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NATO Peace Prize 2011

A prudent decision.

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So the Nobel Peace Prize went once again to the United States. No surprise there. Two years ago it went to Barack Obama who was nominated within twelve days of entering the Oval Orifice. This for - quoting the testament of Herr Alfred Bernhard Nobel:

'och en del åt den som har verkat mest eller best för folkens förbrödrande och afskaffande eller minskning af stående armeer samt bildande och spridande af fredskongresser'

Or in more readily understandable Esperanto:

'a part to one who contributes the most or best for the brotherhood of peoples and the abolition or reduction of standing armies as well as the creation and proliferation of peace congresses'

Barack did all of that - and more - in less than a fortnight. And once he'd cashed the cheque, he sent another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.

What did the 'five' say about their choice of Obama at the time?

'for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples'


A year later - when WikiLeaks dominated the news - the prize went to an imprisoned Chinese dissident. And most people thought 'oh another Chinese dissident - how fitting'. But that's what they're supposed to think.

So what about this Chinese dissident anyway? Had he been working for the 'brotherhood of peoples', the 'abolition or reduction of standing armies', and the 'creation and proliferation of peace congresses'?

2010 Nobel Peace Prize laureate 刘晓波/Liú Xiǎobō:

  • is a supporter of George Bush;
  • is a supporter of Ariel Sharon;
  • is a member of the 'neocon' movement;
  • and has continually supported US wars of aggression across the globe.

Try as one may, one simply can't squeeze the square Liu into any of the round holes outlined by Nobel himself. But if you're looking for someone ready to praise the US for worldwide hegemony, he's your man.

  • He was president of PEN Centre which is funded by NED which in turn is an arm of the CIA with 'activities' (less than peaceful) in Latin America, China, Iran, Venezuela, the Ukraine, Georgia, Serbia, and Slovakia. NED in turn disperse funds to a great many organisations, all worthy of Nobel medals in their own right, such as the International Republican Institute. And who are these buzzards in the IRI? Why they helped engineer the 2004 coup in Haiti is who! So the Chinese laureate is in good company indeed.

  • He was also president of the 'Democratic China' magazine, also a NED covert op.

  • He's gone on record to state 'westernisation is not a choice of a nation but a choice for the human race'. If that seems unclear then substitute 'amerikanisation' for 'westernisation'.

  • He's also gone on record to state that almost all of the wars of aggression of the US are 'ethically defensible' and he even published an article in 2004 he called 'Victory to the Anglo-American Freedom Alliance' which was his euphemism for what happened to Iraq at the hands of the 'liberators'. He wrote that the US presented a shining example 'of how war should be conducted in a modern civilisation', and predicted as many of the neocons that a 'free, democratic and peaceful Iraq will emerge' and followed that up in 2004 by condemning John Kerry for opposing the war.

This guy is a Bill Killer neocon hero. Someone you can invite to dinner in Crawford without being embarrassed. But he's also a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Go down that list again. Did 刘晓波/Liú Xiǎobō contribute the most or the best for:

  • The brotherhood of peoples?
  • The abolition or reduction of standing armies?
  • The creation and proliferation of peace congresses?

The skinny: the dude's no tree hugger - he's the pride and joy of the US.

And now to this year. This year as last the hot candidate was Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks. And what a record! Putting enormous pressure on the US to get the F out of Afghanistan and Iraq, exposing US and UK war crimes, helping bring about the 'Arab Spring' which saw three heinous dictatorships toppled - where have we seen more history being written, more peace efforts being made?

But ah yes of course! The Nobel Peace Prize should actually be called the NATO Peace Prize. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are working against and not in support of all those (ahem) 'peace missions' of the US. Norway, being a favoured NATO colony, can't help but react and do the bidding of NATO and the US.

Here's a photo collage of the 'five' who pick the 'winner' each year. They're appointed by the Norwegian Storting (parliament) just as Alfie wanted. Alfie didn't know about gender quotas back then and the rabid state feminists of the north won't pretend to know about them either - at least in this case.

So who to pick? They simply cannot pick Bradley Manning. That'd be like signing a guilty verdict for the poor sod. That grand jury in Alexandria would be furious and they'd see the award as a way to convince the unwashed masses he's guilty. Bad move (really).

But how about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks? They've won just about every other award available. And they could sure use the money, now that Joe Lieberman's back in politics again. But that's the point: for lofty ideals are great for campaigns but oh so uncomfortable otherwise. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks - the obvious choice according to Nobel's own criteria, given that Mark Zuckerberg's already said he'd turn it down - are annoyingly embarrassing and hurting the United States, those good friends of last year's laureate!

But even last year people said the prize should go to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. So how avoid it again? Tough one.

Hey! Wait a minute! Julian's in trouble in Sweden for Swedish rape! The crazy feminists there have long since been debunked by scientific work - see Pär Ström and Marcello Ferrada di Noli as but two illustrious examples - but the nutbags are more crazy than ever. Give it to a bunch of women!!1!

Now no knocking Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, and Tawakkul Karman. They're good people and they've done some good things. Eight years ago maybe - as opposed to Barack Obama's twelve days - but they've done some good things. And hey - Gandhi never won either. Jules is fine!

But Sirleaf, Gbowee, and Karman are only pawns in a game - a NATO game where the rules are set by the US (who else). They haven't won because they've done things for the brotherhood of peoples, the abolition or reduction of standing armies, or the creation and proliferation of peace congresses. They won because the Nobel Peace Prize is a political weapon, because the most important thing is not who you choose but who you do not choose, and because the 'five' reached to the bottom of the barrel to find sacred cow untouchables that freethinkers won't dare criticise for fear of being criticised themselves.

All in all a prudent decision.

Postscript: Marit Nybakk

What a surprise: it turns out that one Marit Nybakk of the Norwegian Storting (parliament) has admitted she secretly lobbied for a feminist female laureate this year. She began working on her fellow parliamentarians already in February when the nomination phase closed.

That's about as politically correct as one can get. Provided of course one's friends at the US embassy are consulted first and give their tacit approval. Then everybody's happy and NATO will smile on Norway again.

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