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Room 101: End of the Line for Sweden's State Feminism?

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

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The media attack on Julian Assange in Sweden is an echo of the currents of Sweden's formally instituted state feminism. The case of Julian Assange would otherwise be an open and shut matter where, to borrow the words of chief prosecutor Eva Finné, 'there's no proof a crime has been committed and in fact no crime has been committed'.

But instead we've seen a media attack more like a carpet bombing, kicked into high gear by Claes Borgström, who was able to selectively appear on television, where archives are kept but a short time, to systematically conduct a 'show trial' against Assange, something that for most other countries is a crime prosecuted as contempt of court.

Borgström's cunning attacks were followed by other attacks coordinated by friends of Anna Ardin, and in some cases by Anna Ardin herself.

From the initial post on Ardin's blog 'Rebella', which appeared as soon as Eva Finné dismissed the charges against Assange, and through the notorious 'talk about it' campaign, timed to coincide with Assange's bail hearings in London, the attack has been incessant and deeply toxic - no one in the Swedish MSM dares write about the case anymore. To do so is tantamount to committing career suicide.

At the root of this attack is Sweden's state feminism, a so-called feminism where schizophrenic stories of secret cults reaching to the United Nations and found in all walks of life and all corridors of power in the Lilliputian country, stories of secret ritual murders, are swallowed blindly without comment and accepted as truth.

Scepticism about and investigations into such absurd claims are branded as 'hate campaigns' and investigative journalist Evin Rubar was forced to disappear.

Let's review some of the cornerstones of Swedish state feminism. It's important to realise that these are not tinfoil statements made by a lunatic fringe: these come from the mainstream of Sweden's state feminism. If these statements seem 'far out', it's not because the reporting on them is inaccurate - it's because the statements (and consequently Sweden's state feminism in general) are really that far out.

  • There are secret cults with grim rituals where foetuses are cut out of wombs, cut into pieces, and sacrificed
  • The people in these cults are highly influential adults from affluent circles and in highly respected professions
  • These people are also involved in the commercial production and marketing of pornography
  • They also include some of the world's biggest arms dealers
  • They're being controlled by the United Nations
  • They abduct young women, impregnate them, cut out their foetuses, sacrifice the foetuses, then release and return the girls and somehow wipe their memory clean
  • They hang the foetuses from meathooks and stuff 'magic pills' into them so they explode

This isn't a joke. The above is part of the platform of Sweden's #1 feminist Eva Lundgren who was given tenure at a university despite her being unqualified for the job, and then given an incredible sum of state grants to continue her 'research'.

This is not a 'slight' problem. This represents a situation out of control. Lundgren had the effective blessing of cabinet minister Margareta Winberg. Winberg went on to apply feminist censorship to all academic research in Sweden, filtering out the researchers who openly protested against this agenda, and establishing a broad requirement that all research - and not just for sociology but for all fields - conform with this agenda.

This is why one finds the Swedish government allotting grants to people who want to research 'gender issues of the trumpet' and similar projects.

Gender science, as they prefer to call it to this day in Sweden, is of course not a science at all, but an ideology. It has been totally debunked in neighbouring Norway as hocus-pocus, but it lives on in Sweden. A decisive Norwegian television documentary and newspaper articles which expose this 'science' are studiously kept out of the Swedish media.

The situation in Sweden is literally 'beyond belief', with that phrase taken any way the reader wishes. Political careerists know they must espouse these issues to get ahead. Journalists who instinctively react against them are either silenced or know better than to utter a word in the first place. Everything printed in the media will conform. People like Pär Ström, who go against the current and dare use science to debunk the propaganda, are physically accosted and threatened and told to quickly disappear - or else.

And ultimately they do. Out of pure fear for their personal safety and that of their families. Feminist meetings regularly end with war chants calling for the massacre of the male race. This is all mainstream in Sweden. It is not fringe. As one blogger put it, state feminism is the most successful form ever of fascism, as it pits a full half of the population against the other half.

The Gender Equality Tax

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, wrote a sarcastic but prophetic George Orwell. Orwell wrote about the ability to make something look like its diametric opposite. Perpetual war is of course the agenda, but it somehow implies the promise of peace; the cultivation of ignorance is the most intelligent social model; and subservience is the ultimate expression of freedom.

Not to speak of the unspeakable horrors and truths awaiting Winston Smith in Room 101 where the erstwhile freethinking Smith finally learns that 2 + 2 = 5 - and learns to firmly believe it.

'You asked me once what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.'
 - O'Brien

Well-meaning people such as Helene Bergman have always had gender equality in mind when thinking of feminism, but such free thinkers have been left in the ditch. Sweden's feminism was never about gender equality - it's always been about climbing to the next rung on the ladder. The male of the species had that next rung for a while, and so was the natural target, but he's been passed by long ago. The 'gender myths' continue in Sweden as they're the only way such a movement can prosper (2 + 2 = 5). But equality - or the simple aspiration as evoked by Pelle Billing that people of both genders 'just try to get along with each other' - is not on the table. There are no gains in the world of Sweden's state feminism for such nonsense. Hypocrisy in the workplace and 'anything goes' privately: they're the path to prosperity, they're life's guidelines into greed.

Things reached a peak of absurdity on Monday when a number of politicians in the cold far north, representing a broad political stratum, issued a call for a special 'man tax' in the name of 'gender equality'. The manifesto was published in Västerbottens Kuriren in the city of Umeå and signed by local members of the Leftist Party, the Centre Party, the Social Democratic Party, and the Liberal Party. Pretty much all of them.


Flashback veteran BaalZeBub comments.

The final collapse of feminism: four parties call for higher municipal taxes for men

Those who advocate higher taxes for men are not merely political representatives. Oh no. They're members of the special gender equality committee. And they have the gall to call this proposal a 'gender equality tax'?

That our government - and thereby even our counties, our municipalities, and whatever else they're being called in the world at large - should treat our people differently, and have different levels of taxation based on gender, is:

- the opposite of gender equality
- in violation of universal human rights
- in violaton of a number of national and international precepts

And with this political proposal, feminism reaches the end of the line.

Those people are no longer to be regarded as extremists. They do not represent a radical form of feminism. No - they are the real contemporary feminism as it works across ideological borders, from Monday to Friday, in the dismal political drudgery of our democratic municipalities.

This is another conclusive proof that feminism in Sweden is dead.

Feminism is the natural enemy of gender equality, a disgrace to be fought by all political parties.

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