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Swedish Feminism and its Antagonists

The feminist myth as a Big Lie. From Corren.se.

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IT guru and gender researcher Pär Ström evokes two types of reactions to his new book Six Feminist Myths, one of which is 'liberation at last'.

Systematically and with almost too scientific an accuracy, Ström's book punches holes in generally accepted Swedish feminist 'truths' about sex as a social construction between two genders who are otherwise identical, Swedish women's lower wages, women's career difficulties, violence victimisation, overwork, and discrimination in health care.

Ström submits biological and rational proof that the myths are false, which leads to the second reaction: anger at Ström who had the unmitigated gall to challenge their carefully constructed feminist doctrine that Swedish women are somehow subordinated in a supposedly patriarchal Swedish society.

Three powerful female Social Democrats - Veronica Palm working in the city of Stockholm, Emilia Bjurgren of the Stockholm Social Democrats youth movement, and Moa Neuman representing the Social Democrats' Stockholm feminists - represent that reaction. They write threateningly in ETC on 19 May that 'anyone who wants to protect their status is best advised to stay far away from Pär's latest book'.

Although these three egregious women say the book doesn't deserve a place in the debate, they apparently believe it's because it's so dangerous to humans who for their own good should not read it. Fascism reminiscent of book burning days. Could it be they're against the book because they're stumped by it and can't refute its findings?

'But Pär! Truth isn't myth just because you say it is!' they write. But dear Veronica, Emilia, and Moa! Myths aren't truths just because you keep repeating them over and over again like a Big Lie! The three of you don't offer a single factual or objective argument against Ström's overwhelming evidence - unless of course you count your hysterical 'but that can't be true!'

Unfortunately the three of them don't have to submit to a strict review of their 'logic' because culturally they're already the rhetorical victors. No one need reinvent the Swedish feminist wheel - it's already rolling along, both to the political left and right, thank you very much. Only an idiot would today challenge those mind-numbing doctrines about those insidious and obsequious 'power structures' enslaving poor Swedish women.

So is the battle already lost? Fortunately not. For there are still free thinkers out there who question and resist. Pär Ström is one of them.

Ström was also attacked by everyone's favourite money-burning alcoholic and tax felon Gudrun Schyman along with Martina Nilsson who ridiculed the idea that some women voluntarily choose to work part time and spend more time with their children! 'How stupid do you think women are?' they wrote in Sydsvenskan on 20 May. Not only are Schyman and Nilsson catastrophically impotent in their ability to respond with any kind of objectivity, they also scorn women outright who make that career choice.

Women who've never felt disadvantaged as the feminists claim are doing facepalms about now. They also have reason to be worried that people like Veronica Palm and Gudrun Schyman are hijacking their own voice in the debate.

And for that matter: it's also a myth that it's only men who use the word 'feminist' pejoratively today. For the overwhelming majority of anti-feminists in Sweden opposing the above political charlatans have always been women themselves.

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