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Swedes & Their Irrepressible Urges

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Below is a flier that Sweden's Leftist Youth League passed out at a recent music festival in Bråvalla. Zara Larsson picked it up. Zara thinks it seems to be a good thing; what about you?

The flier is from the Leftist Youth League. Sweden's young leftists. Sweden's political left were left in shambles after 1991. The party 'VPK' - stands for 'Left Party Communists' - felt it incumbent to change their name to 'VP'. Or merely 'Left Party'. They felt it necessary to leave 'communist' behind.

1991 is when Sweden's feminism - Sweden has been called 'the Saudi Arabia of feminism' - got off the ground. There were landmark verdicts in the country's supreme court dispensing with the presumption of innocence, at least in sex crime cases, and only when the perp is a man and the victim is a woman. (Sweden lacks criminal code to protect men from women.)

Many diehard Marxists claim there was a 'watership down' from their ideology to the 'new feminism' at that time.

What you see below is not feminism, however. It's widespread in Sweden today, true - but it's not feminism.

Since 1991 Sweden's shot to the top in rape incidents, behind only parts of South Africa. How is that possible? Swedish males are a very mild mannered species. Of course there are 'swarthy guy' exceptions, but the rule is clear.

Could it be the drinking water?

- To not rape

1. Don't go out alone, bring along a friend. Even if you're only leaving the tent for the portalets.

2. Keep your mobile in your hand at all times so you can ring the police, a friend, or your parents if the urge gets too strong.

3. Avoid alcohol. If you drink, don't drink too much, and drink only with a sober friend. It's a good idea to stay sober every other night.

4. Remember that all forms of unwelcome touch are molestation, even in the mosh pit in front of the stage.

5. Never be alone with a girl, and try to repress the urge to attack girls who are alone. Remember: it's rape even if she's asleep.

6. If you chat up someone and wish to commence a relationship, wait until you're really sure you're not going to rape her before you proceed. Remember that a 'no' is always a 'no'.

7. Get help if you notice that you just can't resist raping. Contact the guards at the festival or the medics, for example.

8. Avoid environments where there's a risk you'll rape someone, such as the stage area, the toilets, the camping grounds, the refreshment areas, and the paths leading to and from the festival.

Have a nice time at the festival!

Leftist Youth League

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