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The Days Go By

Ten weeks.

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Every day we see the tally on the @wikileaks Twitter feed: the number of days Bradley Manning's been in custody, the number of days Julian Assange has been under house arrest, the number of days of Joe Lieberman's VISA/MasterCard financial blockade. The tally goes up every twenty four hours but nothing else changes.

People everywhere are waiting for the ruling of Ouseley and Thomas from the British High Court. Gareth Peirce put together a devastating case presented by Ben Emmerson but will it be enough? The EAW system is half-baked and has already caused so much injustice but will Ouseley and Thomas take this into consideration?

There's little doubt at this impasse Assange is innocent. At the same time there's a growing consensus that Julian Assange was indeed the victim of a honey trap. He himself said (in a book he didn't write and opposed publication of) that he never in his wildest dream would have suspected something bad could happen to him in Sweden. But against that backdrop one must consider that the head of the freaky 'brotherhood', Peter Weiderud, is a close buddy of the former Swedish minister of justice Thomas Bodström, himself a member of the 'brotherhood' who in turn is today law firm buddies with none other than Claes Borgström, who is not a member of the 'brotherhood' but on the other hand has been the darling of the social democrat party to which they all belong ever since he 'pulled a string' to get the prime minister candidate Mona 'Toblerone' Sahlin off the hook for embezzling government funds. Anna Ardin was secretary of the 'brotherhood' under Weiderud when Assange came to Sweden. (She's since been ousted and no longer holds any position.)

Was it Sofia Wilén who set Julian up? Her activities online certainly point in that direction. Anna Ardin may be a loose cannon, someone who can easily be duped, and it was definitely on Wilén's initiative all the 'bad stuff' went down in Stockholm.

But Wilén herself says she was duped - by Ardin as it's understood. Perhaps the remark is but a ploy, but more and more fine details in the case point to Ardin actually 'losing' it in the run-up to the visit to the police and deciding to enact a plan of 'revenge' not unlike her famous '7 steps'. And she also engaged in a clumsy attempt to 'wipe the tracks' of her web presence, tracks that showed she wasn't raped or molested but actually felt chuffed she got Assange into her bed - 'one of the coolest guys in the world', something she tweeted was totally 'amazing'.

Then too all the skulduggery about Assange's departure from Sweden at the end of September. No one ever required him to stay in the country, but he very much wanted to put an end to the smear and controversy and tried to get interrogated to set things right. He was denied. He ended up staying an additional five weeks in the duckpond, reshuffling his schedule, giving Marianne Ny every opportunity to have someone meet with him - something that's also dictated by prosecution guidelines: interview everyone as soon as possible.

To this day the Swedish prosecutor's office will not state the exact dates in September for the events in the Assange case, as strong an indication of foul play as anyone can ask for.

And Anna Ardin's notorious condom. It was this condom that gave Marianne Ny the convincing argument to reopen the preliminary investigation Eva Finné had already demonstrably closed. And little wonder Finné closed it either, as the initial decision to arrest Assange was based not on any factual documentation - there was no written evidence, testimony of claimants, nothing at that point, just an arbitrary 'impulse purchase' as so much else in the weird duckpond case.

But Bodström - the same Bodström who arranged for the torture of two Egyptians and who later tried to blame his actions on the assassinated Anna Lindh, and who was the nexus for the persecution of The Pirate Bay, who committed the ultimate crime for government cabinet ministers of interfering with the workings of the police and local prosecutor's office, something expressly forbidden in Swedish law, who also infamously has refused to take drug tests which might have pointed to a controlled substance abuse, who was strongly rumoured to be engaged in a hot affair with the charlatan Liza Marklund who is today ensconced in Barcelona, simultaneously business bud with the infamous Jan Guillou, at which point Bodström's wife moves the family to Washington DC and issues him with the ultimatum: 'either move here with us and stay away from that Marklund bitch or we're getting a divorce' - yes it's one big happy family, if only everyone else were invited too and if only there were complete transparency. But that of course would defeat the point of the collusion in the first place.

And of course it was this very same Bodström who gave Ny her current position, a really nice setup where she can casually commute to Gothenburg when she feels like it but otherwise enjoys life on that generous country allotment in the southern area around Malmö (where coincidentally an anonymous member of the Flashback forum keeps an eye on her).

Yes it's one big cozy family. But it's also a cronyism where some members of this family - what's left of Per Albin's folkhemmet - are more family than others. And most often the plebes of Sweden are not invited.

That condom Ardin produced wasn't used for sex. One wonders just how foolish Ardin is. Granted that she thinks she can block people on Twitter who she suspects are getting too nosy - that's pretty stupid. But seriously - to not have a clue about how DNA attaches itself to things? For the condom she produced had no chromosomal DNA whatsoever. It's bad enough there was nothing to identify Julian Assange. But even worse is the fact that there was nothing to identify Ardin! For a condom used for sex will invariably have more of the woman's DNA than even the man's! But in this case? Zip. Zilch. Nada. No chromosomal DNA whatsoever.

So Ardin provided false evidence. She corrupted an ongoing police investigation. She can very well go to prison for that. Given the rabid climate in the 'Saudi Arabia of feminism' the odds aren't so bleak but on the other hand there have only recently been cases of women being successfully prosecuted for manufacturing evidence and for making false accusations. So yes, she might very well do jail time. Nine out of ten people really familiar with the case will agree she should.

We've learned a lot about Sweden in the year and more that's gone by. We've learned that their pathetic media can't be trusted even as much we thought they could be trusted. We've learned that Swedish media of today are controlled by a strange 'mafia' of rabid feminists and LGBT kamikazes. We've learned that Swedish media practice the classic Rupert Murdoch tactic of ignoring the opponents rather than attacking them. We've learned they also practice another Rupert Murdoch tactic: feed the people sleaze. There's probably no other country on the planet where the faux culture of celebrity is fomented so unabashedly as Sweden. You are not likely to find out much about the world outside the duckpond but you're certain to get news and pics on the latest celebrity upskirts and find out how Britney and Lindsay are making fools of themselves again. And if Tara Reid's hanging out with members of the Swedish Stureplan upper class brat packs? Definitely! There'll be pics galore. For the Swedes like to bask in the glory of anything remotely from Hollywood.

Such is news in Sweden.

Sweden: the prototype society of 'cradle to grave' security, of justice for all - also of the infiltration of the GOP of the US and Karl Rove. What irony that when Karl Rove is basically kicked out of the political centre court in the US for pulling one stunt too many that he finds acceptance in Sweden.

Sweden: the Jiminy Cricket of the long-nosed US who pursued a Cold War against the Soviet Union and got continually chastised by the fairness and neutrality of Sweden who played world conscience. Swedish politics had to change and so the US set about changing it - they sent fake submarines into the territorial waters of the land of IKEA and then got the Swedish military, the Swedish media, and the Swedish plebes all hysterical that the Russians were coming. And all this - this gargantuan effort - just to swing public opinion a bit to the right so the likes of Fredrik Reinfeldt could take over the country and dismantle a world famous welfare system where people basically got a fair shake, a country that was the prototype for every country in Europe today.

A country like the Sweden of old is too much of a threat to the US. Just imagine if the Sweden of old were still around today in the context of the worldwide 'occupy' movement. Everyone else, everything else, going down the tubes - but Sweden off to the side, on the sidelines, and impervious to the corruption found almost everywhere else. What would have happened on Wall Street in such case?

The protesters admit they don't have a solution. But they know what's wrong. What would they say if the Sweden of old were still around? So they could point to that country of 8 million and say 'there - that's what we want'? Pretty bad news for Rove and his friends to be sure. Pretty bad news for the idiots in the so-called 'tea party', for Perry, Bachmann, Palin, all the rest. KO Round 1.

Karl Rove is adviser to Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. One doesn't even have to visit Rove's website to understand this is true - one need only look at Reinfeldt's statements on the Assange case to 'get it' - there's no way Reinfeldt could have been so brilliant on his own. Only a few choice words ever spoken but those words were carefully chosen. And as always, it's amazing how so few words can have such a devastating impact. But then again Rove knew all this and that's why the likes of Reinfeldt pay him for his services.

The northern hemisphere is again going into darkness and cold. No one feels the cold or suffers from the darkness more than Scandinavians. Swedes will start buying candles, going to their solariums, meeting their neighbours in the evenings for study circles, tuning in to the world's ghastliest television trash, slushing along in their winter galoshes on streets knee deep in snow, suffering bitter gusts of wind, drinking their glögg towards December, baking pepparkakor, planning for their julbord, and generally waxing more and more miserable.

Their daylight hours will shrink from eight in the south to six in the far north. Their nightly weather shows on the state-owned and state-sanctioned television channels will show them graphically just how much sunlight they can get (unless it's overcast again). They'll flock to their television sets on 10 December to watch a bunch of foreigners (and this year one Swede) share five empty envelopes and then to rub shoulders with those in the family who are more family than others come evening when that crowd start dancing in the same draughty hall where Roxette made their famous 'Fading Like a Flower' video.

Don't you want to be more family than the others? Almost every Swede wants that. Few turn out happy for achieving it and way too many are irrevocably caught up in the hysterical struggle up that status ladder - and for what? For come spring - heck why wait that long: come January - they'll be booking their trips back into the sun. And some of the women - mostly single older women - will be booking trips to Studsville in the Caribe so they can get good bonking for pittance. This of course is fantastic, recommended, admirable even! And they'll write new op-eds when they return about the disgusting men who do the same thing in Thailand.

So many prominent members of the 'hate Assange' campaign are professed mental cases. Carina Rydberg - she who demanded Assange be kept in Wandsworth over the holidays even though he's wanted only for questioning - is in a state today because she can't get any of the indefensible government grants she's been getting for the past ten years and because she can't get any of her favourite psychotropic drugs either. Elin Grelsson, at the very top of the #prataomdet chain, has gone public about her own mental illness and the difficulty getting treatment in today's Sweden. Yet these people are allowed to give form to Swedish public opinion.

And not to forget that unnamed misandric feminist at Anna Ardin's party in honour of Julian Assange, a day after he 'raped' her but a full week before she realised he had, when he was still the biggest trophy in her duckpond vitrinskåp: 'OK this year we have men at the table - but next year: no men!' It really makes people warm and fuzzy to be reminded. What a lovely country! What a lovely people!

Reminded as we might be by the words of Dilbert's creator who commented that evidently one's half guilty of rape in Sweden simply for having a penis.

We're reminded of the 'kill men', 'rip men to pieces' war chants of the Swedish state feminists. We're reminded by Marcello Ferrada di Noli, himself a prisoner once upon a time of Pinochet, of how bad things have got in Sweden when forensic evidence in trials is disregarded and even held to be of no consequence, how state feminists issue medical reports based not on an actual medical condition which can contradict the report but instead on what one chooses to interpret as a condition that doesn't exist. And we're reminded of Ingrid Carlqvist's estimate that there are currently several thousand innocent men doing time in the Swedish prison system simply because women they knew were a) too drunk to remember what if anything happened; b) in trouble with their husbands/boyfriends who caught them in flagrante delicto; or c) filed charges simply for crass pecuniary gain.

What's lost if women never lie even when they admit they've lied? The law states unequivocally they can go to prison for as long as someone convicted of the alleged crime - yet it never happens. For the prosecutors have to bring charges (it's all up to them and no one else) and the feminist prosecutors almost never bring charges, especially not the female feminists amongst them.

Swedes have julskinka on julafton. They watch Kalle Anka at 15:00 and then they open their presents. They have beer and a nubbe with their dinner. They eat the same food for perhaps a fortnight. Then it's New Year and everyone gets uproariously drunk.

People get back to work about 15 January. Meaning they've had a full month off work (without taking out holiday). Given they have a minimum of five weeks paid holidays (where your holiday pay is 112.5% of your normal salary and it's always paid in advance) and given they'll also get time off for sportlov and about a week at Easter and another long weekend here or there with a klämdag, it's a wonder they work at all. But they do work - and per capita they're one of the most productive peoples on the planet. Go figure.

It's the time away from work that's worrying. You'd think they could use their time better to keep abreast of world events. Learn a bit about the Assange case for example. Read the preliminary investigation which is available in English and in their native Swedish. Learn a bit about what WikiLeaks gave the world these past five years. For based on what the Swedish media have published, based on what those organisations want them to know (and what they don't want them to know) they know next to nothing at all.

Today it's ten shopping weeks remaining until Xmas. The days keep going by.

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