show of it. In the end nothing happened. No legislation was passed. The Illinois legislature ultimately laughed Obama's proposal out of the building. Yet Obama still goes on the stump today, boasting of how he put Exelon in their place with 'his' legislative 'bill'. So what if it's a lie? People don't check facts, do they? Of course not!

And yet at every step of the way through that abortive process Obama was in touch with Tom, telling him people demanded better - and in so doing built up a pocketful of favours as payment for watering down the bill even more. Favours he could at any time call in.

Tom Ayers is no more: he passed away recently. So who's left?

His son. Bill Ayers. The bomber. The unrepentant murderer who got off scot-free thanks to his father's influence (whilst all the other members of his gang sailed up the river for a long long time) and who said on the very day of 911 'I'd bomb more places today if I could'.

The Bill Ayers whose wife once said she thought it was 'cool' how the Manson gang murdered Sharon Tate, attacked her foetus, and wrote 'pig' on her gutted stomach in her own blood, telling her friends 'DIG IT!' That Bill Ayers.

Bill Ayers is the one who's suspected of writing Obama's books; Obama was past deadline several times, couldn't come up with a paragraph, sunned himself on the beaches in Bali for inspiration but still came up blank. The first publisher got tired of the delays and nonsense and dumped him; the new publisher gave him an ultimatum; and then in the nick of time this inept scribe who hadn't published a single article at the HLR suddenly had a complete book?

A book replete with glaring historical inaccuracies and hyperbole. Such as how his parents were affected by the incidents in Selma in 1964 and so projected back to 1961 three years earlier to meet and ultimately give birth to a child. This is not necessarily the kind of nonsense a Barack Obama would write but definitely the kind of crap Bill Ayers is known for.

Studies have been done by professional ghost writers and the consensus is it's a real long shot if Bill Ayers is in fact not the author.

So who cares? A book is a book, right? It's important because Bill Ayers is not the kind of person you want near power - in any country. The kind of person most people agree should be locked away forever - even those who don't believe in the use of prisons in the first place. Bill Ayers is an enemy of society in general and proud of it, gleefully posing for pictures where he tramps on the American flag.

And what is Bill Ayers' role in the Chicago scheme of things? He's part of it. He's part of the dirty Chicago politics. He's Obama's neighbour - along with the Jacksons, the son of Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, and who knows what other thugs. No one is claiming these lunatic fringe people even have any 'consistent' politic - but they do have a politic and they're all Obama's good buddies.

Obama brings a number of things to the current presidential campaign and none of them are good.

- He brings racial hostility. Racial tension in the US is worse than ever. Estimates are he and his people have set back racial relations 30-50 years. His is a politic of class warfare, the classic fascist 'divide and conquer' tactic.

- He brings corruption. He brings all the evils of the Daley Chicago snake pit into the national arena as never before. The people of the US have no idea what they're in for - and they won't ever recover once they find out.

- He brings staggering incompetence. He's the one who said less than two years ago it would be arrogant to seek candidacy to any other office before he actually sat in the senate and learned that job first. And he's never sat in that office to learn - he's been out campaigning for that other office all along.

- He brings incredible financial special interest to the table. George Soros, Penny and Paula Pritzker, Franklin Raines, James Johnson, the Pritzker and Soros controlled cash cow MoveOn, and all the lobbyists Obama keeps telling everyone he has no contact with.

- He brings more wasted money than any previous candidate in history to a campaign - and yet goes back on his earlier promise and refuses to limit himself to the more modest federal funding. He's losing votes where he outspends his competitors 5 to 1 and he doesn't know what else to do.

- He brings David Axelrod into the picture. The same Axelrod who once was a journalist for the GOP controlled Tribune newspaper - often highly critical of the Daley machine - but decided after a time it could be more profitable crafting truths from the other side of the fence. Axelrod's been ever since the Göbbels of the Daley machine, putting perfume on the piggish Daleys. He's also known for excelling at only one type of campaigning: the come from behind, class warfare, no issues just posturing, 'hope and change' campaign. He's not always succeeded at this but it did work for him two years ago in Massachusetts with Deval Patrick - who not coincidentally today has an approval rating on a level with W.

- He brings more of the same. No politician has ever abused the vote 'present' like Obama. Obama simply doesn't like getting involved in politics. He only likes what is good for him personally. He doesn't like studying legislation proposals; he doesn't like turning up for meetings to craft the legislation; he doesn't even like hanging around at work - diaries from the Illinois legislature mysteriously disappeared as soon as people started wondering if he ever turned up. Emil Jones immediately put the newly elected Obama's name on twenty six pieces of legislation that had already passed so it would appear Obama had actually practiced a process called 'thought' and another one called 'work'. His politics may be as radical and destructive as Bill Ayers'; but on the other hand everything Obama's ever done in public office points to him having no opinion or politic at all - even if he has at times been 'present'.

People in the US are getting their passports ready today. They might not like Johnny Mac much but they're worn out by what W's done. And they're scared shitless of the Kool-Aid™ Peoples Temple cult of Barack Obama and more afraid still of what he could do to the country. And so they're ready to get out. And some already got out.

It's a nightmare. And it didn't have to be this way. Topsy turvy. Upside down.

If only Karl Rove had laid off John McCain eight years ago.

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