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Skarlock's Legal Checklist

Swedish state architects? Get to work.

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Tag: 14 shortcomings in the Swedish judicial system.

  1. Lay judges are almost always old political hobbyists who lack judicial training and find a hard time getting another job.

  2. There are two formal feminist contact networks within the Swedish judiciary: Hilda and Ruben. Everyone active in the Swedish judicial system congregates there: judges, prosecutors, lawyers, politicians, police chiefs, supreme court justices, appellate court magistrates, lower court magistrates, the Chancellor of Justice, lay judges.

  3. Lay judges and magistrates may be politically active before, during, and after their time on the bench. Sweden never bothered keeping politics out of the judiciary.

  4. A prosecutor can switch to being a lawyer, then to being a judge, etc.

  5. Suspects can be held for months (years) without bringing charges. There is no bail system. None. Sweden's 'laser man' Peter Mangs has been incarcerated for months now with nothing happening in his case.

  6. A magistrate can rule on closed door trials and thereby prevent the media and the citizenry from gaining insight into a case. The court can thereafter seal all trial documentation.

  7. One does not automatically have the right to an appeal in Sweden any longer. Sweden now requires a 'leave to appeal' ('prövningstillstånd') from the appellate court. Only one case in four is given a leave to appeal.

  8. Sweden has no independent authority or commission to review appeals. Even in cases where the majority of the citizenry are in agreement there's been a travesty of justice, the parties can still be denied a review with the supreme court. Notorious examples include the da Costa case and the Billy Butt case.

  9. Swedish police have for years hidden the fact they work with illegal entrapment. They've withheld information about their activities, and consequently the courts have ruled on incorrect grounds in hundreds of cases that should have ended in a mistrial. There is no indication these cases will be reviewed.

  10. No evidence is needed in cases involving sex crimes and custody battles. The courts are allowed to base their verdicts solely on witness testimony. It's quite common that witnesses perjure themselves, and fake medical certificates are easily obtained from licensed physicians if needed.

  11. Politicians have nothing against turning legal cases into show trials, making public statements, something ruled contempt of court in civilised countries. Sweden's prime minister said recently of Julian Assange: 'we've summoned Julian Assange to prosecution for accusations of rape'. Julian Assange is not charged with a crime.

  12. Suspects in rape cases are automatically arrested and detained. No evidence is needed, no witnesses are needed. This is completely in the spirit of Marianne Ny that men should be imprisoned immediately in all cases so the women get the chance to understand they've been raped, in case they didn't realise it earlier.

  13. Sweden has extradited individuals, later exonerated, to the CIA for shipment to Egypt and torture in contravention of international agreements to which Sweden is a signatory participant.

  14. There is a growing feminist political urgency to convict as many men as possible for rape, assault, and molestation, goaded on by feminists who skew statistics to favour their causes.

    One such agency, BRÅ, reports the number of filed complaints as 5,000 per year - and then claims, without batting an eyelash, that there are an additional 25,000 each year that are not reported.

    Feminist arithmetic.

    That would of course mean there are 25,000 rapes in Sweden each year, by far the worst situation in the world, with almost all of them occurring indoors between people who know each other. The number of assaults and molestations would be in the hundreds of thousands.

    The number of convictions is approximately 253 per year. The number not convicted becomes approximately 24,747 per year. The political goal in Sweden is to convict another 24,747 per year - and perhaps ten times that many for other sex crimes - approximately 274,747 additional convictions per year. Read it again.

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