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Those Shoes Are Too Big

The continuing saga. Part Three.

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This is a Windows only issue. It's been predicted many times if the floodgates ever opened and the mainstream developers and users jumped the Apple balustrades a slaughter would ensue. These are Windows users - and they won't stand for it.

Apple have for now been protected by their miniscule market share and the blind willingness of their adepts to swallow anything tossed at them. The Nagels and the Nassis were ephemeral; the Kawasakis were more permanent.

As long as things stayed behind the walls of Bloopertino everything was fine. Suffer the little children - suffer them the ignominies of hermetically sealed iPods with lithium ion batteries, the thermal grease, the discolouration, the whining, the green slime, the random shutdowns, the DOA frequency competing with Gateway, the mooing, the broken hinges, the Bridget Riley screen lines - suffer it all.

And the one thing these core users have in common is they've never used any other computer and they're proud of it.

But the Windows users today experiencing Apple quality through QuickTime and iTunes have used other systems - they can compare. And the enterprise don't come with cap in hand and ask for a refill of Kool-Aid™. They all see things through a prism clearly and are not at all amused.

This is the consequence of being so secretive. You don't get enough beta testers who can see how the program interacts with other programs or hardware, although given how severe and complete the bug is - and given how iTunes is an integral and necessary part of the iPhone ecosystem - it really blows my mind that Apple could have missed it. I mean, didn't any tester actually bother to connect an iPhone to the computer to see if sync worked? It's staggering, this isn't an bug that results from some interaction with an obscure, 20-year-old program. This happens when you connect an iPhone!

I just called apple about the problem. After talking to their tech support they told me to call Microsoft, because they believe that we have all downloaded viruses along with itunes 8, and that it is not an itunes issue, but rather a windows issue.

Funny how iTunes 7 worked flawlessly before I downloaded iTunes 8. We must have all downloaded virus and changed our system settings while iTunes 8 was installing. It couldn't be iTunes 8 could it? And by the way the entire world is getting fantastic 3G reception on the iPhone 3G. And Mobile Me has always worked fantastic!!! I love how Apple owns up to problems... IT'S NOT US! IT MUST BE YOU!, OR MICROSOFT! OR YOUR MOUSE! OR YOUR CHAIR!

It worked OK until I turned on the new genius thing, that is. After about 1/2 hour of analyzing my library (while daring to play music at the same time), all my tracks were getting scrambled - I could hear bits & pieces of many different songs... all jumbled together...and the artwork cover flow stopped displaying artwork...very scary.

So I went back to v7.7.

Looks like we are being monitored for saying too much Pooh Pooh on Apple. The link to the Digg story has been removed and I can't find the actually story on Dig either. Can Apple actually remove a Digg story?

Amazing that Apple can find the time to squelch dissatisfied users on the forums, but not the time to RESPOND to us on here.

Lets see how long this post stays with the digg link until Apple rips it down. Starting from 3:42pm.

Just found this link for older iTunes download http://www.filehippo.com/download_itunes/

I just discovered this today on my Vista when I went to sync my classic! What an UNPLEASENT SURPRISE! Is it so hard to make software that actually works?

This is unbelievable. Apple right now is worse than Microsoft was in early 2000? Who beta tests this software? Oh wait...Obviously no one. Microsoft would get raked over the coals if they put out this kind of garbage. It's been one error after another after another. Whatever ground you are making up in the market you are losing 10 fold from IT managers like me who want to love you but can't when you continuously release software and updates we can't trust. Hope your stock falls further tomorrow...You deserve it.

Check out the number of people having this issue on Twitter!


This is getting absurd. Apple is making Microsoft look good with all the problems with the G3 phone and now iTunes.

Good job Apple, I was thinking about buying an Apple desktop after my experiences with Vista. Now, that is definitely in jeopardy.

hey guys they took down the downloads page on the apple site so maybe they fixed the itunes problem and are updating it? thats what my guess is

yea i just saw that i went to it 2 minutes ago and it said that it was down

seriously, with each passing day Apple is becoming more and more like Microsoft

It's official! Apple now makes the worst software in the industry. Flashy looks can't save them from these kind of mistakes. I have heard many other problems with iToons with the HD video and speakers not working. I still can't believe they think they can enter the business end of things with the iPhone 3g when their support software (iToons) blows your computer apart like a dirty bomb! Sell your Apple stock now because it's gonna go down.


For the money I have spent on Apple equipment, there had better be a fix quickly and some sort of "sorry for your inconvenience" payment.

I think we would all like some compensation for this downtime; but I don't imagine Apple ever doing that.

Just imagine all the big firms that are thinking of standardizing on iPhone and iTunes. I don't think this problem will help. But if any big firms have already standardized on iPhone and iTunes, there might be some class action suits going on for this downtime.

I am totally bummed out over this. Can't believe Apple support said we all downloaded a virus!!!! Idiotic!!!! Still getting BSOD with my iPhone 3G and Vista. Have an HP laser printer I disconnected, but still no go. No Logitech. So where's the fix????? Come on Apple "Geniuses"...or did you previously work for Microsoft? Was going to buy a Mac Laptop, but now.....2nd thoughts!

Apple really doesn't like Vista or they are really incompetant.

I think it is probably the same thing with MobileMe. They wanted to get something out so fast that they didn't bother testing it enough.

This is a new milestone! Apple is screwing up everything in just one day!

iTunes 8 doesn't work properly on Vista, and the "enhanced" Classic actually is a DOWNGRADE!


I'm trying to love Apple, but these increasingly failed launches are worrying me. "Vista user with an apple portable device" is not a rare scenario, and really should be taken through Quality Assurance.

Apple, you're looking more and more unstable as 2008 progresses.

Any Real solution to the problem???

Not yet.


I switched from Sprint BB8830 to AT&T which has been a nightmare. Not only am I paying more for my monthly service, but the web is slower due to the limited (non-existant) 3G service. I am on my 3rd 3G iPhone and the new one useless.

According to AT&T, maybe Apple needs to have its SIM card replaced.

Arghhh... I synced four different times without a problem. Now it is uninstalling my apps too. What kinda software is this anyway.

And many many many years later...

The version number is the same but the size has changed. I assume that there is a fix under the hood?

New download worked for me

Those shoes are too big.

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