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Obama Screwed Up

Corporate fat cats take a lesson.

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Barack Obama screwed up. He admits it. He went on television yesterday to tell everyone about it. Today it's all over the international media. Obama screwed up.

Actually he didn't screw up at all. It was others who screwed up. Obama just took the blame for their screw-ups.

That's quite the stance. Can you imagine what it'd be like if corporate dictators did the same?

Jobs Screwed Up

'I screwed up', said Steve Jobs in a television interview. 'I rushed those Intel boxes out the door and we got mooing and whining and discolouration and the return of Gozer the Gozerian - what a mess. I screwed up!'

Someone at Sony Screwed Up

'I screwed up', said a Sony executive through a translator in a television interview. 'I contracted this stupid company to help us protect our music CDs and they ended up putting rootkits on everyone's computers. I screwed up!'

Ballmer Screwed Up

'I screwed up', said Steve Ballmer in a television interview. 'I threw that chair across the room and threatened the Google guys. And I danced like a monkey on crack at a developers meeting. And I still find myself banging my meaty fists into tables, chairs, walls, and people. I screwed up!'

Gates Screwed Up

'I screwed up', said Bill Gates in a television interview. 'My Windows has ruined the Internet! I promised to fix it but I didn't. I know better. I screwed up!'

And so on and so forth. The list is endless. Those greedos better watch it - if Obama screws up any more they're all going to be in trouble.

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