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The Illogic of Illegality and Irrationality

Sounding out vox populi as things get curiouser and curiouser.

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EVERYWHERE (Rixstep) — 'If you thought 2016 was a big WikiLeaks year, 2017 will blow you away', tweeted the @wikileaks Twitter account at midnight. The comments that followed were interesting.

Why? Are you going to reveal something about Trump for once?
Wikileaks selectively released information on democratic candidates only.

Legit question. We don't know there's nothing on Trump or the RNC. However: if whistleblowers had sent in something, they could tire of delays and go to someone else. Thomas Drake didn't go to WL. Edward Snowden didn't either. The data would most likely get out by other means.

nothing to reveal
Yes, that's likely. At this point. Unless someone is sitting on a keg of dynamite and waiting until after 20 January for 'maximum impact'.

Only because Russian intelligence didn't give Wikileaks any dirt on Trump
The intriguing one. The hypothesis is that Russia would prefer seeing Trump as POTUS. However: the famed leaks were not 'fake news' - they were real. They revealed high level corruption in the DNC. They revealed that Bernie Sanders was robbed. Assuming Russia was in fact behind the leaks/hack, what's wrong with voters knowing the truth?

Step away from the CNN and msnbc.
The bias of the MSM in the US was palatable, so thick you could cut it with a knife. Anyone could see that. This time, Money backed Clinton. Last time, they prefered Obama - who wouldn't? But now they wanted Clinton there. People interviewed by the Clinton MSM were badgered if they couldn't represent the Money's interests. Interviewers are supposed to ask questions and elicit answers, not shout down their interviewees with their own opinions. That's not interviewing, yet that's what the US MSM did time and again. Fox didn't need to do the same thing for once - the facts were on their side.

i would rather not fund a pro #putin / #russia organisation
What organisation is that? And who's to say Putin and Russia are against a peaceful world order? They have but one (1) military base outside their borders. One! The US has over eight hundred (800)! Who's the asshole threatening world peace?

wikileaks now pretty much revealed as tool of corruption and civil right suppression
They were? Where?

HRC pink jacket is corrupt? Back it up. Come on.
Wasn't this what the entire leaks circus was all about?

Moving hands from eyes might help...
Yes, the fallback snowflake defence seems to be 'reject reality'.

A woman who 'represented' women around the world which never mentioning her husbands rape accusations
I'll take that over world annihalation [sic] - but you may be right - backing Trump may have been a smart call

Here's where it gets dicey. Note 'I'll take that over world annihalation [sic]'. For that's exactly what Hillary's friends at State do. Kristol, the Kagans, Nuland, Kerry, and most likely Clinton herself: they all believe global thermonuclear war is a Good Thing™. But don't we live in democracies? Don't we have a right to our opinions as well? Do we, the people around the world, want global thermonuclear war? Do we?

Representative for Putin stated soon after the result of the election 'WWIII would happen if clinton in power'
Yes of course. Look at how Obama's been amassing forces on Russian borders! Remember that this is no ideological war, nor has it ever been. No matter it's the Soviet Union or the Russian Federation: the neocons in and around State want Russia destroyed because is is there. It's a big country, a powerful country, it spans eleven (11) time zones, and it is a rich country. For State's neocons, Russia must be destroyed. And in case you didn't get it: they hate Putin because he's not the easily manipulated drunken fool Yeltsin was, because he led his people successfully up the road to recovery, because he contained the oligarchs who worked hand in hand with forces in the West, because he's painfully honest, and because the people have it very good today. For once in your pathetic lives, READ.

2016. The year when telling people the truth was bad, because the truth made them feel bad. Fucking pathetic.
George Orwell said something to that effect.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
 - George Orwell

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