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A Game Out of Control

A nation out of control.

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KUNGSBACKA (Radsoft) — One can almost expect to see Claes Borgström pop out of the shadows and onto national television to decry what's happened. Or Thomas Bodström to fly back overnight from Langley to take care of the situation. Or Marianne Ny to insist she be allowed to take over the case. Or Anna Ardin and her friends to begin blogging again in an LGBT furore.

What happened? Nothing much. Two seven year old Swedish boys have been charged with rape. You read that right. They're seven years old. And they've been charged with rape.

This can only happen in Sweden. Hopefully.

  The picture adorning the Expressen article. One can wonder what it has to do with anything. Ask Thomas Mattsson.

'It's a game that got out of control', says child psychologist Marie Carlsson.

Charges were filed last Thursday. Charges of rape. The boys allegedly raped a fourteen year old girl (twice their age) in a playground in central Gothenburg. 'We've received a complaint of a rape of a child. It's a sensitive issue', says Inger Olsson of the Halland police department. Olsson won't comment on the case, but the newspaper reporters say the girl was playing with the boys at the time.

The report says boys got the girl to undress, then they rubbed their nether regions against her.

That's the 'rape'. Note: not molestation or sexual molestation but rape.

Adult Onlookers

There were reportedly grownups watching the whole thing - without intervening. 'We've contacted the social services and they're in contact with the families', says Olsson. There is no comment on whether the girl instigated things either. None.

'The boys can't be prosecuted', says Gunnar Jirven at the social service office. 'It'll be our task to see if we can offer any support services.' Claes Borgström won't be needed and Thomas Bodström can stay with his family. And it's too early for Marianne Ny to get involved anyway.

Marie Carlsson insists all three of the children need formal care. 'There's sex in what happened but it's my opinion it was a game that got out of control. There were most likely no adults in the vicinity who could set the boundaries. We now need to conduct an investigation to see if the boys have difficulty observing boundaries.'

You read it here. But it's about Sweden so you're not at all surprised.

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