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Cairo & Sweden's Cultural Elite

Do the events in Egypt have anything to do with the internalised male sexual power structure?

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CAIRO (Rixstep) — People from all over the planet are right now watching an amazing magnificent thing unfold before their eyes: the Egyptian revolution. Everywhere save in Sweden. At least as far as the 'talk about it' media elite are concerned.

Sweden isn't called a 'duck pond' (ankdamm) for nothing. Think back to how they reacted when the tsunami hit in 2004. A cabinet minister was at the theatre; the rest of them were at the summer cottage of PM Göran Persson having a time of it. None of them wanted to be interrupted.

The alarm sounded on a Sunday evening; Laila Freivalds answered her cellphone in her theatre box and shouted back down the line 'I've waited two months to see this play!' And she didn't even bother getting back to her office after the play. She smugly waited until coming to work on Monday morning to look into the matter.

She was later caught asking where Phuket was, thereby winning the coveted Dubya Geography Award™.

Freivalds and Persson tried to scramble when they finally realised how bad they'd screwed up; Freivalds tried a 'photo shoot' in Thailand - she didn't stay to actually help anyone, and Swedish aid to their poor citizens was to still take further critical days.

All the while private interests such as travel agencies picked up the ball, hired planes and doctors to aid the people in need. All the while the Swedes in government practiced dotting their 'i's and crossing their 't's.

All the while countries like Italy hired jets from the US to just help the poor people out. But not the Swedes - their holiday festivities had been interrupted! They weren't supposed to be at work! They had tickets to the theatre!

The government of social democrat Göran Persson toppled. A constitutional committee began a formal investigation. PM Persson appointed a scapegoat: Lars Danielsson. Lasse had to leave office as the only casualty (aside from the lost election).

But he's OK folks! For the next PM - Fredrik 'Mr Potato Head' Reinfeldt put Lasse back in business. After a suitable time out of the limelight of course. Today Lasse is consul general at the Swedish embassy for Hong Kong/Macau.

But the question remains: how could a supposedly exemplary country like Sweden fuck up so bad? Were they all just drunk? Was it an arrogance limited to one political party? Or one curious walk of life? Ah life's ephemeral puzzles and dilemmas.


Everyone on the planet is on Twitter right now. The situation in Egypt is explosive, exciting, full of promise. They're congregating at the topic tag #Jan25 - the day the Egyptian 'revolution' began. The activity's intense. All are involved.

All except in Sweden.

core group behind the notorious media blitz 'talk about it' haven't noticed anything happening in Egypt.

And so the kamikaze warriors of Sweden's freaky 'cultural elite' were recruited: @edgrenalden, @isobelsverkstad, @philipteir, @nelsonsandra, @ivarpi, @juliaskott, @danielbjork, @elingrelsson, @lisamagnusson, @barsk, @linusfremin, @dekaminski, @oskcar, @johannka, @johanna_linder, @giselaj.

One of the above people almost doesn't count: he's formerly associated with the Pirate Bureau, The Pirate Bay, and the Pirate Party. Also he's a guy. But the rest?

Of the fifteen people remaining, only two people have bothered to tweet anything about Egypt. Once each - two Egypt tweets between them.

'Pretty big forces in Egypt: 450,000 in the army, 350,000 in the security police, 22,000 in president's security (not counting ordinary police)

'So this Al-Jazeera app: I'm really impressed. I haven't even thought of turning on the telly the past 24 hours.'

And the rest of the crew?

'@grtrds Right now more older men with young girls than other constellations. Many Swedish men. We're pretty alone in being a family with children...'

'The disadvantage with the Philippines: many men with young Philippine girls. Yesterday six Swedish lads 30-50 years of age, each with their own, obviously bought. Sad.'

'Have nothing to say. Am really lethargic from this holiday. The winds are blowing on Malapascua.'

'I believe in my gran's story about growing up in Nås: 'Fuck we froze!' #kidsinthecountry'

'My brother's beer commercial now has English subtitles!'

'Really England? Friday night TV=embarassing bodies. At the moment, a girl with two vaginas. To come: a old woman with a lump on her butt.'

'The magical view over the river, the city, and pink sky. Yes, I will miss it when I leave tomorrow.'

'@detljuvalivet private people a sum like that so they lose their social subsidy, and also that everything was dependent on his goodwill. (about millionaires and good television)'

'@Jonna55 haha! Must be a coincidence! (about a book release)'

'Even Lena Sommestad was inspired by Lena Andersson's article in DN.se today.'

'@Karinsdotter Congratulations!!! (Her baby)'

'@kislibrarian That was great! (about a film)'

'@jockesjokvist Good party? Without us? That's hard to believe.'

''I'm in my tulip period.'

And Sweden's coming prime minister, the super-feminist Veronica Palm?

'Life at its best: on the sofa with the world's three best girls.'

Retweeted by her a day ago:

'Tonight we show solidarity with Egypt's women's rights activists, no democracy without women's rights!'

And who are these 'SKR Kvinnojourer' people? They're an offshoot of the infamous ROKS. The ones who insist the world is controlled by an international satanist conspiracy. They don't say anything outright about the international satanist conspiracy anymore but they do formally worship the Internalised Male Sexual Power Structure™. All Swedish feminists have to.

As with the other 'talk about it' mafiosi, 'SKR Kvinnojourer' tweeted not a thing more about Egypt. Not. A. Thing.

Swedish national radio - under control of the above cultural elite - approved of a special extra twelve minute transmission yesterday evening to deal with the distracting situation in Cairo: they sandwiched it in at 22:12 local time after the local news and sport news. Something about feminism may have been sacrificed.

The cute (but sorry) thing about this is the patented Anna Ardin Scrubbing Method™ doesn't work here: their blatant apathy for their fellow peoples, total lack of interest in anything that doesn't reflect on the plight of the poor women in Sweden victimised by the International Satanist Conspiracie™ with its feared weapon the Internalised Male Sexual Power Structure™ can't be forged or hacked back into the Twitter databases. It's not there, was never there, and they can't ever pretend otherwise.

Game over, 'girls'. You lose.

Following events in Egypt with apprehension.
 - Veronica Palm
Has to be a big contrast with (your Friday evening pub) 'Kvarnen' :)
 - Anders Eriksson
;-) Wherever you turn...
 - Veronica Palm

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