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The Cambridge Referendum

Hogwarts on bad acid.

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CAMBRIDGE (Rixstep) — Julian Assange is to again speak before the Cambridge Student Union. Well, sort of. Well, maybe. It turns out there's been another discussion. And the Cambridge Union Society, in collaboration with Deloitte, aka Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, the 'professional services' network headquartered at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, have had their misgivings. So they want to put it to a vote. A student referendum.

Julian's spoken at CUS before. Here's the queue of students waiting to see him in March 2011, when he resided at the estate of Vaughan Smith and could therefore appear in person.

CUS aren't officially connected to the student union, and membership costs £185, but then you get to meet people like Jesse Jackson, Judi Dench, and Iron Man star Robert Downey. It's a debate club.

If you want debate, there's hardly anyone better than Julian Assange. Julian turned the world upside-down in 2010 when he built atop the technology of Tim Berners-Lee's World Wide Web, the greatest cultural revolution in human civilisation since the printing press, even surpassing it, and tossed in the new capabilities in 'secondary memory storage' and anonymous onion routing to give the world an electronic 'brown envelope' that Daniel Ellsberg couldn't have dreamt of. The results are well known.

There's actually nothing controversial about Julian Assange. Yes, he gave us a 'disruptive technology', a 'game changer' that's radically improved the world we live in, but that's about it. The 'controversy' part isn't his doing.

The 'controversy' part comes from people threatened by what Julian Assange is doing, the people who are threatened by the truth. Many of them would like things to go back to the way they were, with perfect static class societies where some people by birthright are more than equal than others. Such as the egregious students of Cambridge.

Ace Granta reporter Gareth McPherson wrote today at Cambridge News.

Mr Assange has agreed to appear at the student debating society via video link from the Ecuadorean embassy in London where is holed up to avoid extradition to Sweden over sex crime allegations.

Gareth gets the 'allegation' part right, but completely misses the point of Assange's asylum, that it's about not being scooted away to the US (or worse: GITMO). The Swedish case file on Assange, held by Marianne Ny, is rubbish, and everyone knows it. Assange has already spent more time incarcerated than he'd ever spend in a luxury Swedish prison. It's all moot. And Assange is the kind of individual who would rush for a chance to clear his name. No, this is about the danger with the United States. And it's not like this isn't common knowledge today - it's just something Gareth McPherson either missed or chose to miss.

Gareth goes on to quote CUS president Oliver Mosley, who looks like Daniel Radcliffe at 13.

Considering the unique nature of Mr Assange's position, in that the UK Supreme Court has approved his extradition to Sweden to face charges of lesser degree rape but he has refused to come to trial or indeed be questioned, the decision has been taken to consult the entire membership of the union around the world on the platforming of him as a speaker during Michaelmas term.

And that effectively constitutes libel. That, in so many words, is a deliberate dirty smear. Who is doing this smearing?

Oliver Mosley is not just from the same stock as Sir Humphrey Appleby, he's the great-great-nephew of British Union of Fascists founder Sir Oswald Mosley. The 21-year-old is described in a student rag as a 'cheeky chappy' who can be found 'at the centre of the party sporting spray-on trousers' - just the kind of person who reads Chomsky and Pilger and understands the historical significance of what's happening outside his St Johns window?

Thanks to Gareth McPherson's less than 'passing grade' journalism, the word 'charge' appears a whole 6 (six) times in the piece. Unbeknownst to people like Gareth and Oliver, who undoubtedly can buy their way out of any scrapes, presumption of innocence, the cornerstone of the British justice system and indeed any functioning justice system, is a great thing. Somebody could already today accuse Oliver and/or Gareth of sticking their private parts in the mouth of a dead pig, and turn it into a charge.

The both of them certainly come from the same class where such activities are common. Creepy names like 'Bullingdon Club' may for that matter already be an integral and edifying part of their lives. Perhaps the CUS should vote on them instead.

Julian Assange has won almost every award known to man, save for Person of the Year from TIME, a Mockingbird publication, and the Nobel Peace Prize from the 'Five' in Norway, a NATO member state.

He's won - hold on - the Economist New Media Award, an Amnesty International UK Media Award, Reader's Choice Time Person of the Year, the Sam Adams Award, the Free Dacia Award, the rare Sydney Peace Foundation Gold Medal, the Martha Gelhorn Prize for Journalism, the Walkley Award for Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism, the Voltaire Award for Free Speech, the Big Brother Hero of Privacy Award, People's Choice Global Exchange Human Rights Award, the Yoko Ono Lennon Courage Award for the Arts, New York Festivals World's Best TV & Films Silver World Medal, and the Union of Journalists in Kazakhstan Top Prize.

So far. Julian Assange is exactly what those on the Granta - those not in Slytherin - want for their £185.

'Josh2' comments on the Cambridge News piece.

From Josh - Hello Oliver Mosely - The President of the Union, Oliver Mosley commented: 'Considering the unique nature of Mr Assange's position, in that the UK Supreme Court has approved his extradition to Sweden to face charges of lesser degree rape but he has refused to come to trial or indeed be questioned.'

Extradition to Sweden was NOT to face charges of lesser degree rape. The European Arrest Warrant states that the reason was for him to be questioned. He does not face charges - he has never been charged. He has not refused to be questioned. A trial is unlikely as the evidence is in his favour. He was questioned in Sweden THE DAY BEFORE the new prosecutor, Marianne Ny, reopened the case after the first prosecutor had closed it saying that there was no case to answer and no rape.

He then remained in Sweden for three weeks asking to be questioned again but the prosecutor declined. The day he left Sweden she issued a detention warrant - only she didn't, it was invented later to make legal the theft of Assange's checked-in luggage. He has repeatedly asked to be questioned in the UK by Mrs Ny, who has found all sorts of excuses, ranging from an assertion that Swedish law did not allow it - proved false after it was shown that 44 other people wanted in Sweden had been questioned in the UK by police at various times.

The latest trick was to send an assistant prosecutor to the UK to knock on the Ecuador Embassy door unannounced and be refused entry, with a photographer from a Swedish tabloid waiting to photograph this event, only it misfired. Of the two women 'victims' involved one had an American fiancé. When she invited Assange to her flat she went into the bedroom to clear it - of evidence of her fiance? The fiancé meanwhile went to a Swedish naval base where an American admiral had just arrived without a ship. The other woman, an aspiring politician, had rented her flat to Assange but arrived back unexpectedly and more or less demanded to share the bed with him, that was the day she later made the allegation about, although the following day she held a party in his honour and became his press secretary. She organised Assange's lecture in which he revealed what was really going on in the war in Afghanistan (perhaps you are not interested in that). Her cousin just happened to be commander of the Swedish forces in Afghanistan, but Assange did not know that.

Assange's organisation WikiLeaks has revealed many things such as the fact that the number of people killed in Iraq during the US-UK war there was much larger than official figures, and most recently the leaks about the Pacific so-called trade agreement that even Hilary Clinton now opposes. Many American politicians have called for Assange to be assassinated or jailed for life, which is why Ecuador granted him asylum. This is not the first university invitation for Assange that has been under fire, previously some of the female students making the complaints just happened to be from the United States. Please get your facts right and welcome one of the most courageous champions of transparency and peace on our planet - Julian Assange.

'Distelfalter' comments on the above: 'Well said, Josh2'.

All that education and breeding for Gareth and Oliver, their institution more and more resembling Hogwarts on bad acid, and it still gives them nothing. Perhaps they need a shakeup - or a repeat romantic rendez-vous with a pig.

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