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The Daily Quack - SVT's 'Agenda'

News from Sweden 23 October 2011. Part Two.

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THE DUCKPOND (Radsoft/Rixstep) — 'Agenda' is a recurring television programme by the state-owned SVT that reports on 'current events'. The programme was first televised in 2001 with host Lars Adaktusson and together with Uppdrag Granskning and Debatt it replaced a number of other less fortunate shows such as Norra Magasinet, 8 Days, Speciellt, and Striptease. 'Agenda' is shown Sunday evenings at 21:15 and is hosted by Marianne Rundström and Anna Hedenmo.

Anna Hedenmo (pictured below) is to host tonight's episode.

The description of tonight's episode reads as follows.

Del 8 av 16. Är det skattebetalarna som ska betala priset för giriga banker och oansvariga länder? Avgörande EU-toppmöte i helgen. Debatt mellan Jonas Sjöstedt (V) och europaminister Birgitta Ohlsson (FP). Efter Kadaffi - vad händer i Libyen nu? M+S=sant. Hur funkar kärlek i politiken? Intervju med Julian Assange inför beskedet om utlämning till Sverige. Varför överges han av sina gamla vänner? Programledare: Anna Hedenmo. Även i SVT2 24/10, SVT1 24/10, SVT24 25/10 och SVT2 26/10. Textat sid. 299. Visas i SVT Play.

The interesting part in the above is in bold.

Interview with Julian Assange on the eve of the extradition decision. Why is he being abandoned by all his old friends?

Ahem. But it doesn't take the most astute follower of WikiLeaks and/or the absurd case in Sweden to understand there's nobody abandoning Julian Assange. Things were indeed a bit rocky a year ago with the likes of Birgitta J and DDB sabotaging networks and mail servers and stealing whistleblower submissions and running to the media up to half a dozen times a day.

But the 'bad eggs' are gone now - those two were last seen together in Berlin this past summer, collectively suffering the ignominy of DDB's 'crash and burn' talk at the CCC summer camp immediately prior to his expulsion from the famous group.

And by what's been revealed by Kristinn Hrafnsson and others, things at WikiLeaks are really smooth these days. No one's abandoning anyone - and if anyone had, it would certainly have been headline news.

The Same Old Song

But this isn't the first time the lamestream's tried that tack. It wasn't long ago the same meme appeared in the English language press. It died that time too.

Then too there was a real 'hit piece' by the state feminists on the same television channel not too long ago. But that show was condemned by the country's Granskningsnämnden. So what are they trying to do this time around?

With four segments to a 45 minute show, they can't have time. And there are no new interviews as they claim.

So what they've done - revealed now only minutes before broadcast - is edit wildly into Andrew Fowler's thoroughly positive - and thoroughly entertaining - documentary from Australian TV.

It's no coincidence that Fowler's piece concentrated to a great extent on Birgitta J and DDB who were allowed to speak to their hearts' content - and ended up making fools of themselves.

You can watch the entire show right now on YouTube.

'WikiLeaks Collapse'?

'WikiLeaks Collapse' - that's what they call their coverage. The SVT segment (at most 10 minutes) is very simply a franchise of Fowler's 30 minute documentary with Swedish voiceover. As it's Fowler's documentary, as the Swedes are definitely not getting anything anymore from the whistleblower hero, there's nothing the Swedes - with or without the astute help of Karl Rove - are going to be able to do if they don't clip out what's good and leave the rest out of context.

So if you were wondering if the Swedes had something new inside their famous Duckpond? No. Watch the above Fowler documentary. That's what they clipped from for (only) about ten minutes.

Quack Quack.

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