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Assange/Sweden: Day of Reckoning

Win-win either way, at least for some? Or is it? It's drawing closer.

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The day of reckoning for Julian Assange - and for Sweden - draws inexorably closer. Judges Ouseley and Thomas, who presided over the High Court appeal in July, are back from their holidays. But there's been a new development, the UK home office now publishing new guidelines on disposition of the European Arrest Warrant. And their conclusions don't bode well for Marianne Ny and the Saudi Arabia of feminism.

Ny and her fellow Swedes have committed about every transgression in the book. Ny needed four attempts at filling out the EAW application to get it right - and finally got help from a lawyer from the US. She's still playing 'cat and mouse' about the details of the application. She's not been able to show a 'prosecution' is underway as she still hasn't questioned Assange about the allegations - and blew five weeks of golden opportunities as he waited patiently in the country for her call. Waiting until he left the country - with a formal 'nod' from her office, only to find Swedish spooks stole his luggage at the Stockholm airport, and in addition issuing a 'secret' warrant on the very same afternoon, the details of which she's still trying to hide - none of this makes her, her office, or Sweden in general look particularly good.

The allegations themselves are utter nonsense, as anyone who took the time to read the documentation understands. The allegations are silly at the very best.

What happens to all those players in the Swedish circus if Ouseley and Thomas now rule against extradition? How is Julian Assange going to react when he has a decision in black on white that they've basically been harassing him for an entire year? The new UK guidelines make it apparent the Swedes were up to no good.

What happens to Claes Borgström? What happens to Sofia Wilén? What happens to Anna Ardin? Will she flee the country as members of Flashback have sarcastically recommended? After all, she's already been found to have produced fabricated evidence in the case, a felony under Swedish law. Will she take the advice and jump on a one-way flight to Gambia? Her political career - such as she envisioned it once upon a time - is shattered, and landing the big WikiLeaks hero didn't help her at all. Watching her writhe and spit and stutter on her Twitter feed makes it all the more pathetic.

And Irmeli Krans? Who deliberately doctored testimony to give vent to her misandric sentiments? Such transparent (not to say childish) behaviour should result in some sort of severe sanction. One can't have people like that, so unsound and unstable of mind, acting on behalf of those who are supposed to uphold the law?

And Thomas Bodström, long thought to be the mastermind behind it all? Is he in Sweden or is he still with his wife and family outside Langley Virginia? Where does Thomas Bodström call home? Will exposure for his part in this travesty, once added to all the other incredible things he's done, be able to end his political career for all time?

The Swedish feminists seem to have had their day. Pär Ström published a book earlier this year where he used the 'scientific approach' to debunking all their 'call to arms' myths - and of course found that Sweden is not what they want their countrymen to believe but in fact is a functional matriarchy where the women have always had the power and control (and more than their lion's share of the pie). Several high profile feminists, notorious for their ringleader roles in the now outed #prataomdet campaign, have recently exposed themselves as suffering from mental illness. Will Swedes still think it's this type of deranged individual who is to manage the cultural news sections of their mass media, sit on panel discussions on state television, spew their politically correct hatred over the air waves? Will it all finally end, burst as a bubble as it one day must?

And what happens to Julian Assange? Despite the ankle bracelet, Julian's had a good year of country life, three square, and a solid base for operations, even though Vaughan Smith points out that conditions - bandwidth being one - aren't ideal for an organisation like WikiLeaks. But Julian's visa in the UK has expired and he'll have to be moving on somewhere. What happens to his ace crew? Now that the sad days of psycho-accident Daniel Domscheit-Berg are long gone, things are evidently very cozy in the WikiLeaks camp and operations proceed as with a well oiled machine. So what happens to them? Will they follow along? Will they all uproot and migrate to Australia? Or wherever Julian decides he'll have safe refuge?

The one remaining dark cloud is what the Swedes in the absolute upper crust actually have in mind: the 'middle size dog' Carl Bildt, the prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt who's had Karl Rove as his hair stylist for years, Beatrice Ask, all the rest: are they part of a covenant to turn Assange over to the CIA? Bodström did it before - with well known results. And he never batted a pretty eyelash. He'd turn over his mother if Langley asked. But what's the plan? How much has been talked about at all those secretive meetings at the US embassy in Stockholm, at all the other places those oligarchs regularly meet to stake out plans only they are to know about? Will Barack Obama finally figure out what side of the bread his butter's on?

Perhaps just a few more days and then we'll all know. The WikiLeaks fund drive starts on Monday, as announced this evening on Twitter. We certainly live in exciting times.

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