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Thanks to Pär Ström

Two things emerged.

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It's really sad to see you go. We've hung our heads in sadness most of the day. We still can't get over it. We've heard from people who've been threatened by the same lowlifes as you, and they understand you.

There's little point in continuing a debate when no one debates, is there?

Your books have been excellent! They've shed light on what's happening, on the nightmare that is Sweden today, a country many of us loved and admired.

Now it's a country of petty squabbles and constant conflict where people - you would think - would be able to enjoy their lives instead.

But as you said, there are so many opportunists who see a way to profit off this mess, and they aren't going to let go as long as the money's still there.

Add to them all the kooks who know nothing but simply want to vent their inner demons on others. Things get to be too much.

Sweden is still a sick country. You did what you could to give the people a chance to come to their senses, and they evidently aren't interested. Either that or the media elite keep drowning them out.

So either way Sweden is still a sick country.

Two things have however emerged.

  1. The refusal of Julian Assange to stand for the nonsense Swedish men are continually victimised by has shed an unforgiving light on how bad Sweden's become.
  2. Your stellar work has exposed the lowlifes, the snakes. You made them come out of the grass. We think you should follow this up - as perhaps your swan song - by exposing them. BY NAME. With their horrific attacks. So people both at home and around the world fully understand what oppression good Swedes live under.

Now we'll try to sleep!

Best wishes.

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