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Schmidt, Keating, Hypocrisy, and Propaganda

The alchemy of how bullshit becomes history. Your apathy is an important ingredient.

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You ask to meet someone because he has something you want. You get an invitation. You're welcome. You come over to lunch, you bring your mistress, an apprentice collaborator, and your publisher. And they all come to lunch. And your host entertains you for five hours.

If you had anything against your host, why did you come in the first place? But no - listen to the audio recording. Listen to Eric Schmidt suck up to Julian Assange. And then watch Schmidt, all in an effort to promote his stillborn book, go to FP and tell absolute bullshit to smear his host and thereby up his book sales.

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Not only are Schmidt's statements blatant falsehoods, but they give FP the fodder to resuscitate the claims made by David Leigh, claims long ago refuted in an affidavit by a member of the Spiegel team (except of course that affidavit is nowhere mentioned).

There's no way anyone could do something as egregiously incorrect if it wasn't on purpose. There's no way Eric Schmidt, chief executive of Google, could treat people in this fashion - treat anyone - unless he was a blatant shameless suck-ass.

Schmidt's puerile claim is that Assange only redacted cables to increase donations. But here's what Assange actually said.

Because there's things like... So redactions sometimes need to be done on this material. So it's our view is that the material is so significant that even if we released it as is, with no redactions, that the benefits would outweigh the harms. But through redacting things we can get the harm down even more.

Yeah so the question is... Well... Could sources pick another group that were going to publish without any harm minimisation procedure at all? Well the answer is yes. But one has to understand the primary reason we engaged in harm minimisation procedures. It's not primarily because the material we release will have a reasonable risk of producing harm as a result of disclosure. That's very rare.

Rather, there is a probable risk that if we don't engage in that sort of behaviour, our opponents will opportunistically attempt to distract from the revelations that we have published, very important matters, by instead speaking about is there a potential for harm, and therefore, is this release hypocritical, given that we want to promote justice and is the organisation hypocritical. And so a lot of the procedures that we engage in are not merely to try to minimise risk to people who might be named in the material, rather it is to minimise risk that opportunists will reduce the impact of the material when it is released.

So part of the impact maximisation that we're doing is to prevent this type of attack on what we publish. So from that point of view, intelligence sources will understand that we do that in order to maximise impact. Now that said, we do not permanently redact anything. We only do delayed redactions. So we delay until the security situation has changed and we can release this, and I think that is an important difference.

The FP piece came out before WikiLeaks published the entire transcript together with the audio recording. So the embarrassing 'update' at the end was the only way they could save face.

As for Eric Schmidt: did he really think Julian Assange would not crush him with the truth?

How does one as a human being devolve to the level of Eric Schmidt?

FP also cite this example of how WikiLeaks can harm people:


But that's even higher hypocrisy than Schmidt is capable of. (The author of that piece is Joshua Keating. Perhaps make a note of that name.) For it was David Leigh and the redoubtable Daniel Domscheit-Berg that forced Julian and WikiLeaks to release the remainder of the cables, as Leigh and Domscheit-Berg were doing their best to corrupt the Cablegate system, otherwise airtight and destined to continue securely for years, because Leigh wanted to get back for being outed as a cheat and Domscheit-Berg wanted to get back for being outed as a fraud. Leigh did what he could, then Domscheit-Berg took over, deliberately pointing the media to the secret locations of the entire Cablegate tranche, which could now be decrypted with the help of David Leigh's betrayal.

  Eric Schmidt and girlfriend Lisa Shields (in reverse order) whom Schmidt dumped shortly after the visit to Ellingham.

To the lay the blame for this on the shoulders of WikiLeaks is a good sign of what Joshua Keating is worth as a journalist and what FP are worth as a publisher. That David Leigh and especially Daniel Domscheit-Berg may have blood on their hands is no news, nor is it anything either of those two gentlemen have ever worried about.

The world has long since come to understand that there are few people with the extreme sense of ethics possessed by Julian Assange. Likewise, the world also knows today that there are few strains of lowlife lower than Leigh and Domscheit-Berg.

Schmidt, Keating, Leigh, and Domscheit-Berg are counting on you not doing the research to find out the truth. Things happen fast online, stories take forever to spread, people mostly see what the MSM spit out, if the percentage of people who really understand is kept to an acceptable minimum, then there's no real danger.

Schmidt, Keating, Leigh, Domscheit-Berg, and all their brothers in blood are counting on you carrying on as before.

But in case you feel you've had enough of being hoodwinked by greedy sociopathic billionaires and suck-ups, then here are a few links you can start with.

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