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Gingerbread Data Centre

Seasons greets to the TLAs from Jon Karlung and Bahnhof.

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Jan Karlung doesn't like people messing with him. Jon's CEO of Sweden's original ISP Bahnhof which back in 1995 offered 5 Mb bandwidth when the rest of the world pulled at their hair with dialup modems.

Hollywood's goons once went after Swedish file-sharers. Bahnhof hadn't violated the law, but Hollywood wanted to change that. Henrik Pontén of the Swedish Anti-Pirate Bureau, working with and financed by Hollywood, got a goon in as netadmin at Bahnhof. The Hollywood companies gave the goon an attaché filled with their intellectual property to upload to Bahnhof servers.

As soon as the goon reported back on the location of the uploads, Pontén contacted Peter Danowsky, the lawyer who heads the Bonnier legal team and led the courtroom assault on The Pirate Bay. They then turned to Tomas Norström, infamous for the TPB trial, who rubberstamped a warrant to bust Bahnhof.

But Karlung wasn't beaten: he started his own internal investigation, uncovered what the bastards had been up to, and outed them all.

When CIA flunky Thomas Bodström tried to push a Swedish law on data retention, Karlung made it clear his Bahnhof would not retain customer data.

And so forth.

Now Karlung was approached by Sweden's security police who wanted him to agree to let them tap his lines for metadata. 'Your customers will never know they're being spied on', the spooks assured Karlung.

What the spy freaks didn't know was that Karlung recorded the entire four hour conversation. That conversation has now been published by Swedish state radio.

You don't mess with Jon Karlung - he might just make a gingerbread man movie about you.

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