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'They're Casting Spells on Me'

Anna Ardin's goose is cooked.

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Anna Ardin's goose is cooked. Göran Rudling caught her dead to rights.

In amazing piece of social engineering and Internet detective work, Rudling proved what many suspected: that Anna Ardin was trying to 'cover her tracks' and that there was a diabolical reason for it.

Ardin faces a possible two years in prison as a result. Not to speak of damages Assange's legal counsel Björn Hurtig will exact.

Diabolical Mind

But Rudling goes farther than that: he exposes Ardin as having a singularly diabolical mind. 'People are casting spells on me', claims the wacky woman. 'Revenge is OK, even for christians, because I need some kind of payback.'

'People are telling me I am mentally insane', she adds. But she wants our sympathy.

Rudling comments.

I'm very surprised that christian feminist 'equality' women can so idolise a WikiLeaks hero that they do all in their power to get him into bed as soon as they have the chance. And then, when they realise he's not as interested in them as they are in him, go to the police and accuse him of rape. This demonstrates an extreme contempt for the women who are real victims of violence and sexual crimes. Their behaviour is unconscionable.

Rudling found Ardin's secondary blog where all her Twitter tweets were automatically duplicated. He first secured copies from Google's caches, then went over to a political blog run by Ardin to bait her - to prove she was trying to destroy evidence in the case. And she fell right into his trap.

Swedish law is quite unequivocal in matters such as these.

Penal Code Chapter 15, 7 § A person who, otherwise than in 6 §, with prosecutors, police or other authority falsely testifies of a criminal act, provides compromising circumstances, or denies acquitting or mitigating circumstances, shall be found guilty, if authority review such a case, of false accusation to imprisonment not exceeding two years or, if the crime is petty, to a fine or imprisonment not exceeding six months.

The current preliminary investigation is sailing along. But Rudling's work provides incontrovertible evidence of criminal activity on Ardin's part.

Assange is going to walk and Ardin is going to see the inside of a prison cell for a very long time.

I saw Bernt Hermele in the metro a few minutes ago, had a strong urge to kick him in the shins but didn't.
 - Anna Ardin on Twitter (Bernt Hermele's Newzglobe.com was the website first identifying Ardin in the Assange case)

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