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A Perfect World

From a Twitter stream.

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TWITTERSPHERE (Rixstep) — Tweeter 'Greta B' has often shown a great sense of humour. But she wasn't laughing so much today. And who can blame her? This stream of tweets, posted at dinnertime today, jumps out immediately - it's a powerful op-ed, disjointed only by Twitter's 140 character limit.

Following are her tweets reassembled.

We're living in flawed times, and I don't get how so many people can turn a blind eye to this, or can be not terrified and crushed by this.

I don't. I really don't. But many are simply consuming their lives in the restricted area of their comforts, not daring to stand up for anything.

Are unfairness and inhumanity so sweeping that people got used to this?

The UK govt just blatantly violated the right to health. The victim? An innocent man, politically persecuted by the sneakiest superpower...

Smeared by the global media. his life threatened, his freedom denied for five years and access to sunlight denied for three years. Julian Assange.

Not enough that he's already had respiratory problems and is in the psychologically damaging situation of being in constant detention in a small room.

Now he has a severe pain in his right shoulder, causes unknown, and he needs an MRI. But no, no medical care for him.

He can't have safe passage, either to a hospital or for an MRI truck outside the embassy. He's suffering? Serves him right!

Human rights? No worries! The FCO said the UK government wouldn't stop Assange from getting medical care. He can go out, it's just that then the police will arrest him.

Because he's detaining himself, isn't he? Crap. The truth is that he's a man obliged to choose between life and freedom, health and asylum.

He can't be healthy, free, alive and with his asylum respected. This is terrible. Saddening. And I can't stand it - no one should.

He's being punished because he dared challenge an established, wrong system. He's paying the price for right, meaningful action.

If the UK govt still had some decency and care about human rights, it would grant Assange safe passage now, not just to hospital, but to freedom.

Oh, but of course. The UK government won't. Human rights are no longer a 'top priority' - they're too busy obeying orders from the US.

In a perfect world, millions of people would have stood up immediately, taken to the streets, and screamed until no voice remained in their throats.

This is not a perfect world. But the UK, the US, Sweden, or anyone who aims to hurt Assange must know that their dirty rhetoric doesn't work with everyone.

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