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Pirate Party Grows by Leaps and Bounds

Becoming a serious political factor.

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STOCKHOLM (PP) -- Sweden's Pirate Party today passed by all the 'smaller' political parties in Sweden including two parties in the current cabinet to become the largest 'small' political party in Sweden.

Official membership is now close to 20,000 and surpasses both the liberals and the greens, both of which sit in the current cabinet. Only a few hours ago membership was just over 18,000; now again today it's gone up another 1,900. Right now they're getting five new members per minute.

The reason for this ballistic surge isn't hard to find: it's the common man's extreme satisfaction with the ruling in the trial of The Pirate Bay and the innate trust Swedes are feeling right now in their duly elected politicians.

Another reason is the profound love Swedes feel for such luminaries as Henrik Pontén and that classiest of all lower court rådmän Tomas Norström who veritably bubbled over at the press conference earlier today when explaining how he sidestepped the legal objections to a guilty verdict.

These things make an impression on people.

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