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Assange Affair: Portrait of a Swedish Feminist

They hurt a lot of people before they finally fall apart.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — The Duckpond's own Isobel Hadley-Kamptz has had her moments of despair. Such as last September when she saw things happening in the national election results that did not please her.

She became so incensed that she tweeted she might 'block all the journalist cunts'.

'I really don't want to speak with you', she told Resumé's reporter. 'Goodbye!'

Hadley-Kamptz is a freelance 'op-ed columnist' for Expressen. She began unraveling the evening of the national elections September 2010.

'I really don't know what (Sweden Democrats) think of me, is it OK by them if we're immigrants from Europe? I hate them so fucking much.'

'I Wanted to Murder Someone'

By the following Monday morning, she'd escalated things to a discussion of who she should murder. She was quoted by Swedish national television.

'I'm considering blocking all the journalist cunts', she said after the discussion.

Hadley-Kamptz refused to discuss her outbursts with Resumé - but after her conversation with the journalist site tweeted the following.

'I stand by my statement that I wanted to murder someone after I saw Bert Karlsson and Bengt Westerberg sitting together on that cozy sofa, make no mistake about it.'
 - Isobel Hadley-Kamptz

Two people on telly, sitting on a sofa, talking - thank goodness it didn't start a war.

Resumé contacted Expressen's political editor Anna Dahlberg for comment.

'My basic position is that neither I personally nor Expressen can be held responsible for what our freelancers write on social sites. That'd be an impossible situation. I'm responsible for what Isobel and others write for the op-ed page at Expressen.'

Spring chicken Isobel Hadley-Kamptz (she turned 35 last month) was one of the main architects of the organised smear campaign against Julian Assange known as '#prataomdet'. She admitted as recently as today that she used to fancy Julian Assange until her fellow feminists explained it wasn't politically correct, something she must find terribly frustrating.

The Innermost Thoughts of IHK

Swedish media mafiosi have this childish idea that as long as they converse in their 'secret code' (the Swedish language) that nobody is going to find them out. What fools. Here following are three of today's gems from the sweaty keyboard of IHK.


 'My answer: I don't remember (and when I say things like that you're supposed to interpret them figuratively in general) but of course I was a starry-eyed admirer.' This in response to a query from Flashback's MoLoK.


 'I really hope there won't be too many heteros there. Especially not hetero men.'


 Sums up what Skarlock (and others) would call the 'Bitter Pussy Syndrome'. 'I hate this fucking world.' Note she immediately gets a fellow Swedish feminist to agree and retweet.

The profile of a Swedish 'bitter pussy' is rather stereotypical: narcissist personality disorder, journalist but more often a 'writer' (without any education or training) in the worst case a press secretary or an op-ed writer. Seldom has a boyfriend or a husband (because it's so obvious she's disturbed) licks pussy to compensate, spews aggression against her environment, chases and stalks individual groups or individuals in an arbitrary fashion, uses defamation of character and manipulation as her foremost tools. Talks shit about everyone around her, views herself as a victim, has difficulties completing an educational curriculum but instead gets into conflict with the institutions, has difficulties supporting herself all the time, is extremely narrow-minded in her political views and gets involved in sect cultures like Anders Behring Breivik but instead within the Swedish Nazi-feminist movement. Hates ordinary, healthy, successful, happy people and tries to cast suspicion on them as soon as they turn up on her radar. Gets bonus points from her friends if she can hurt someone with an official title such as a doctor, a politician, a businessman, a musician, a cultural icon, a celebrity. Often has people with documented mental health issues amongst her relatives. Will end up a wreck, alone, childless, and marginalised. But before that she'll have time to hurt a great many people, including Julian Assange. Is an expert at creating scenarios so she and her friends appear to be victims. And she almost always lives on a one room flat on Södermalm in Stockholm. Anna Ardin, Sonja Schwarzenberger, Joanna Rytel, Unni Drougge - you name them all.
 - Skarlock Holmes

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