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Short Memory (The Lyrics)

The SHEEPLE decide. The SHEEPLE shall be held responsible.

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These are the lyrics to the song posted here. Read them, watch and listen to the clip, and THINK. Show you're not SHEEPLE but people.

Read the Downing Street Memos. You should remember what happened last time. But the memos are there in case you're suffering from 'short memory'.

You in the US are the voting populace of the most powerful military nation on the planet with forces in over 150 countries. The number of countries with no US military influence - try to count them. It won't take long.

You are simultaneously the most apathetic constituency anywhere with barely 50% of you voting, and easily the most easily duped constituency anywhere with 50% of you believing Saddam Hussein was behind th 9/11 attack. Talk about stupid. Talk about lame.

The year was 2003 and George W Bush was itching to go to war. So was his lapdog at 10 Downing Street. Regular transmissions from the United Nations HQ in New York featured Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei who were on location in Iraq hunting down those supposed 'weapons of mass destruction' that anyone with an IQ above Dubya's knew were an impossibility.

And each time after Blix and ElBaradei filed their reports, cameras would switch to the White House lawn where a smirking #43 would lean with one elbow on the podium and shake his head and say: 'OH HE'S GOT 'EM ALRIGHT!'

They don't have to get every drooling eejit to believe them - they only need to get 'enough'. People with their eyes open and their brains active won't ever be fooled. And they know it.

They only want the SHEEPLE. Are you SHEEPLE?

Short Memory - The Lyrics

Conquistador of Mexico
The Zulu and the Navaho
The Belgians in the Congo
Short memory

Plantation in Virginia
The Raj in British India
The deadline in South Africa
Short memory

The story of El Salvador
The silence of Hiroshima
Destruction of Cambodia
Short memory

Short memory
Must have a short memory
Short memory
Must have a short memory

The sight of hotels by the Nile
The designated Hilton style
With running water specially bought
Short memory

A smallish man Afghanistan
A watch dog in a nervous land
They're only there to lend a hand
Short memory

The friendly five a dusty smile
Wake up in sweat at dead of night
And in the tents new rifles hey
Short memory

Short memory
Must have a short memory
Short memory
Must have a short memory

If you read the history books
You'll see the same things happen again and again
They've all got it
When are we going to play it again
Got a short got a short got a short got a short
They've got a short must have a short they've got a short
Short memory
They've got a

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
 - George W Bush
I should welcome almost any war for I think this country needs one.
 - Teddy Roosevelt
The flag has not been planted in foreign soil to acquire more territory but for humanity's sake.
 - McKinley campaign poster

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